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Mom's Rocket

Olympia, Washington, United States | INDIE

Olympia, Washington, United States | INDIE
Band Rock Metal


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Mom's Rocket"

When I think of Olympia — and especially bands from Washington’s capital city — usually straight ahead rock and roll acts don’t come to mind. Usually, I envision artsy, indie bands — with ironic facial hair and extremely interesting fashion sense.

For the most part, that’s the Olympia music scene I know and love.

But, as we all know, every rule has an exception — and my aforementioned description of music in Olympia is certainly no different.

Take Mom’s Rocket, for example — who will play Hell’s Kitchen on Saturday, Sept. 20 along with Top Heavy Crush and Painted Window. A high octane mix of all that’s quintessential about true, blue, good ol’ fashion rock, Mom’s Rocket not only has a sexually suggestive moniker, but they lay down the chugging chords without much regard for flavor-of-the-month indie gimmicks or skinny boys in ass-tight pants.

Mom’s Rocket is old school rock and roll without regret. In Olympia, this makes them different.

“We usually have good crowds to play for. People are still people, and we are generally well received,” says Mom’s Rocket bassist Randy Keller. “We honestly don’t care about specific genre. We are not trying to be anything specific. We just write what we feel like at the time.”

Another thing that makes Mom’s Rocket different from the masses in Olympia is the band’s love of sports — highlighted by the fact Mom’s Rocket is the “official house band” for sports radio 950 KJR AM. While being the rock group that penned “Seahawks Stomp” in a place that hates jocks as much as Olympia has its dangers, Mom’s Rocket just does what feels right, and the band seems to have been able to parlay their gig as KJR house band into an extremely rewarding experience.

“I’m a sports nut, and when I am in my car I listen to sports radio. I really wanted to be the KJR house band so I entered us in the contest. We made the initial cut down to three bands. There was a ‘Rock-off’ show and we were selected. The station has been really nice to us, and they treat us like celebrities — and this is sort of cool,” says Keller. “I haven’t worked them for any tickets yet, but I will try.”

[Hell’s Kitchen, with Top Heavy Crush and Painted Window, Saturday, Sept. 20, 9 p.m., $5, 3829 Sixth Ave., Tacoma, 253.759.6003]
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Self Titled debute CD "Mom's Rocket" has recieved major market radio play with: Mountain Song, Indifferent, and Empty Side

Second release "V2" has recieved major market radio play with: Broken and Fist Full of Love

