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Austin, Texas, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2011 | INDIE

Austin, Texas, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2011
Solo Hip Hop R&B




"Robot - "3am I Xan Mo""

Robot, currently battling drug addiction, releases his latest single “3AM In Xan Mo” Produced by Quez Queso. This track is extremely creative and original, to say the least! - Armando Urea Jr

"Robot - 3am In Xan Mo"

Check out this new track by Robot "3am in Xan Mo" this beat and lyrics are on point very wavy i could def play this over and over again.

As Robot has been making positives steps battling his drug addiction this summer, he releases this ode to countless black out nights in San Marcos, TX. Robot sets the tone with this never before heard sound. Compared to his last tape, Table 50, this track sounds like it should have been released in the year 2050! More hits from this series of music, which remains TBA is scheduled to drop late this summer.

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"Robot - That 70's Show"

Austin Texas’ Mona Lisa Music Group artist Robot wants you to get in the groove. He’s been off the radar for a minute but he’s now back, releasing a new single “That 70’s Show” from his upcoming debut mixtape Whatever Happened To Robot Jones. - Elevator Magazine

"New Comer, Robot is Addicted to Success and the Music"

Addiction is the condition of being dependent on a substance or a thing. No one understands this more than upcoming artist Robot who has turned his addition to a substance to an addiction to a successful music career.

"Battling addiction, helps see things clearer once you realize you have an addiction and deciding to take a step in the right direction is pretty hard being a musician these days, it shouldn’t be, but at the end of the day you gotta ask yourself, do you want the drugs or a successful career," says Robot when asked about his addiction.

After the release of the project "Table 50" and spending time in rehab, Robot is now ready to embrace success by releasing new material. The first single delivers a futuristic sound with production from Quez Queso titiled "3am in Xan Mo" where Robot also hints at his substance addiction.

Robot sits down with and speaks of addiction, his flow and more in the Q&A session below.

Introduce yourself to AGirlandHerHipHop’s audience.

I’m Robot from Mona Lisa Music Group, we’re out here in Austin, TX and we are the most innovative group in hip hop. I’m 22 years young and I represent the whole state because it’s the best place to live and not everybody from the outside looking in can really see what Texas is all about. I can show everybody whats really poppin' out her though.

How would you describe your flow?


Your new track “3am in Xan Mo” speaks of your drug addiction, how would you say battling an addiction has driven you to succeed at the rap game?

Battling addiction, helps see things clearer once you realize you have an addiction and deciding to take a step in the right direction is pretty hard being a musician these days, it shouldn’t be, but at the end ofthe day you gotta ask yourself, do you want the drugs or a successful career?

What producers did you work with on “3am in Xan Mo?”

Quez Queso, the one and only producer I have. He and I have this special bond that no other artist and producer can ever have; the only way I can compare it to make sense to others would be like 40 and Drake but we really got something new and diverse in store for the world I can’t wait for people to hear.

How would you compare your last offering “Table 50” to the futuristic sound of “3am in Xan Mo?”

Table 50, was sort of the last era I was in before I realized I had a drug addiction. I needed to have that transitional phase to really build myself up to the point that I am at now. It was a blend of a lot of old, but I see it more of the beginning of what brought me to create “3AM In Xan Mo”

You have a new project dropping soon, any word on features or produces for the project?

Everything will be executively produced by Quez Queso and if I can’t get a hold of BJ the Chicago Kid the only other features I intend to have for this project will come from Shirt Off Fe, Lazy G, CrumpZilla, Ethermus, or Rio Banks, strictly working with my team, Mona Lisa.

When can we expect a visual for “3am in Xan Mo?”

Very Soon! I just shot the video for it this past weekend, I am hoping to drop it next week if not later this week.

Any word on your next release?

Three AM In Xan Mo, is the beginning of a series I have called “Tranquility In Destruction”. I want to present the project late this summer because I am already beginning to play around with a few new places I would like to take my artistry so expect at least two or three more projects probably from me by the end of the year.

Do you have any shows coming up soon?

Hell Yea! We are having a Mona Lisa Show in August. I’ll be headlining at the Scratchbar.

What message would you want listeners to have after listening to your music?

I want people to feel like they can be comfortable being who they are, even if they don’t show everyone who they really are they can tell people that about themselves. Whatever is you do, embrace it.

Even when I speak on serious topics though I do not want to form people’s opinions for them, cause my music is my opinion and everyone should do their own homework and research to develop their own thoughts on serious situations because they are more than trending topics on twitter they are real events that affect every single one of us.

Listen to "3am in Xan Mo" below and keep up with all things Robot on his website here. - Rani Gaddy

"Robot Jones Breaks Through Musical Barriers With New Project, “Table 50”"

AUSTIN, TEXAS – It all began with a tape recorder. At only nine years old, Robot Jones was handed what would inevitably become his career in the form of a tape recorder. A 3rd grade teacher, spotting Jones’ creative potential, gifted him with the recorder and the artist has been a fountain of expression ever since. His music is a powerful, passionate reprieve amongst the angst and difficulties of growing up in what Jones calls a “troubled place.”

Jones’ creativity manifested itself in a career with the inception of Mona Lisa – a creative co-op full of likeminded musicians, actors, rappers, even athletes all with the same vision of filling the world with inspiration and creation. The group called itself Mona Lisa as a tribute to the world famous portrait of a woman who has brought speculation and interpretation from artists, historians, and scholars around the globe. “Everybody has a different opinion about the significance of the painting. When you look at our group, it’s the same.” Each member of the group comes bearing different talents and qualities, but inevitably, they all wear the same face, like Mona Lisa herself.

Robot Jones’ music is inspired by no one single genre, and he finds himself pulling from every avenue of inspiration, from Lana del Rey to Tupac and Steve Aoki. “These days I listen to a lot of everything; I’m an open book. I even listen to classical music.” Jones’ penchant for diverse music has paid off, lending itself to a new project, inspired by a Bollywood movie. The project“Black Bollywood,” will make its debut in late summer, 2016.
In December, Jones dropped his most recent project, “Table 50.” At first glance, the tape is about a group of people at a restaurant, but upon closer inspection is a metaphor for a deeper life experience. The restaurant, Magnolia Café, represents a difficult, corrupt world, and the indulgences the host offers Jones strip away at his innocence until the bill comes. Only, it’s not money they’re after in the song. In “Table 50,” like in life, you are forced to give away parts of your soul to foot the bill.

When asked about his goals and aspirations for his career, Jones is hopeful, but resolute in his mission to make it about the art, not about fame. “I want to change the world; open some eyes to what life is really about. I’m not in music to get a check, I’m in music to show people they can express themselves anyway they want.”

For more information about Robot Jones, click here, or follow along on Twitter.

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"Robot - Demeanor (Music Video)"

Robot straight outta Austin Texas is keeping it weird for his city with a disturbing visual to a complete BANGER, you may need a 6th sense to decode. - Bryan Zawlocki


Still working on that hot first release.



Robot is from the future. Born on April 20th, also commonly known as the recreational Stoner's Holiday "Four-Twenty" he has been paving his own lane as an iconic figure for the culture. He is 1/3 of the indie music collective, Mona Lisa Music group, which is when writing and editing his own music first took over the bulk of his life, circa '11. 

 Although originally brought up in Dallas, TX, Robot and his team are currently residing in Austin, TX.  He has been building his buzz up in Austin organically and very consistently for 3 years now. Coming out of the "Live Music Capital" of the world is not easy, but fortunately Robot has his own lane as a rapper and a very marketable image. 

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