Momentary Prophets

Momentary Prophets


Music meant to make people Dance, Love Life, and Think. Music with a Message of Love and Peace


After playing together for about a year, we recently had a revelation about music, and specifically our music. Music is a tool we can harness to affect lives in an overwhelmingly positive way, by providing a groove for people to dance to, or by making people think about their lives. One of our sets is based around a story of Discovery, Heartbreak, and ultimate happiness in a Bodhisattva sense. We are more excited about our music now, than we ever have been before.

Influences are drawn from all over the place: The Beatles foremost, Led Zeppelin, Tool, Dream Theater, Ravi Shankar, Music of Crete, King Crimson, Keller Williams, Jim Morrison, Beethoven, Life in general, Visual Artisits: M.C. Escher, Alex Gray, Word Artisits: E.E. Cummings, Thomas Wolfe

Our Unique instrument combinations and strictly duo performance as well as our eclectic Progressive World Folk Pop Noir sound distinguishes us. Our music is at times intellectual, cough cough.

The "News" papers love us. Savvy individuals, them.

Set List

Our Set List changes each time we perform and typically we never have enough time when we perform to do all of our songs, but here are all of our songs listed:

One set(More World and Pop influenced) approximately One Hour:
The Unfound Door
Little Bird

Untitled Instrumental
Last Dance
Uke Rock

Untitled Song
Point Your Lotus to the Sky
The Key

A second set (More Progressive and Folk based) about 45 minutes:
Brass Shoes
Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah (a la Jeff Buckley)
The Beatles - Across The Universe
Led Zeppelin - The Battle Of Evermore
Several Untitled Instrumental Jams.