Past Shows:
02/05/2011 – New Hell’s Kitchen – Tacoma, WA
12/31/2010 – New Hell’s Kitchen New Year’s Eve – Tacoma, WA
11/17/2010 – Capital Theater Backstage – Olympia, WA
11/27/2010 – Chehalis fest – Chehalis , WA
10/15/2010 – Hell’s Kitchen – Tacoma, WA
09/25/2010 – House party – Olympia, WA
09/18/2010 – Stonegate – Tacoma, WA
08/28/2010 – Smokin’ Hot Espresso BASH – Kent, WA
08/07/2010 – McCord Air Force Base – Tacoma, WA
08/06/2010 – Market Street Pub Street Fair – Chehalis, WA
08/01/2010 – Jazzbones – Tacoma, WA
07/24/2010 – Mason County Fair – Shelton, WA
07/16/2010 – The 4th Ave Tavern Lakefair Friday – Olympia, WA
07/01/2010 – McCoy’s Tavern with Witchburn – Olympia, WA
06/26/2010 – Pig Roast – Kent, WA
06/25/2010 – Capital Theater Backstage ALL AGES – Olympia, WA
06/24/2010 – The Cedarwood Dome with Bang Tango – Milton, WA
06/19/2010 – HOT ROCKS Live Interview – Seattle, WA
06/12/2010 – Hell’s Kitchen – Tacoma, WA
05/29/2010 – Gypsy Joker USA Biker Party – Glendale, OR
05/02/2010 – The NW Convergence Zone Podcast - Tacoma, WA
04/30/2010 – The Market Street Pub – Chehalis, WA
04/23/2010 – McCoy’s Tavern for Artwalk – Olympia, WA
04/17/2010 - The Cedarwood Dome – Milton, WA
04/16/2010 – Benders – Kent, WA
04/03/2010 – The Main Street Saloon – Renton, WA
04/02/2010 – The Bob Rivers Show on KZOK 102.5 FM – Seattle, WA
03/20/2010 – Hell’s Kitchen with Post Stardom Depression – Tacoma, WA
03/14/2010 – Jazzbones – Tacoma, WA
02/19/2010 – Hell’s Kitchen with Floater – Tacoma, WA
02/14/2010 – Jazzbones Valentines Day Bash – Tacoma, WA
02/13/2010 – The Kamel Toe – Spanaway, WA
02/06/2010 – Hot Rocks TV broadcast from Club Motor – Seattle, WA
02/05/2010 - Haley’s with Stonebender – Everett, WA
01/23/2010 – The Rendezvous Jewel Box Theater – Seattle, WA
12/31/2009 - The Grand Opening of the New Hell’s Kitchen New Year’s Eve – Tacoma, WA
12/16/2009 - All Ages @ El Corazon – Seattle, WA
12/13/2009 - Benefit Concert for the slain Lakewood officers @ The Swiss – Tacoma, WA
12/05/2009 - Jimmy T’s (the girls of Smokin’ Hot Espresso Calendar Release Party) – Kent, WA
12/04/2009 - Stonegate Pizza – Tacoma, WA
11/13/2009 - The Cedarwood Dome – Milton, WA
11/06/2009 - Witchburn, Nathen Maxwell (Flogging Molly) & Original Bunny Gang @ Eastside – Olympia, WA
10/31/2009 - “V2” CD release/Halloween party @ The 4th Ave – Olympia, WA
09/25/2009 - The Mix with Hippie Speedball – Seattle, WA
09/18/2009 - SportsRadio 950 KJR Groz with Gas-Athon – Seattle, WA
09/12/2009 - Hell’s Kitchen – Tacoma, WA
08/31/2009 - The Central Saloon with SOS (from Germany) - Seattle, WA
08/29/2009 - The Music Stand – Tumwater, WA
08/22/2009 - NW Passage with SOS (from Germany) – Aberdeen, WA
08/21/2009 - Hell’s Kitchen with Witchburn – Tacoma, WA
08/01/2009 - NW Passage with VIII Days Clean – Aberdeen, WA
07/25/2009 - Waldo’s – Lynnwood, WA
07/12/2009 - 11th Annual Art on the Ave – Tacoma, WA
05/31/2009 - Club MOTOR – Seattle, WA
05/30/2009 - Regent Restaurant & Lounge - Longview, WA
05/08/2009 - 950 KJR Bigger Dance Final Four Party @ The ACME Bowl – Tukwila, WA
03/31/2009 - Station 56: Celebrating the life of Warren Stoltenberg – Tacoma, WA
11/22/2008 - Hell’s Kitchen Sprinkler System Benefit – Tacoma, WA
10/24/2008 - Oly Rollers Benefit - Apex Karting – Tumwater, WA
10/15/2008 - Maggie's with Sex & Violins – Lakewood, WA
10/11/2008 - Big E Bar & Grill – Shelton, WA
09/26/2008 - The 4th Ave Tavern with Top Heavy Crush & Magpies – Olympia, WA
09/20/2008 - Hell's Kitchen w/ Top Heavy Crush – Tacoma, WA
09/12/2008 - The Groz w/ Gas A Thon @ Anthony's on Pier 66 – Seattle, WA
08/23/2008 - Lohman's Bachelor Party – Olympia, WA
08/21/2008 - Qwest Field Pre-Season Party... Free BEER & PIZZA – Seattle, WA
08/16/2008 - The 4th Ave Tavern with VAINS OF JENNA – Olympia, WA
08/16/2008 - Malibu Pro Team Challenge @ Silver Lake Resort – Eatonville, WA
08/13/2008 - 18 & up @ Maggie O'Tooles with VAINS OF JENNA – Lakewood, WA
07/18/2008 - 4th Ave Tavern - Lakefair Weekend – Olympia, WA
07/12/2008 - The Club Vertigo – Tacoma, WA
07/09/2008 - Maggie O'Tooles – Lakewood, WA
06/14/2008 - SPMC-Rally @ Rock Creek Lodge Montana
06/13/2008 - Snake Pit Motorcycle and Music Festival, MT
06/12/2008 - Rock Creek Lodge, MT
05/29/2008 - KJR Sports Radio House Band Finals at the Rocksport – Seattle, WA
04/22/2008 - The Funhouse "Earth Day Rocks" after party – Seattle, WA
04/22/2008 - EARTH DAY ROCKS! at the Seattle Center Fisher Pavilion – Seattle, WA
04/18/2008 - The Capitol Theater with HELL’s BELLES & Zero Down –Olympia, WA
03/29/2008 - Kelso Theatre Pub with Numbered Days – Kelso, WA
03/28/2008 - The Club Vertigo – Tacoma, WA
03/02/2008 - The 4th Ave Tav with The IRON MAIDENS



The guys first got together in the basement doing acoustic jams. They recorded a couple of sessions and things sounded cool. Then someone said "hey Jason, why don't you bring your electric guitar?"... next thing ya know they're a rock band. Shortly there after they got a call from long-time friend and producer John Dammeier who asked if he could produce a record... and the rocket was launched!

As the house-band for Seattle Sports Radio 950 KJR for the 2nd consecutive year, Mom’s Rocket has blasted onto the Northwest music scene with a vengeance. In addition to the radio and web presence on KJR, Mom’s Rocket has been played frequently on Seattle stations: KNFK’s “Garage Monkey”, KISW’s “Loud and Local”, KISW’s “9:00 cockfight” (2-time champions), as well as performing live on the Bob River’s morning show on KZOK.

Mom’s Rocket has distributed over 4000 units of their first two releases and have begun pre-production on their third release.

Mom’s Rocket brings a high-energy entertaining stage show with a professional presence and attitude. Mom’s Rocket is an ideal fit opening for national headliners, local heavies, up-and-comers, or anything in-between.