Reykjavík, Capital Region, ISL

Having long since conferred knighthood in Iceland as the tightest and hardest working metal band in the metal scene today, Momentum has honored its name and never stopped to rest in their search for a musical identity. Woodstock or Wacken, Momentum brings the right stuff to the party.


Momentum is a four piece band formed in Reykjavik, Iceland back in 2003. Musically the band has changed from black/death/extreme metal towards a progressive, psychedelic mixture of melodic and soft music as well as some brain-crushing heaviness. Momentum is renowned for their tight live performances.



Written By: Hörður Ólafsson

As his final moments drew near.
All the flowers in his garden,
Were rotten.
The moon shed it’s third
And final tear.
But his path would never,
Never be forgotten.
Evolve or descend from your path.

Holding Back

Written By: Hörður Ólafsson

Prepare yourself, to be boarded
Strip yourself, inhale it all.
‘Cause you know, it’s the good life
the right way.
As gradually as darkness
Turns all to gray
All these bright colors
Soon will fade away.
‘Cause you know, it’s the good life
the right way.

We shall destroy the self image. Unsteady,
Wavery, bewildered, full of desire.
Destructive, confused.
When the self concept thinks,
This is I & that is mine. He binds himself
And he forgets the great self.
We are in fact holding back.

Red Silence

Written By: Ragnar Ólafsson


in a thick black dream,
caught in a sea,
a shapeless substance,
realizing its existence

with no limbs to move with
and no mouth scream with
with nothing but a red melody
to set me free
(I am just a shapeless substance
realizing its existence)

with graceful movements
in a synchronized dance
the waves of the sea
are swallowing me
(a shapeless substance
fighting for its existence)

I transcend the dance
Of the thick substance
The transition is hard
And violent
It is the end of eternity
And the beginning of ‘me’
it begins with a
a red silence
I am a shapeless substance
realizing its existence

Is this me?
My eyes are open now I see
Is this me?
I’ve got a voice still I can’t scream

Is this really me?
Under a tree

look up and see
skeletal trees
I try to scream... (lost, in a thick black dream)

A motion less dance
Slipping into trance
It wants me to let go
So graceful and slow
Waves without sound
Pull me down
I need you...

dream of a ‘you’ and ‘me’,
different beings, soft and free (so soft and free)
dream of a ‘you’ and ‘me’
speak our minds, and what we feel (and what we feel)

...I look around me
and see others just like me
the waves of the sea
trying to become free

...its movements are graceful
we should be thankful

Red silence, I try to scream
Red silence, lost in a thick black dream

in a thick black dream,
caught in a sea,
a shapeless substance,
realizing its existence

it begins with…

…a red silence

As the Skies Break

Written By: Hörður Ólafsson

Define us now
We creep inside
Are we ever coming out.
Our withered minds we must explain.
Torn apart and rearranged
We fall silent.

As the inner eye escapes our head
Life’s unsatisfying path gives a taste of the future.

Damp they dwell deep inside
Expressing all we aim to hide
They watch, as the skies break
His hope consists of what might be

Prosthetic Sea

Written By: Hörður Ólafsson

In this prosthetic sea
It’s hard to find
The brightest colors that
Feed your mind.
To use our head
We must go out of our mind
Grab your thoughts, make them real
Ride the wave, the way you feel
The eye that leads the way.


The Requiem EP 2006
Your side of the triangle EP 2008
Fixation, at Rest LP 2010

Set List

Momentum is fit to play any of the following songs, all of which are original material.

The Freak is Alive
Bury the Eyes Once Gold
Between Two Worlds
The Creator of Malignant Metaphors
The Beast is Who it Wants To Be
Your Gauntlet Holds the Key
Holding Back
Red Silence
The Conduits Lead
As the Skies Break
Prosthetic Sea
Fixation, at Rest
Indifference of the Human Mind
Catch Your Reflection