Mommy Daddy Issues

Mommy Daddy Issues

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Folk Crunk - that's about it... Actually, that's exactly what it is...


Mommy Daddy Issues are both a sign and result of the times. Their music stands like a placard against the current of the last four decades of popular music. Taking cues that can be heard in squeltching guitar solos, uber-sweet West Coast inspired synths, longing cellos, swagga inducing 4-string-low-end, a rhythmic, almost tribal folk tone and two of Alberta’s more innovative MCs, this six piece band wear their influences on 12 rather long sleeves. When these genres fuse together they call their music Folk Crunk but invite you to call it what you will – their music speaks to their refusal to be fitted into any one genre.

MDI originated with an ill-advised bet at Calgary’s 2010 Folk Fest and grew through the local jam scene in the blistery winter of 2010/11, garnering praise and an enthusiastic fan base as diverse as the band themselves. The act became known for their engaging live shows which could be funny, dramatic, inappropriate, clever & uncomfortable – often all at once. Popular demand was met with a series of one-off shows through Calgary & area in the spring and summer of 2011. In 2012 the band dropped everything to write a biography.

Now with a self released EP, fans and the curious alike across Canada can see why MDI have been labelled ‘Alberta’s Next Best Thing’ by at least one of our parents.

Peppered with themes of love, drugs, street violence & cheese, this eponymous EP is available through online merchants like iTunes & Amazon – but if you come see the band live and compliment them they’re apt to give you one for just being so damn nice.


The Mommy Daddy Issues EP was recorded through Beltane 2011. We've been waiting to gig at Sled Island before we bring any more of these sweet sweet sounds to the 403.

Set List

With a 4 song EP it's admittedly difficult to pin point exactly where Mommy Daddy Issues fit - but the answer is three (or four) syllables of easy - everywhere!

Armed with a catalog of 32 original songs MDI can tailor their set to any weddings*, bar mitzvahs**, wakes*** or opening slots for Sled Island. The band also peppers in an unexpected range of covers from the spooky gangsta thrills of Cypress Hill through to indie rock sounds of Thao & The Get Down Stay Downs to the funny as fuck Sir-Mix-A-Lot all the way back to Pink Floyd and Jethro Tull. And yes, their covers are totally branded with the signature Folk Crunk sound.

Any set-list they construct has been proven to get folks loose and sell more booze.

*May not necessarily live up to expectations.

**May not necessarily live up to any level of appropriateness.

***OK, seriously, wakes are definitely not appropriate... Actually... Does Sonic Birds book wakes?