Monaco Clothing Heist

Monaco Clothing Heist


Popcore, easy as that. It is an up and coming genre that is derived from smoother, poppier vocals, accompanied by heavier more hardcore instrumentals. It makes for a versatile sound that is attuned with an enormous range of musical tastes. Our live show is both dance friendly and mosh compatible.


Back in the summer of 2005, best friends Mike and Dylan formed what is now known as Monaco Clothing Heist. Residing in a small town within Westchester County, just thirty minutes north of New York City, the two of them expanded their talents, and chose a musical direction to pursue. Later that year Nick, “Ginger,” joined the band as a driving bassist to accompany the drums of Mike, and Dylan's guitar. Together these three members played a while as a trio, since multiple singers had yet to achieve the perfect sound. Before long Evan joined Monaco Clothing Heist as the lead singer and rhythm guitarist. It was at this point that a true connection of all members occurred and numerous original songs were produced including the hit, "Back to the Same Place." The unique sound of Monaco Clothing Heist has been hard to define into a single genre. The hard and powerfully melodic music is strewn together with poppy and catchy vocals in order to create a smooth and strong sound. When the band realized there was no way to truly describe the unique sound of their music, the term "popcore" was suggested by Mike's girlfriend/manger of the Street Team, Chrissy. Poppy vocals accompanied by hardcore based instrumentals allow Monaco Clothing Heist to create and further this new and upcoming genre. Within very little time the band has gained a local fan-base and has become known for their live performances, cheekbones, fun attitude, and being quite personable amongst their fans. Monaco Clothing Heist's first demo titled, "After the Fall," released on January 22, 2008. Following the release, Monaco Clothing Heist has made plans for a northeast tour throughout the summer of 2008.


After the Fall - 3 Song Demo
Entire demo has been played on college radio

Set List

Back to the Same Place
Second Chance
Playing Dead
A Long Unfortunate Ride
Promise Me
Over Achievers And Suckups Are The Two People I Hate Most
Over and Out

Our set ranges 25 to 35 minutes, consisting of a repertoire of hardcore based riffs with poppy more melodic vocals.