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Moment Theory

White Plains, New York, United States

White Plains, New York, United States
Band Rock Alternative


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"Moment Theory EP Review"

Fresh off the heels of recently winning Best International Rock EP from Toronto Exclusive Magazine, New York-based rock group Moment Theory and their self-titled mini-collection of original songs was truly an award-winning listen in my book. Though currently recording their first full-length album, lead vocalist/guitarist Joe Salvatore, bassist Bobby Bello, and drummer Mike Bambace continue to exult in the rave reviews surrounding the initial EP and the growing nationwide exposure it's garnering for the band.
This first-disc offering contains six definitive slices of progressive/alternative rock -- the band's mainstay genres of choice -- and hints of substantial influences from many groups within the alternative category. The musical dimension ranges from hard-hitting rock styles to delicately-raked acoustic progressions, sometimes all within the same song. Foo Fighter's "Everlong" and A Perfect Circle's "3 Libras" are pretty good comparison pieces to a great deal of their material. Most of the vocals are smoothed-out legatos, but some of the rhythms and chord arrangements effectively call for switch-hitting between flowing and more punctuated movements.
The very first track unleashes "Calling Shotgun," already a low-flying East Coast airplay magnet, with its hard-driving, guitar-laden beat, superb vocal presence, and catchy lyrics. The rest-and-fermata-filled "Era Of Let Downs" comes later, with an initial easy-going sound that climbs disjointedly, yet stalwartly, from an early non-reggae Police ambience to a repetitively-hammering chorus that finishes the song in a splash of intense lead guitar work. Though all six numbers have their individual merits, my personal favorites are "Regrets," with its eerily-acoustic Days Of The New feel, and "Reaction Time," a real standout song that reminds me of a relatively-dialed-back version of Institute.
Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of Moment Theory's artistry is the lyrical content, and the way they poetically use words to further one of their underlying chief objectives -- the prospect of self-exploration. Indeed, the band name itself bespeaks the group's self-admitted purpose of leading listeners into a fruitful, yet enjoyable, examination of the evolving personal theories we all subconsciously entertain through any given moment, as it were. True to form, they don't really produce concept songs or albums. Instead, Moment Theory functionally postures itself as somewhat of a concept band.
This idea plays out very well for them in this collection. The lyrics are not only hook-filled but are actually thought-provoking. I personally came away with a rather haunted, yet strangely satisfied, feeling of having had a very fulfilling introspective session. Of course, even though this is much more than merely a psyche-job set to music, the band members freely confess that their creations are intentionally designed to serve as an expose of sorts into the conflicts people often struggle with between mind and heart. In essence, this is the soul of Moment Theory: an invitation to attend a voluntary internal journey, set against a beautiful array of excellent music as an external media conduit. In my opinion, it's a trip well worth the price of admission.
If a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step, then Moment Theory has certainly put their best foot forward in this abbreviated Sleep Over Music label release. It'll be interesting to see whether they can maintain this momentum with their next project of a first official album proper. This may indeed be their defining moment. Well, that's my theory, anyway. (Bill Reed // 11/23/07)
(Sleep Over Music; Moment Theory --
- Space City Rock

"Moment Theory Review"

Many bands out there today are trying to create music that will stand the test of time whether through quality songs or stage show spectacles. New York's Moment Theory is comprised of three exceptional musicians who have set out to create. The band's goal is simple in the words of bassist Bobby Bello, "…Making memorable songs instead of just memorable parts." Throughout the EP you can hear echoes of A Perfect Circle, Foo Fighters, and S.C.I.E.N.C.E. era Incubus.

Each song is beautifully crafted and passionate, but it's unfortunate that it's only an EP; I would love to see what the band can do on their next full album. Album opener "Calling Shotgun" is one of the best songs on the album; it has just a huge rock sound to it and should be all over radio. "Regrets" is probably my favorite song on the EP. The remorseful acoustic song is a perfect break in the album and is stripped down to its barest form, another sign that the band will be at home on rock radio. "Reaction Time" has a very Breaking Benjamin feel to it features some great guitar work. It being an EP aside, this is a great album and a band to be watching for in the future.


