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"Momposonica and Jimmy Bosch"

Sometimes that big break comes from just being in the right place, at the right time. That's what happened to musician Luis Garcia. By day he works at a coffee shop in northern New Jersey. At night he's jamming with his band Momposonica. It was his day job that landed Garcia and the group a recording gig. It all came down to where music producer Jimmy Bosch goes for a cup of joe.

Bosch: "The lead singer of this group works in one of the establishments in the town where I get coffee. In just going in and out several times, we introduced each other and he found out I was in music and he was quick to tell me that he sang for a rock band. I really got it that he was full of energy and full of passion and really believed in his band. And in that conversation I'd love to hear the band and I did."

After listening to the demo, Bosch offered Momposonica a recording deal through his own label.

Momposonica's five members are all from Colombia.
Each of them made the move to the US and they came together as a group here. Their common goal was -- and still is -- to create a fusion of rock, pop, Latin and electronic rythms. But they wanted it to sound fresh.
When Jimmy Bosch brought Momposonica into the recording studio, he knew the collaboration would work.

Bosch isn't just a music producer. He's a musician in his own right. He's a salsa trombonist who's played with Celia Cruz, Ruben Blades, and Marc Anthony. In the studio, the creative juices flowed between the band, the lead singer Luis Garcia, and Jimmy himself.

Bosch: "When we recorded Una Noche one of the things that Luis and I were doing was fooling around with was the syncopation of the lyrics. And it turned out to be a really comedic experience in the studio as we tried different things. And we were laughing stopping and try it again and laughing, stopping. And at the end of the day that came out really, really well."

Momposonica lead singer Luis Garcia still works in the coffee shop, but he's cut back his hours. Record executive and producer Jimmy Bosch can relate.

Bosch: "That's what musicians do, we do what we have to do. The blessing is at this point in my career I'm strickly working as an artist or as an executive in the music business. And so, I'm living proof that it can be done and if we just hold on to our dreams and our visions then our dreams can come true."

The name Momposonica refers to a town in Colombia. Band members say it appeared in dream to the group's guitarrist. He saw the name etched on a wall with a cheering mass of fans beneath it.

With their new self-titled CD, Momposonica might end up living that dream.

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"Momposonica's Album Review by Jeff Tamarkin"

Review by Jeff Tamarkin
Momposonica is a rock en español quintet whose members all hail originally from Colombia but who found one another in their adopted home of New Jersey. Although their name pays nominal tribute to the Colombian folksinger Totó La Momposina, there's little here tying the band to its homeland's traditional sounds: these guys are all about rockin' out. Momposonica's self-titled debut album is a solid affair that rides a careful balance between contemporary pop, progressive Latin elements and classic garage rock while alternately bringing to mind the synth-tinged new wave of the early MTV era. The album exudes a more playful tone overall than much of the harder Latin rock of the era. On the Nuggets-like "Motor," Momposonica (in particular singer Luis Garcia), sound like the lost stepchildren of '60s Chicano-rockers ? and the Mysterians, and "Export" could have snuck off of one of Joe Jackson's early-'80s pan-cultural recordings. On "Una Noche," the specter of Carlos Santana is felt but not mimicked. Momposonica, like Santana, bridges cultures neatly, and their allegiance is more to the rock half of the equation than the Latin half.

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LP "momposonica" JRGR Records/MRI 2006
Single "Sexo Elevado"
currently on: MTV Tr3s
M&E Television (Austin TX)
KUNM 89.9 FM (Alburquerque NM)
KZSU Zookeeper online(stanford CT)
KUT 90.1 FM ( Austin TX)
Premios Terra 2007 (
and Many others music channels in
Latin America and United States.



Momposonica is the brainchild of five Colombian ex-patriots who came to America with rock 'n roll in their ears, their native country Colombia in their hearts, and the dream of a better life and self actualization, both artistic and personal, on their minds. A couple of years ago, drummer Martin Quintero and guitarist Felipe Taborda met in their new home New Jersey with the purpose of starting a new project: A rock en Español band, characterized by a fresh sound and devoid of the stereotypical fusion markers of the genre. They soon invited lead vocalist Luis Garcia to join them, and the threesomes's creative juices quickly jelled into a string of excellent songs. Later additions include bass player Mauricio Molina, and percussionist David Pinto, both of whom helped define the particular Momposonica sound.

