molten soul

molten soul

 Kahului, Hawaii, USA
BandAlternativeNew Age

I write original songs with a strong lyrical emphasis, drawing from blues, folk,funk,rock, jazz, ambient, RnB, and reggae. The work could probably be divided into three or four successful acts. From love songs to political activism, from deep reggae to bouncy jazz/pop. Four hits each in 5 genres.


This act is best suited to a listening crowd. The type which revel in good details, poignant lines, the story attached. Audience participation is often invoked and the audience is met on many levels.

For ten years Gerod has been traveling, writing, and performing with a variety of musicians, bands, and instrument line-ups. He's played small bars, big clubs, street-festivals in Europe, Earth-day on Maui, colleges, weddings, street-corners...He's worked as a serenade, to be sent with a song to some special someone, in Amsterdam; as a baker and bicycle courier in Boston; a coconut tree climber in Maui, Hawaii; a luthier (guitar-builder)in Arizona and New Mexico.
In Amsterdam Gerod met three Tuscan Italians busking on the street. He, himself, had just returned from Tuscany. They were fast friends. They were the instrumental psychodelic rock band Mylvus, and they began backing up Gerod on his songs. Now Gerod tours with Roberto who holds down the Bass as well as keys section on hammond organ and a number of drummers have been involved. They are now just reunited after a hiatus and booking summer gigs through out Europe.
Intricate finger-style guitar with poetic lyrics, sparse reggae grooves with blatant social criticisms, soft sedating songs urging spiritual growth and emotional vulnerability, contemporary rhythmic guitar stylings with flirtatious imagery, classic R and B tunes, and a master's approach to the blues...
This is not an act to describe in few words. It is better to be experienced without expectation....
It has been known to draw both laughter and tears, to be at times awe-inspiring.


all I knew

Written By: Gerod Shea

What else could I do
What else could I do
Just tryin’ to get through
What else could I do

Everything is broken
and I’m just one man with fewer tools
every piece was chosen
before I knew that I could choose
every word was spoken
before I knew the truth

What else could I do
What else could I do

Lookin’ back it’s all so
sad how things unfold
lookin’back I know
I didn’t have to be so cold
lookin’back I see
there’s just a few things
I should have been told

What else could I do
What else could I do
Just tryin’to get through
And all I had was what I had
And all I knew was what I knew

I break my back to get
what always had been mine
until I’m lying on my back
and staring at the sky
and saying why

my time

Written By: gerod shea

Well sometimes
you just gotta laugh
And sometimes make me wanna sing
Sometimes I feel I wanna cry
But I won’t run, or hide or anything

Some times
I don’t know what I have
Sometimes it seems so much to lose
Sometimes I feel like I’m too tired
I feel like I’m too scared
I’m feelin so confused

but I don’t care what they say
I don’t care…unless they’re doin’ it to you
I don’t care about the net worth or the gross return
It’s my time to live and to love and to learn

This time
I’m just tryin to relax
This time they can cheer or they can boo
This time, well I’m not so concerned
I’ll just wait my turn
Cause I’m just passin’ through

And I don’t care what they say
I don’t care who might be makin all the front page news
I don’t care about what might be goin’ in and out of style
And about all the waitin’ in the aisles
For the next thing they say I need for the next thing they say I need to do

I don’t care what they say
And I don’t care…unless they’re doin’ it to you
And I don’t care about the net worth or the gross return
It’s my time to live and to love and to learn


Many demos, no official releases. There will be at least an EP to distribute at shows by this coming spring, probably a full-length album.

Set List

The set lists are chosen in response to the gig: whether it's solo or with a band, what level of sensitivity the ambience allows, etc.
I'm happy to keep a theater spell-bound, but am capable of rocking a club.
I am choosing from a repertoire of about 80 songs written over about seven years.
There are over a hundred and fifty songs I've covered over the years. From Billy Holiday to U2, from the stray cats to Martin Sexton. I might play a couple, but am focused on the original material.