"CD reviews"

Bronx Times Reporter
“At times this unique six-song album may fleetingly remind you of a heavier Joe Jackson meets Red hot chili peppers while wholly standing on its own power.
Moment Theory, the band AND the CD are obviously not followers in any way.”
“The band, Joe Salvatore on lead vocals and guitar, Bobby Bello bass and vocals and Mike Bambace on drums, pursue their own muse into interesting territories of sonic confidence.”
“The strong clear lyrics are subtle and cast a knowing eye on all the worlds problems while setting them in the context of local struggles among friends and lovers.”
“Moment Theory is a deep focus hard rock look into the future
of modern music; too huantingly serious to be labeled power pop and too ambitous to be just one hit marvels.”
“Moment Theory has its hands on something exceptional.”
-Bronx Times Reporter
“The Moment Theory EP starts off explosively with Calling Shotgun, a track that the band is marketing as a radio single. This song about self-discovery, rebirth and taking control of life is an excellent choice to market the band.”
“...excellently well thought out lyrics and rocking music.”
“Vocals are strong, backed up by great guitars, bass and a powerful drums”
“well-thought out lyrics combined with dark music that adds meaning to the words.”
“The last two tracks, Reaction Time and Sleep Over,
would be perfect for an action film soundtrack – something dark and brooding.”
“Judging from the Moment Theory EP, I can see that this band is very introspective. They have a message
for the world and are seeking to put it forth in an intelligible way.”
“The lyrics would fit perfectly in any poetry book dedicated to self-discovery and life struggles.
Add these profound lyrics to the band’s hard rock music
containing great guitar riffs and hard-hitting drums and you have a perfect combination.”
-Melissa Minners - Bronx Times Reporter &


Self Titled debut CD released Jan. 2007. Available through CD baby and Itunes. Opening track "Calling Shotgun" currently being spun on Power WARY 88.1 westchester radio,, 105.5 WDHA NJ, and WRKI I95 FM of CT



***Moment Theory is currently writing/recording for their first full length record******

After Moment Theory drummer Mike Bambace read the novel Strange Life of Ivan Osokin by P.D. Ouspensky, It registered that the reality in our conscious mind changes from moment to moment creating our own paths and theories. “This perception created the perfect title for this project. Moment Theory describes exactly how we felt from the start to this very second right here," Bambace says.
Though their experiences in life have tested them, Moment Theory has found a way to complete themselves through the writing of meaningful lyrics and beautiful melodies, accompanied by their love of music. "We wanted to focus on writing stronger songs that have more structure," says bassist Bobby Bello. "Basically, making memorable songs instead of just memorable parts."
Moment Theory sings of internal crossroads. Songs like The Lovely Truth about Us and Era of Let Downs, place emphasis on honest self-exploration, no matter how difficult. This brings a hope of redemption to these intimate thoughts of despair and possible future regrets. For example, "The last time again I’m left here to fend mind against my heart all over again", from Era of Let Downs, is a telling lyric. It illustrates the battle of making a life altering decision steered by fact or emotion. Calling Shotgun, which is their first radio single, is an awakening of one’s self that toasts with the line "So, here’s to being again”. When asked about the powerful and often melancholy emotions expressed on the "Moment Theory (EP)," singer/guitarist Joe remarked, "We’ve become self awakened people. We aren't just writing to write, we are writing a real life journal entry as therapy for our lives. A lot of these songs are written about stuff that we are going through right now; I want to acknowledge it without necessarily moving past it completely.”
Joe handles the musical chores, writing the melodies and parts on acoustic guitar first. Bobby adds his signature, pounding yet melodic bass lines to the songs, along with Mike's driving rhythmic fury to get the backdrop for Moment Theory's dynamics. The unique phrasing and vocal harmonies on "Moment Theory (EP)" is Joe’s work; he adapts Mike's lyrics syllabically to his melodies. Joe states: "The most important thing in a song is melody, specifically vocal melodies. I try to make the words fit what I already have in my head. I like to create phrasing that is a little different from the norm, but still showcases the melody."
Shortly after forming in White Plains New York, in the winter of 2005, Moment Theory has quickly gained recognition and is rapidly establishing a fan base on the East Coast. By playing venues throughout the tri-state area like The Chance theatre, Arlene’s Grocery, The Lion’s Den, Mercury Lounge and The Continental, the band has attracted attention from various independent record labels. Their self-titled EP recorded at Prime Time Studios in New York, has worldwide distribution through CD Baby and can be found for digital download through Apple itunes, MusicIsHere Digstation and Audio LunchBox.
The band also sustains a powerful internet presence receiving an excessive amount of daily hits at their website as well as Their debut EP has received rave reviews from e-zines such as The Bronx Times Reporter classified Moment Theory as ”A deep focus hard rock look into the future of modern music”, while the Westchester Journal News is spotlighting the band in it’s entertainment section with an interview. The EP has garnered radio attention as well with the track Calling Shotgun on regular rotation at Power 88.1 WARY and The song has been spotlighted on NJ’s WDHA 105.5 homegrown show numerous times as well, resulting in regular requests.
Moment Theory developed their own style based on soaring vocals, powerful and often ambient guitar work and brooding lyrics from influences as diverse as A Perfect Circle, Foo Fighters, and Deftones to Strata and AFI. A new entry in the field of melodic rock Moment Theory is sure to attain the status of a classic.

Moment Theory is:
Joe Salvatore – lead vocals/guitar
Bobby Bello – bass/vocals
Mike Bambace - drums

Contact: Joe Salvatore