Los Angeles, California, USA
BandHip HopPop

Monay a hot new teen artist. New hit single Time To Cry taking over the radio charts.


Born and raised in Tacoma, Washington, Shanavea Brown had an eye for the spotlight from an early age. Shanavea began modeling at the age of six and soon after was dancing and competing in dance competitions. A quiet girl off-stage, Shanavea realized her love of performing and embraced the confidence it gave her to come out of her shell and gain respect from other school girls. In fact, Shanavea’s stage transformation created an alter-ego, "Monay" – a more outspoken and brash version of herself. This alter ego later helped Shanavea through her difficult high school years, fighting peer pressure. In addition to being on stage, Shanavea found strength in writing – rap lyrics, in particular – and embraced music as a savior from her life as a teenager. As a musician, Shanavea drew inspiration from early hip-hop, funk and rap musicians – particularly Afrika Bambaataa - as well as the 80s r & b pop sounds of Michael Jackson. She sat in front of the TV, studying and imitating hip hop artists and rappers. Before long, she was engaged in “rap battles” in the schoolyard and gaining the attention of talented producers who urged her to record.
Shanavea’s studio work resulted is an old school hip hop sound, complete with throw down beats. Her tracks feature high-pitched vocals, infectious hip hop beats, pop hooks and techno-funk synth accents. Incorporating old school stylings of her hip hop heroes, Shanavea’s forthcoming single, “Time to Cry” (due for release in January, 2010) showcases her rap battle skills and love of hip-hop and techno-funk music.


Perfect Picture
Aim Away
Thats Wassup
Roller Blades
Type Of Girl
Time To Cry