Momentary Lapse In Time

Momentary Lapse In Time


MLIT is a four piece Melbourne outfit spawn by the love of folk and classical music. With an emphasis on meaningful lyrics and songs that wind through the spectrum of life’s many emotions, the aim is to captivate an audience and suspend them in a momentary lapse in time


Momentary Lapse in Time is a new project from Melbourne, Australia. Having previously worked in mainly rock bands, we have all taken a step sideways from the norm and have come up with a unique style of dramatic folk music.

Inflences such as Heather Nova, Portishead, Damien Rice, PJ Harvey, Tim & Jeff Buckley and Tori Amos kind of give you the idea of where we are heading .

The plan is to go International and later in 2007 we will be seeking distribution in Europe and Canada. The 1st OS tour will be in Sep with a hope to be a part of Germany's Popkomm Festival and surrounding European countries and a quick stop into Toronto and Windsor in Canada.

At the moment we only have rough demos, but we are currently working on a new 7 song EP set for recording in June, which will include 2 remixes of our favorite tunes and the 1st film clip to support a single release.


We are doing an EP in June that will have around 7 songs 2 of which will be remixes!