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Uplifting,encouraging , Music with hope.


Momi's influences have been from a Hawaiian father who listened to Harry Belafonte and a Mother who listened to Pavarotti. She is a folk/rock blend of love songs. Momi is a seasoned musician whose desires to release hope to a hopeless world. If you like "Heart", then you'll like "MOMI"



Written By: Momi

What kind of love is this,that would bear my shame ,
take away my pain
What kind of love is this that would
take my cross, pay so high a cost

It's the love of a father
Calling to his son
The love of a father
Reaching ,bleeding, pleading

Arise, son of the living God
(You can lift your head)
Arise, your armor will be my blood
(girl I'm calling you)
Arise, daughter of the King
(you can lift your head)
Arise, Arise

What kind of love is this
that waits patiently for my eyes to see
What kind of love is this
Even when I fail, still this love prevails

Legacy of Loving

Written By: Momi

Oh, the world can be dark without His light
And the road can be rough
and never ending
Only Love can bring you Home
Only Love makes the way known

A legacy of loving
I want to give my children
so they can carry on when
their children come along
A legacy of loving
Just like my father gave me
He taught me what to love means
And I want to carry on

You can feel the pain of the years gone by
But you can't change the past, no matter how hard you try
And only love can bring you hope
Only love makes the way know
And He'll make the way known


Bridge: Carry on


Momi's CD "Parousia" comes out July 14th ,released through Tate Music.