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Little Rock, Arkansas, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2015 | INDIE

Little Rock, Arkansas, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2015
Duo Pop Children's Music





Mömandpöp is the brainchild of husband and wife songwriting duo Bobby Matthews and Virginia Ralph. For nearly twenty years they worked in separate careers in Memphis, Bobby as an art teacher and Virginia in a theatre company. In 2014 they joined forces, and the result? Mömandpöp!
Their "Mömandpöp Comeback Special" is an interactive musical comedy variety show for kids of all ages featuring puppets, quick costume changes, and catchy pop songs you'll be humming to yourself hours after the show!

"Mömandpöp isn't kid rock. The band's "Comeback Special" may be aimed at the shorter people in our lives, and younger kids really do love it--but the musical variety show quickly transcends...Think "School House rock meets the Partridge Family, " but more mod sixties than groovy seventies." - Chris Davis

"New LP from momandpop gets family-friendly release"

Look Closer, the latest children's album from duo momandpop, starts with a vacation to the bottom of the ocean where a manta ray gives directions to a starfish reef, then goes on to cover things like learning to count, being nice, playing outside, waking up and coloring.
And it's all wrapped in ridiculously catchy melodies inspired by classic late '60s, early '70s American bubblegum pop that will likely find grown-ups and kids alike tapping their toes and singing along.

Little Rock natives Bobby Matthews and Virginia Ralph are the husband and wife behind momandpop. They will perform Saturday at a special record release party at South on Main in Little Rock. Brown bag brunches for kids and adults will be sold at the show.

"Maybe this will be the start of a whole new family-music brunch thing in Little Rock," says Ralph from momandpop headquarters in Bentonville.
The playful, exuberant Look Closer is the second momandpop LP, following a self-titled 2016 debut. Both are on Little Rock label Max Recordings and were made at Fellowship Hall Sound studio in the capital city.
Ralph and Matthews first met as teenagers at Arkansas Governor's School in 1985. The couple, who have two teenage daughters, eventually settled in Memphis, where Matthews was an early elementary art teacher and Ralph was a teaching artist and performed with a children's theater company.
After 20 years with separate careers, the two started looking for a way to work together and formed momandpop.
"We felt like we were in a rut," Ralph says. "We were going to do some sort of music classes that we created, but we couldn't get our minds around that. We're both big hambones, and we're only really happy when we're in front of an audience."
The couple took the music Matthews wrote for their music education program and turned it into a project for children.
"It dawned on us that this is a show, this isn't a class," Ralph says.
Inspired by the programs they grew up watching -- Sesame Street, Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood, Captain Kangaroo -- they began working on characters and developing a show.
"We actually have a nod to Mr. Rogers in our live show," Ralph says. "Every time Bobby changes into a different character, he puts on a different cardigan."
Their quick onstage costume and character changes are also inspired by Captain Kangaroo, says Matthews who was a member of Little Rock punk outfit Trusty in the late '80 and '90s.
Their time spent as educators helped them learn how to connect with children.
"We've worked with small children for over 20 years," Matthews says. "Trying to crack that code of keeping a 2- to 5-year-old interested, our experiences as educators has let us figure out what they think is funny and interesting."
Songs on the 13-track Look Closer, which was recently awarded a silver medal in a review from the Parents' Choice Foundation, include "I Know the Numbers," "Go Outside!" and "Let's Take a Vacation."
Matthews is the main songwriter, and says he tries to make the lessons in the songs subtle.
"We can talk about the importance of going outside and kids getting off their devices, but I can't just say 'Hey, kids, don't be on your device all day!' It's got to be a little less obvious so we can fold it into the character singing."
Ralph adds: "We're definitely in the mindset of 4-year-olds and what is cool to them. We don't always sit down and say, 'What educational song can we write?' A lot of it is just whatever comes out." - Sean Clancy


Mömandpöp- LP
Look Closer- LP
It's Spooky Tonight-Single
I Remember Winter-Single



Mömandpöp creators, songwriters Bobby Matthews and Virginia Ralph are Little Rock natives who have been working with kids, music, art, and theatre in some capacity since they met at Arkansas Governor's School in 1985.  After high school, they both attended the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, during which time Bobby formed beloved Little Rock punk band, Trusty, and Virginia began to work with underground theatre company, Reponde de Capite.  The two married in 1992 and moved to Washington D.C. where Trusty would go on to be signed to Dischord records. In 1999 ,Virginia became a founding ensemble member of Voices of the South theatre company in Memphis, TN, as an actor and resident composer.   After over 20 years in separate careers, they joined forces to create their first CD, “Mömandpöp” and in 2015 they debuted as the world famous show biz veterans  “Mömandpöp” in "The Mömandpöp Comeback Special” at the UCB theatre in Manhattan.  Since then they have won two Parents’ Choice silver honor awards for their CDs "Mömandpöp" and "Look Closer,” had a number 1 chart topping hit on “Kids Place Live,” performed for over 5000 children, and were featured performers last summer at the Wolftrap Performing Arts Center’s Theatre-in-the-Woods series.  

Bobby and Virginia have returned to their hometown Little Rock, Arkansas where they live with their beautiful daughters and a large menagerie of animals.


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