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The best kept secret in music


"Mona J. plans to take her contemporary gospel to Africa"

Mona J. has been performing professionally for three years, hitting the stages locally and as far away as California. The urban contemporary gospel artist is even planning to perform in Africa this year.

Her debut CD – “Life. Lessons. Truth.” -– was released in 2004. While her fans wait for “So Much to Say,” her next album, she’s offering them a mix tape called “The Waiting Room” to hold them over.

Have you opened for a national act?

I’ve opened for quite a few of them -– Fred Hammond, Lisa McClendon, Tye Tribbett, Sean Slaughter and The Cross Movement. I really enjoy meeting celebrity recording artists -– even a little star-struck at times.

Have you ever been stiffed by a venue, and what happened?

I think it’s inevitable, because musicians starting out have to prove themselves. During that process, they are disregarded as an artist, but I’ve learned to get through it. I can remember times when I was scheduled to perform early on, but ended up last onstage when the crowd was slim. Also, there’s been times the sound tech wasn’t helpful during the performance and I couldn’t hear myself or the band. But as hard as it can be, I still love what I do and wouldn’t change it for the world.

What’s your worst performance memory?

This was a bad one. Before a church performance, my skirt zipper broke. So I had used a safety pin to fasten it. Now, when I am onstage, I’m moving around, dancing, walking and just having fun. So while I’m singing, the pin sharply opens and is painfully sticking in my side. If I remember correctly, I finished the verse and during the chorus, passed the mic to one of my background singers, fixed the pin and finished the show. To this day I don’t think anyone noticed except my band and the singers.

If signed to a record deal, how would you spend the advance?

I’m actually already signed to a local record label, Eagle Eye Entertainment LLC, and I really can’t remember what I did with my advance, but I’m almost certain I used it to pay a few bills.

If you could write your own headline, what would it be?

Mona J.: Leaving a Legacy Through Her Music
- By PATTY JENKINS, The Virginian-Pilot

"I’m certain we can look forward to a great deal more fine work from Mona J. and her band"

Mona J. started young, teaching herself to play by ear on a splintered organ in the back of a garage. She later went on to sing and play at different churches near her hometown in Virginia. Now, at age 22, she has carved a niche for herself with this unique collection of R&B with a gospel/hip hop twist.

The vocals on this disc are rich, powerful and passionate. The musicianship is lovely with an even mix of pace throughout the tracks and a nice strong bass line.

The opening track “Tonight” is my favorite. It’s upbeat and great for dancing. The vocal harmonies on “Change Tha World” are stunning and the lyrics are filled with a delightfully refreshing optimism. The same can be said for “You Complete Me,” which ends with some absolutely gorgeous a cappella stylings.

Although this is Mona J.’s debut album, I’m certain we can look forward to a great deal more fine work from her and her band. - Christine Casoli

"Sean Slaughter and Mona J."

Hip-hop fused with R&B is as proven a commodity as peanut butter and jelly at a summer camp. They just go together.

Such can be said for the blazin’ combo of Sean Slaughter and Mona J. While both have had successful urban runs, their latest venture is one for the ages —and almost guaranteed to turn the urban gospel world on its ear.

Just Add Water is what we’re talking about, a twelve-track collaboration from this combo that shows just how easily these two urban outlets can mesh.

With Slaughter as the emcee and Mona J handling the vocals, the duo represent the Tidewater, Virginia area with skills and a vocal flow that together showcase the region’s strong urban prowess.

Individually, each artist effectively holds their own, as both have solo tracks. Mona J shines strong on “Can U Feel Him” and “Get Away With U”, both of which explore her passion for solid intimacy with Christ.

Meanwhile, Slaughter steps hard with the gritty and street-savvy “Move” and “Watch For The Thief”, the latter providing eschatological content rarely found in hip-hop these days.

As lethal as they are individually, when they team up we’re talking heat like the Hebrew boys felt. This vicious combination launches the project with the infectious “The Recipe”, which plays off the album’s title.

One of the most notable strengths of Just Add Water is its potency and lyrical relevance. Rather than focusing on popular topics covered in the gospel genre, Slaughter and Mona go after several everyday issues universal to both the believer and unbeliever. In so doing, they effectively offer Christ as the Solution to all issues.

Check out the creative party favorite “Hot Jam Cold Beat”, the rush hour anthem “Traffic”, and the socially relevant “Get It In Check”, which addresses the seemingly identical issues that occur both in and outside of the church.

Without question, Slaughter and Mona J have an urban gem on their hands, offering proof positive that hip-hop and R&B, when blended expertly, can’t be beat. This tandem has proven that these raw elements are most effective when we Just Add Water.

"Recap:The Live Experience '06 with Lisa McClendon"

Over the last five years or so, it could be argued that the rise of the neo-soul movement within Gospel music has been pioneered by the soul music diva Lisa McClendon.

Proponents of that argument would naturally be buzzing about McClendon’s latest recording Live at the House of Blues -- New Orleans, which serves as her first live effort.

In celebration, McClendon has embarked on a two-month tour titled "The Live Experience ‘06", which features McClendon along with partners in soul, Leon Timbo and Adrianne Archie. The highly anticipated tour rolled through Norfolk, VA on January 14, 2006 and was in the house to check it all out.

