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Mona for Now can be best described as alternative metal; groove oriented, fast paced and modern.


Mona for Now
A Biography in 3 Movements

A brief history of the corporation:
Recently MFN was awarded a certificate of honorable mention in the 2005 Billboard World Song Contest; this certificate is awarded to the top 1,500 songs entering the contest. Mona for Now landed a spot in Music Connection Magazine’s 100 Hot Unsigned Artists of 2005 list (December 2005 issue). In 2003 Mona for Now was awarded second place in La Banda Elastica's "Battle of the Bands". The contest sponsored by La Banda Elastica (a Los Angeles based music magazine published in Spanish), West LA Music, Shure and others was hosted at the famous Key Club on the Sunset Strip and featured 20 local bands which were chosen by various contributing writers from hundreds of entries. Mona for Now was the only band to perform in English as well as the only English speaking band to win one of the top prizes in the 5 year run of the contest. MFN has also opened up for Grammy Award Winner Molotov when the band stopped in Los Angeles on their North American tour. Local fanzine Rock City News awarded them with "Best New Band" a year prior. Fabian, an amazing guitarist, has gained various equipment endorsements; including Ear Candy Cabinets who custom made their "Buzz Bomb" series for him. The song "Sick in 5 Seconds" from their demo "Mouth" was featured in the Artisan Entertainment release "Soul Survivors". The Band continues to tour on their own, making their way all around their home state of California as well as Nevada, Washington, Oregon, Tennessee (where they performed at Nashville's Indie Music Week Conference), and Puerto Rico (opening up various shows for the Futura Records band Nino Planeta). Currently the band is supporting their new EP “Kiss My Fetus” with local shows as they prepare to do a cross country tour later this year.

Introduction of the cooperation:
Mona for Now consists of Shey-la on bass and vocals, Fabian Ruiz on guitar and Rich Pancani on drums. The music, slightly reminiscent of early Pantera and the German band - Guano Apes can be best described as alternative metal; groove oriented, fast paced, and modern. Sheila's vocals have a subtle masculine ring to it. Her lyrics reflect a dark sense of humor and she is not afraid to write about things that typically are contradictory to a girl’s point of view. Fabian, migrating from Puerto Rico to the US at an early age, is one of the few guitar players these days that can be compared to the “guitar hero” staple. Rich brings an almost tribal sound to the band and he is definitely a site to see live. With songs like "Wake Up" which is about the monotony of the everyday grind, “Election Day” celebrating our current state of politics and "Is Anyone Here Alive" an anthem to all struggling musicians, the band, now going into their 6th year together, has gone beyond language and cultural barriers and are ready to take their underground attitude aboveground. To keep with their go against the grain mentality, they chose blues guitarist Alan Mirikitani, of B.B. Chung King and the Buddaheads fame to produce their current effort “Kiss My Fetus”

Who the f%*#’s Mona?:
The day before playing a party at a friend's apartment, the barely one month old band decided to call themselves "Mona", for now; until they could find a better name. Their inspiration, the only thing that was hanging (and still hangs) on their rehearsal room wall; a Mona Lisa wall clock given to the drummer as a cleaning house gift by a Hollywood "not so famous anymore" actress. Unfortunately, the band's stage debut was cut short after 4 songs into their set when the LAPD showed up for a visit after "Mona" unlawfully serenaded the friend's neighbors. Amidst the chaos, a few of the excited people inquired about the name of the band and probably due to temporary hearing loss caused by the absurdly loud music, had mistaken "Mona", for now; as "Mona for Now".


Care to feel, don't care to die

Written By: Sheila Gonzalez

What the hell’s wrong with me
I walk two steps and I’m out of breath
My head is spinning and I can’t find a way
To stop it, I’m falling down again.

Can someone help me.
Cause I feel I’m going down
And I don’t care to feel but don’t care to die.

I know you hear me but can you listen
For fuck’s sake, I don’t feel right
Don’t give me more pills they make me sicker
Can’t you see, I got the life sucked out of me.

Can someone help me.
Cause I feel I’m going down
And I don’t care to feel but don’t care to die.

I got the life sucked out, I got the life sucked out
I got the life sucked out of me.

Don't Feel A Bit of Pain

Written By: Mona for Now

Look at me one last time before I walk away
I've lived years of silence, you could spare a second's breath
I've seen you take from me
until I've fade away
There's always a down and I'll be there waiting

I try to hold myself steady
so broken, there's no fixing
and don't feel a bit of pain

Listen, count your blessings that
I got a smile on my face
and the fact that I don't think you
are worth that mistake
but you should know, what you've made of me and why am I this way
There's always a down and I'll be there waiting

I try to hold myself steady
so broken, there's no fixing
and don't feel a bit of pain

You paint yourself with such class
I get to see you for who you are
such a shameless pack of leeches
you don't deserve anything
you are stupid.

Election Day

Written By: Mona for Now

Election Day and I see the world fall to pieces and can't do much
Election Day and I'm undecided, less of two evils, the choice I got

Don't talk about your country
don't talk about your president
don't talk abou anything at all

Election Day and I'm uptight, my tv's talking and don't say much
Election Day and faces scream all these questions, no one knows a goddamn thing

Being contempt can soothe the pain,
when you can't kill the god you made
hush now baby, don't you cry.
Don't say a word.
There is no revolution


Mouth - 4 song demo
33 - 4 song demo
The Green - 5 song demo
Is Anyone Here Alive - 12 song CD
Susan - 4 song demo
"Sick in 5 Seconds" was featured on the movie "Soul Survivors"
"Kiss My Fetus" - 5 Song Ep

Set List

Mona for Now can play 15mn, 30mn, 1 hour and 2 hours. We do a kick ass version of Danzig's "Mother"