" . . . the rare indie rock two-piece that could pass for a trio or quartet when you close your eyes."


After spending their formative years in Baltimore creating bands and watching them fall apart, Andy Stack and Jenn Wasner of Monarch realized in the summer of 2006 that they’d have to learn to make all of the noise themselves. In under a year performing and recording as experimental pop duo Monarch, the two multi-instrumentalists and songwriters have come to be known as “the rare indie rock two-piece that could pass for a trio or quartet when you close your eyes” (Baltimore City Paper), winning over crowds at every venue Baltimore has to offer as well as audiences up and down the East Coast and Canada. The two have toured or shared bills with the likes of Marnie Stern, Arbouretum, Beach House,Thrushes, Wax & Wane, and A Sunny Day in Glasgow.

In under a year, Monarch establishsed themselves in Baltimore without a single recording to their name. On April 27th, they released their first: “If Children”, a full-length record whose 11 songs are written and performed entirely by the duo themselves. Mixed by Eric Morrison of NYC behemoths Home, the record expands upon Monarch’s stripped down and raucous live show--which, in part, convinced Morrison and others to invite the duo to join the long-standing Screw Music Forever collective after their performance at the group’s Come the Freak On Festival in October of 2006.

Response to “If Children” has been overwhelmingly positive. The record is in regular rotation at WTMD 89.7 Baltimore, and the band has been featured on the Signal, an NPR arts and culture program on WYPR 88.1 Baltimore. Reviews of the record have matched the hype of the live show :

“If Children proves that Monarch is catchy--a rare commodity in a subgenre so fixated on texture. Despite the gorgeous break for some watery guitar around 2:20, "Warning" is as sing-along memorable--if you can make out the words, that is--as any indie-rock tune you'll hear this year” -Baltimore City Paper

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If Children - full length released April 27th, 2007, distributed by Morphius

Set List

30-45 minutes of all original music