Mo Mack

Mo Mack


I'm a singer/songwriter with over 30 years of experience. I do folk, country, blues and any combination thereof. I do interesting covers and my own work.


I grew up in a musical family playing bluegrass and other American roots music forms. I studied the history of C&W music in college. I'm committed to using my writing and my performances to promote a more just and peaceful world.


Dancing in the Light

Written By: Morris McClellan

Up in the attic, hot and dusty, it smelled of dry, unfinished wood,
I found my grandad’s keepsakes, from his days of parenthood.
There were letters from a daughter who had married and moved away,
Reports on life’s grand adventures, and a child was on the way.
Of the photos she had sent him he had framed one for his room,
Taken by her husband on a hillside all in bloom.
The sun shown down so brightly on a day when all was right
Her beauty filled that meadow, as she danced there in the light.

She was dancing in the light, she was dancing in the light
Her eyes were shining upward, she was taken by delight
And the flowers she had tossed were at the apex of their flight
When my father’s snapshot caught my momma, Dancing in the Light

To see my mother young and vital, in the fullness of her prime
I seemed to lose my grip somehow I stepped outside of time
How long has she been gone now? But my heartache still remains
Since the year that I lost my momma I have never been the same
But now this photo in its frame has cause my sadness to be still
I don’t know how it’s done it, perhaps I never will
All the images I have of her I cherish more than gold
Ah but this one I will cherish, yes, this one I will hold

Repeat Chorus

I hear my mother’s voice, she says it’s best to let her go
But see her now, as God can see her,
She thought I’d want to know
She thought I’d want to know, that she was…

Repeat Chorus 2X. First repeat, replace third line of chorus with:
“Her soul had it’s own journey as she tried to do things right

copyright 2000 by Myckle Mirth Music, BMI


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