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Bournemouth, England, United Kingdom | SELF

Bournemouth, England, United Kingdom | SELF
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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Momo:tempo Sweetseeker EP"

Momo:tempo is the moniker for composer and producer Timo Peach who has his feet firmly rooted in the electro dance field. Peach scores big points for staying clear of the easy money chart fodder and brings us tunes that owe more to acts from the 80's like Thomas Dolby, Yello and Blacmange.

Sweetseeker has a quirky energy with a full on wall of sound production that will appeal to the electo heads as well as the indie kids. The other 4 tracks (including a brilliant remix of Sweetseeker) confirm Peach's experimental nature. The Golden Age Of Exploration jumps from sample to sample with effortless ease while held together by some impressive production while the chilled beats of I Saw You Get On, Would You Like To Get Off would grace any Ibiza sunset.

Closer Al Hamdu Li Lah, the Arabic for 'Praise To God' for all you fact fans, is no less tongue in cheek than the rest of this ep but again the production and clever use of samples makes this a classy piece of electro pop.

If you get the Chemical Brothers then you'll definitely love this. I know I do.
- The Music Critic

"A box of sweet sonic electro treats, by Sarah Rayner"

A pic-n-mix of eccentric dance-worthy electro-pop - Timo Peach is a producer who loves to play. Momo:Tempo's debut EP 'Sweetseeker' is stuffed to the brim with a bewildering range of exuberant effects and beats. A mess of sound in magnificent disarray that never takes itself too seriously, whilst remaining slick, svelte and stylish.

"Sweetseeker" is a bubbling, laser electro mix up, with an incredibly camp, sexy, pop vibe. Theatrically camp vocals deliver eccentric, sexually nuanced lyrics with a semi-deadpan smirk. Tubular effects and brass synths, funky melodies and stuttering dance rhythms abound, this is an electro show tune complete with a closing celebratory brass fanfare.

Next to the stage is "The Golden Age of Exploration (Preview Mini Mix)" - a fully fledged 13 minute extravaganza of sound, punctuated by rapidly changing, vastly varied beats. This is a rhapsody of ever-changing atmospheres and moods - like turning the dials on a radio - though the track still manages to remain fluent and cohesive. Timo knows how to keep the energy up, his flippant vocals inject a theatrical excitement - so it's hard to get bored of this quirky cabaret.

In the sonic melting pot are blasts of brass, bangra and hardcore techno beats; quirky combinations of video game 2-bit melody and classical string; those camp vocals with female backing and TV/radio ad vocal effects; an irreverent deadpan rap and breakdowns into melodramatic, classical piano and violin.

Momo:Tempo's sound is playful, irreverent, sexy, bizarre and experimental, and this EP is a real celebration of sound.

- Room Thirteen

"Momo:tempo "Sweetseeker""

SOUNDS LIKE? There are parts of London populated almost entirely by people who believe that Nathan Barley is a drama series. These people will believe that Momo Tempo looks great, but sounds like crap. We, on the other hand know that Nathan Barley is an underrated slab of irony and that while Momo Tempo looks pretty rough, he sounds gorgeous. This is a sonic manifesto that boldly announces an intention to deceive, "I'm feeling sly" is the drawl of the micro second for the batteringly busy 'Toffee Mix' of the jazz-funk reconceived by the dancing robots of "Sweetseeker". All, you may think, very nice, but "The Golden Age Of Exploration" grinds it to dust with a cybernetic Stevie Wonder workout.

IS IT ANY GOOD? When passion, obsession and sheer, fucking naughtiness collide with tip-top clever bastard business, it's going to be great and it is. - Unpeeled


Sweetseeker EP - released 18.06.10

The Golden Age of Exploration - released 01.11.10



Momo:tempo is independent creative, composer, producer and arty blighter, Timo Peach. And for Momo, music is a bit of traveling theatre.


From art college student to apparently creative professional, Momo:tempo's chief protagonist has spent far too long mucking about with all manner of creative things sooner than knuckling down and getting a proper job. From boobing about on stage with an old Moog and some old TVs, to boring strangers in pubs about the merits of the typeface Helvetica – Timo Peach has spent some twenty years filling a very thick sketchbook with different creative explorations – wandering around, anonymously picking up emotional souvenirs and recording a hundred qualifying albums in a number of different garden sheds.


Today, Momo can still be found mucking about creatively – much of which musically could be described as a little alternative, usually electrically powered, involving beats and brass and sumptuous strings and a few baritone karaoke choruses and a bit of word verbiage over the top. And a very fair amount of theatre. Whatever that genre is. Some sort of electro-funk filmscore. It's dance music, just.


To get a vague idea of a comparable sound, you could try packing gloriously cooky 80s Swiss musical stuntists Yello into a sturdy travel case with charming, romantic wit, The Divine Comedy. Chuck in a bit of grumpy young upstart Calvin Harris' clubby confidence, and a friendly amount of Lemon Jelly, sit on the damned thing until it closes and toss it about on a luggage carousel for a while and you might just be getting somewhere.


Live, Momo means a noisy horn section, a bit of energetic skins-beating over the beats, with live percussion and drums, and a lot of pulling faces at the front. Plus groovy big tunes that will stay in your head. And a spot of almost half decent entertainment.


Mr Peach lives by the seaside with the lovely first lady of Momo, in Bournemouth.