Mono Mojado

Mono Mojado


Sound of shuffling funk drumbeats, loping yet steady basslines, shimmering guitars, and soulful lyrics that, when taken together, could represent just about any moment in the last four decades of music. > > >


MoLta was first formed in late 2003 with Roody Burns and Jc getting together just to play music.

Seeking to gain knowledge from other seasoned musicians, Jc found Roody Burns and Tyson.

Roody Burns comes from a diverse background musically and has played all over St. Augustine, FL for many years. His wide range of musical taste and talent can be found in everything that he plays whether it be Rock, Funk, Jazz, Reggae, Punk, Jam-Band, Blues or anything else that might tickle his ears.

After a couple of months Roody and Jc realized they had something, so the decision was made to start a "Band". Not too long after that realization - Tyson came into the picture.

Tyson brings with him 20 yrs playing experience and some funky gut-grabbing grooves. His old school days are apparent in all that he plays the sweet simple smooth sound of the walking bass followed by his love of music combine to bring life into MoLta's sound.

Jc, the youngest of the three and also the 'new-comer' to the music scene, blends well with Tyson and Roody. His high energy and endless creativity are a nice compliment to the sound which is produced and allow him to back the band with ease. In his style you will find strong hip-hop influences followed by a little go-go.


Mission Revision : Toes in the Sand Studios,
St. Augustine, FL (2008)

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Set List

Octopus’s Garden (Beatles)
Prayer for Boogie (MoLta)
Maggies Farm (Bob Dylan)
Ugly People (MoLta)
Bad Moon Rising (Creedance Clearwater Revival)
Slippery Skin (MoLta)
Loser (Beatles)
Stranger (MoLta)
Break (MoLta)
One Direction (MoLta)

RedRoom ThrowDown (MoLta)
Hungry Heart (Bruce Springsteen)
Soaking it Up (MoLta)
Abby’s Blues (MoLta)
Rising Wind (Creedance Clearwater Revival)
Change is Good (MoLta)
Peru Policia (MoLta)
Unwound (MoLta)
Lo Siento (MoLta)
T-shirt Red (MoLta)
Pattie (MoLta)
Eddy (MoLta)
Similar Vein (MoLta)

Mudslider (MoLta)
Slow Motion (MoLta)
Tides (MoLta)
Homeland (MoLta)
Keekay Says (MoLta)
Marketplace (MoLta)
Mission Revision (MoLta)
Tiger Girl (MoLta)
The News (MoLta)
Girls on Blades (MoLta)
Time Travel (MoLta)
Soul Block (MoLta)
Puzzles (MoLta)
Chasing Capricorn (MoLta)
Campaign (MoLta)