Mommy's Little Monsters

Mommy's Little Monsters


Premiere Tribute to Social Distortion, covering their catalog from the early days through their most recent material and un-released cuts.


Much like the roots of Social Distortion, Mommy's Little Monsters started with a vision and a dream between two high school bods in Huntington Beach, California: An aspiring, radical guitarist "Mike Castillo" and a free-spirited drummer "Mike Taba". Very long story short; it has now become a scary reality. Once we found the rambunctious voice of "Matt Stone".....there was no stopping us now. Enbodying the style and charisma of Mike Ness, the band was ready to give it a go. After cycling through a number of inter-changeable bass players, we utilized the remarkable resource that is CraigsList to land Matt "Bass Master" Walder. With the dynamics of all 4 working parts in motion, MLM strives to enbody the legacy of a live social distortion experience -- and have a kick-ass time.

"MOMMY'S LITTLE MONSTERS" performs all over our back-yard of southern california, and have recently had the honor to visit Santa Barbara and Lake Tahoe. We look forward to branching out and hope everyone enjoys our shows; we put our heart, sweat, and tears into every moment! We are always looking to visit different cities to rock out with people who love Social Distortion. We're looking for more friends to check us out and bands who we might be able to learn from / gig with.

Set List

Our set list ranges anywhere from 45 minutes to 120 minutes, depending on your SxDx appetite. A typical set list might look like this:

Reach for the Sky
Bad Luck
Mommy's Little Monster
Another State of Mind
Cold Feelings
Sick Boy
When She Begins
Ball & Chain
The Creeps
Nickels & Dimes
Don't Drag Me Down
Telling Them
Don't Take me for Granted
Prison Bound
I Was Wrong
Ring of Fire
Story of my Life