Sponsored locally by Ordained Productions, this stop on the tour kicked off with local artist Andrae Smith and Chosen Vessels, who masterfully put the believer’s touch on Jill Scott’s “You Loved Me”, fusing “Chosen”, a take on Scott’s hit “Golden”, into the mix. They rocked the house with their rendition, setting the stage for the locally popular Mona J to drop her heated vocals. Tinged with R&P and hip-hop, the vocalist lit the audience a blaze with “Tonight” and “Don’t Be Like Me”. On the basis of her performance, don’t be surprised to see Mona J making a national impact in the near future.

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The audience then prepared for Adrianne Archie, but they clearly were not ready for what was about to happen. The Louisville, Kentucky native hit the stage and told the audience that they were about to rock out. Boy did she bring the thunder!! The energetic vocal wonder proved that nothing could hold her back as she brought an energy to the stage that rivaled that of Tye Tribbett. Her set launched with “What A Fellowship” and the crowd danced endlessly. She continued with “It Is Well”, where she took time to share her testimony about her healing from a degenerative spine disease. One could only rejoice with Archie while watching her jump and dance so effortlessly, seeing God’s healing power at work. She left the crowd in awe with “I Push Myself” and “Way We Praise”, which featured Monique Spencer on electric violin.

Up next was the proverbial “Gentle Giant” —Leon Timbo. Timbo’s ministry and presentation was so authentic, heartfelt, and passionate that it commanded attention from all. With simply an acoustic guitar at his side, Timbo dropped several original pieces that spoke to the heart, including a track he called “The Brother’s Anthem”, which ministered to every man in the building.

All of this served to set up the entry of Lisa McClendon onto the stage to bless the mic. She led off with the “Soul Music Medley”, from her new album, featuring her hits “Hey Now” and “Stuck”. She then debuted several new tracks. “You Can” was an empowering number that reminded all that we can live an overcoming life through Jesus Christ. She also presented “Just Another Day” which was well received.

McClendon then richly blessed the audience with the worship-tinged “You Are Holy” before closing her set with the radio hit “Move On Over” which sent the crowd into the next dimension. The audience began to party and get their severe jam on for the next thirty minutes. McClendon’s band freestyled while believers all over the house danced the night away.

"The Live Experience ’06" was indeed that —a live experience that will not soon be forgotten.


Life.Lessons.Truth.--- November 16, 2004
Mona J. Independent EP-- 2003


Feeling a bit camera shy


Statement: "Sharing the truth through word and song."

An old, wood-splintered Hammond organ shoved in the back of a junky garage served as the humble beginnings for Tamona Jenise Williams, later to be known as Mona J. She climbed over boxes to tickle the dulled, out-of-tune keys, teaching herself how to play by ear. Coupled with her natural singing ability, Mona J. began writing songs and perfecting her craft.

After begging for and receiving a Yamaha keyboard one Christmas, she continued to play and write music. She also expanded her musical ability by learning how to play the saxophone and guitar. Still in that same junky garage, Mona J.’s elementary melodies evolved into complex rhythms and funky beats. Praying for God’s guidance, she wrote moving songs that would grasp the ear and touch the heart of all.

With down-to-earth messages about the challenges we face in this day, her music combines power-packed lyrics and smooth vocals to touch the hearts of all. Her style: inspirational neo-soul. Such is the vibe of her hit songs “Don’t Be Like Me” and “Change The World, “ which charted at number one for several weeks on an online music board.

Ready to share her message, Mona J. began singing and playing at various churches in the Hampton Roads, Va. area. As a female producer and song writer, Mona J. stood out among the predominantly male crowd. She started to sing her music at Christian nightclubs, open mic events, community centers, and restaurants. After her performances, attendees requested so much of her music that Mona J. personally recorded and sold out of her first maxi single. Several hundred copies have been purchased in the local market alone.

With all the buzz circulating about Mona J., she caught the attention of a local record label, Eagle Eye Entertainment. The label invited her to be an opening act at a concert. Her performance at this concert not only opened the door to a much larger fan base, who were all eager to purchase her music, but impressed the record label so much that they offered her a recording deal. Mona J. went on to sign with Eagle Eye Entertainment and is now working on her debut album – album - Life.Lessons.Truth – that will be released November 16, 2004.

The unique part about Mona J. isn’t just her dynamic voice or instrumental talents; it’s the anointing. Born again since the age of four, Mona J. loves the Lord with her whole heart, and it shows through her lifestyle. An active member of New Life Worship Center in Norfolk, VA, Mona J. lives the life she sings about. She’s about keeping it real.

As a certified music producer with Youth Entertainment Studios, 23 year-old Mona J. writes and produces her own music. But she is not just a studio musician, Mona J’s prefers singing live with her 5-piece band. Her band brings out the funk in Mona J.’s songs while maintaining a smooth vibe to accentuate Mona J’s expressive lyrics and hearty alto voice. She has appeared in several cities including outside of Hampton Roads including Fairfax, VA, Philadelphia, PA and Washington, DC. In April, Mona J. opened for the Fred Hammond Concert at Rock Church in Virginia Beach, VA. She also sang at the Cross Movement Concert in Charlottesville, VA. Mona J. is on the move.

Her love of music, people, and most importantly, God, drives Mona J.’s vision for changing the world.