Mona Roukachi

Mona Roukachi


"Music is the international language" and with a soulful voice Mona is sharing her expressions and oppinions through her lyrics. She takes you on a touching journey from pain, hate, to love and peace.


Mona Roukachi is the talented vocalist from Sweden, with origin from Morocco.
She was born in Sweden/Umea and grew up there with her family.
Seen early age Mona got into music and she realized early her talent for singing and she continued to evolve and writing lyrics too.

In the age of 19 Mona participated in the talent show "Studio 2M" in Morocco summer of 2005.
She saw her chance and opportunity to share her voice and personality in front of a bigger public. Her first performance went into a big success and she continued to advance to the final of the competition.

She proved once again in the final that she rocks the stage and with her strong voice she preformed Hot Stuff by Donna Summer. She won the Moroccan publics vote and took the first price in Western Category.

Participating in the show opened allot of doors for Mona to bring her own music out. She released her first single in December 2005 "Music" in Morocco and recorded her first video clip in Egypt a short period later. The song was produced by the Moroccan artist Elam Jay.

At the same time Mona got allot of attention even in Sweden while she was working on her first album "I am who I am" in 2005/2006 with her producer Henrik Berhane.

The album never got released as she planned because of different circumstances, but she still kept on pushing her music forward and promoting her self by taking every chance she got for interviews, performances and charity projects.

On 2006 final of Studio 2M Mona gusted the show and presented her second single "I do I do" with a new video clip.

In February 2007 Mona moved to Oslo/Norway to work on her real debut album with Henrik Berhane. She changed her style from RnB up tempo dance music to more soul, acoustic, Arabic and African influences, mixed with hip hop. She started to get more interested in music from her own roots and the rhythms of African music.

She was once again standing on the Moroccan stage in may 2007 on TANJAZZ Festival where she preformed all her songs from her unreleased album “I Am Who I Am” and she proved to the Moroccan public that she wasn’t gone…she was just staying low.

She still get more and more curious new fans all over the world who’s waiting for Mona to bring her new music out and, believe us…its worth the waiting…

The preparing for her new album is soon completed and she is very thankful to all her fans that still support her and waiting for her news.

Mona is the girl to watch out for in the future. She is becoming stronger each day and her collaborations is expending with more and international artists.

Stay tuned for Mona... she’s going to take you on a lovely soulful, and touching journey.


"Why" Featuring Mojo

Written By: Mona Roukachi, Henrik Berhane

Im sorry
for that I didnt listen to you
I didnt see I didnt understand
Im sorry
That I didnt care the moment you wanted me to,
I feel so bad, Im feeling like a fool

Im so sorry what happend to you
at the same time Im mad, on myself
why, why


Why did you do
oh This to yourself
If I only knew
I would have stopped you before you got hurt
But now its done
Oh I wish I could turn back time
But we both know even if we want
there is no way back home

I do
everything I can do to bring you back
I cant stand to see you be so sad
I hope
you get up on your feet and let me help
to make you independed again

Im so sorry what happend to you
at the same time Im mad, this is sad, why, why


If you tell me how it is, I swear...
Why did you just hurt yourself,
Like that
Im sorry
for that I didnt listen to you
why, why



ll:Why did
you do
this to yourself :ll


"Music" First single released in Morocco 2005
Produced by Elam Jay

2M radio

"I do I do" Released in Morocco and Sweden in 2006 Produced by Henrik Berhane

2M radio,

"Why" feat. Mojo released in Sweden 2008
Produced by Henrik Berhane

Set List

Every show depends on what kind event it is.

Usually I do a list with 6-7 songs its about 30 min.