Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA

We play insanity rock. Plain an simple, bout the finer things in life,like:monsters, nightmares , maniacs, killers, killing people, eating people, zombies, B movies, sex, and more creepy things,
Full on high energy rock n roll with a big twist of horror thrown in.


MOMMY S3Z NO is a 3 piece horror,b movie, and insanity inspired punk n roll band from the Twin Cities(Read as St Paul)Minnesota consisting of Jeff Arndt-lead vocals and guitar, Alex Smith- Drums and vocals, and Marky Saysno on Bass and vocals, that originally formed in June of 2007.Rapidly becoming active and hitting the stage a month later, we quickly hit the studio and kept going. "Our sound is kinda trashy, plug in and play rock and roll, that's inspired by monsters, nightmares, cartoons, psychos, serial killers,horror movies, insanity,heartbreak, loss, love and everything rock n roll.
Mommy Sez No released around 250 cds of an 11 song demo, followed by the full length cd "Hotwaterburnbaby." and are currently recording songs for a new album.
Their songs have been featured in some independent b movies including
Super Tromette Action Movie Go-
Terror Overload-
Klownboy Circus of Gore- as of yet unreleased
Incest Death Squad 2 (or IDS2)-

Mommy Sez No has been compared to the new York Dolls, Jeff Dahl, a punk rock David Bowie singing with the Angry Samoans, The Sex Pistols with chainsaws, a little Johnny Thunders, Wednesday 13, and more. If you like your rock n roll with some trash, some punk, some blues, some murder, more blood, and a monster or two, then Mommy Sez No is for you.


1)Mommy Sez No - debut cd, limited to 250
2)Mommy Sez No - Hotwaterburnbaby cd release (self released) available on itunes and elsewhere
3)My America:A tribute to Quincy Punx to benefit the West Memphis Three - Mommy Sez No plays Downtown
available through Crustacean Records (
4) Bubblegum Slut Zine promo cd Winter 2010/2011 Mommy Sez No song Panic
5) Mommy Sez No has also had music in the following movies:
Super Tromette Action Movie Go - The song Be My Ghoul
Terror Overload - The songs Dinner Date and Mongo Chupa
Klownboy:Circus Of Gore: the song Taking The Fun, and the band is also in the movie
Incest Death Squad 2 : The songs My Mental Problem, and Kill