Momposonica's first album was released on legendary trombone salsero Jimmy Bosch's label, JRGR records, in August 2006. Momposonica is a mix of rock, pop, Latin and electronic rhythms. The sound is fresh, and the Latin elements in the music do not soften or obscure the rock-centric rhythm section, the lead vocalists muscular style, and the dynamic performance style of the band. The song lyrics tell stories of love, life, loneliness, and experiences that are common in everyone's world. By 2005 their second demo was produced, and it accidentally as well as fortuitously fell into the hands of Jimmy Bosch, who encountered singer Luis Garcia while picking up coffee at Garcia's workplace. A conversation was struck, a demo exchanged hands, and within a week Jimmy Bosch returned with a recording proposal to the band, to produce his 2nd release on his label, JRGR Records.

A world renowned trombonist, Jimmy also appears as a guest artist on the record. "Listening to the guys record inspired me to dance, move and feel like a rocker", says Jimmy. "I could not resist wanting to collaborate with the fellas musically; Felipe and the band invited me to add trombone to two of the tracks creating a unique fusion".

The five band members are all rockers at heart and Latinos in their souls. Guitarist Felipe Taborda, singer Luis Garcia, and Bassist Mauricio Molina have all shared the stage prior to Momposonica, with the now-defunct punk-ska band Kabala, which was prominent on the Colombian rock scene in the late 90's. Martin Quintero is also a veteran of the rock band Ethiopia, with whom he toured extensively in Colombia. He later spent some time studying music in Paris where he began to immerse himself with the sounds of progressive rock. The name Momposonica was literally dreamed up by guitarist Felipe Taborda, who saw the Momposonica title etched onto a wall with a big cheering crowd underneath it.

Mompos is a town in the Northern region of Colombia, which once was a flourishing river port town, flanked on both its sides by the Magdalena river. After it was seized by the Spaniards 500 years ago Mompos became a launching point for the colonization of Latin America. Once the Spaniards left, the indigenous people of the area returned to Mompos, and mixed with escaped African slaves who made their way down the river to Mompos as well, to create a culture and music in which the African and indigenous elements that make up Colombian culture have been most closely preserved to this day.

The name Momposonica pays tribute to the band's cultural and nostalgic connection to their homeland, as well as to the work of Afro-Colombian singer and cultural preservationist Totó La Momposina.

This is Momposonica, and wherever the band performs, a crowd forms, excitement rises and passion permeates.


Momposonica es la unión de cinco Colombianos que vinieron a America con rock en sus oídos, su país natal Colombia en sus corazones y el sueño de una mejor vida y auto realización, ambas artistica y personal en sus mentes.

Un par de años atrás, el baterista Martin Quintero y el guitarrista Felipe Taborda se conocieron en su nueva casa New jersey con el propósito de comenzar un nuevo proyecto: Una banda de "rock en español", invitaron al vocalista Luis García que se le unió y pronto las ideas de los tres rápidamente se trasformaron en excelentes canciones. Posteriores adiciones incluyen al bajista Mauricio Molina y al percusionista David Pinto, ambos ayudaron a definir el sonido particular de Momposonica.

El primer álbum de Momposonica titulado "momposonica" fue lanzado bajo el sello de el lejendario trombonista de salsa Jimmy Bosch, JRGR records, en Agosto del 2006. Momposonica es una mezcla de rock, pop con ritmos latinos y electrónicos; el sonido es fresco y los elementos latinos no suavizan ni oscurecen la parte rockera de la banda.

El nombre Momposonica fue literalmente soñado por el guitarrista Felipe Taborda, quien vio el nombre Momposonica grabado sobre una pared con una gran multitud debajo. Momposonica rinde tributo a la coneccion cultural y nostalgica de su patria Colombia como tambien a