Mo McMorrow

Mo McMorrow

 Austin, Texas, USA

Mo McMorrow songs are a nuanced brand of Irish-Americana and steeped in transatlantic themes of place and ancestry. She draws from her experiences with changing relationships, constant goodbyes, reconstructed histories. The result is freshly sincere songs whose lyrics, embrace the sorrows of living.


McMorrow's range as a visual and performing artist, as well as her experience moving across continents, lend a remarkable depth to her debut CD. Musically, the cadences of Austin and Ireland are evident: banjos, harmonicas, acoustics guitars, and dobros lay the folk foundation, and one could as easily imagine these sounds spilling out of a smoky club in south Austin as drifting out of a centuries-old pub in Ireland. Lyrically, positive lessons of independence and self-reliance rise from the ashes of past relationships and a reverence for land and family, perhaps a plank in the bridge between Ireland and Texas, is a key element to McMorrow's universe. Though a continuing theme in these songs is leaving people and places behind, McMorrow responds with life-affirming understanding, the realization that all emotions, even sadness, enrich the human condition.


On a compilation CD "Out of the West" (Ireland)