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"Playing a Different Tune"

East-end-guitarist-songwriter tried hand at blues rock with new album. - Orleans Star

"Top of Indie Chart!"

Awake In me continues to lead the top of the Canadian Indie Chart. -


War Stories - album



From a young age, singer songwriter Glenn Smith was drawn to the British Invasion Bands like the Beatles and Stones. His family wasn't particularly musical, the closest musician would have been his grandfather, who played blues harp.

As he grew older, he became a fanatic of The Rolling Stones. The first time he heard them, he was in the back seat of his Dad's chevy, listening to the new single "Honky Tonk Woman" inspired him to take up guitar.

Glenn learned all of Mick Taylor's leads and in a real sense Mick Taylor taught him how to play guitar. He would sneak into his brothers room and put on all his Stones Albums...moving the needle of the record player over the same spot 100's of times (destroying his brother’s records by doing this...he wasn't amused) to try and learn a small part or nuance of a particular lead he did...never dreaming that one day HE would share the stage with Mick Taylor.

He started writing simple songs when he began playing with bands... simple 3 chord progressions, nothing fancy. Real song writing came later, without a band, so a real solo effort...where he played everything. Glenn then created "One in every Crowd" album he wrote for a band he was in called Rooster. They recorded in a big time studio in Montreal, all the music for the CD was produced and engineered by Glen Robinson who has worked with everyone in the music business...Stones, David Bowie, ACDC...

His dream was to play music...when he was young it was to play with the that partly came true, touring with Mick Taylor in 2003.

Glenn’s dreams today haven’t changed...he has always loved music and creating, so to be able to do that for a living without disrupting the core of his family life would be a dream come true.

When Glenn approached his friend Denis and asked him if he would help create this latest project, he jumped in with both feet. Not only was he a great drummer, his ear for music and mixing took a huge load off of Glenn...providing him the freedom to create.

Lisa was a breath of fresh air to this project - she gave it wings. Glenn loved her voice from the start...what he really liked was the fact that whatever he threw at her....Rock, Blues....even a country type of song....she had an answer, she could sing it...

At first, the project was simply to record the songs and say goodbye once it was done, but as Glenn got to know Lisa, he really liked the way she handled herself. He appreciated her attitude and felt that she would be the perfect person to represent a band...a band he wanted her to name, and in a way, take ownership of...hence the birth of MONDAY REBEL.

War Stories. An album meant to be a DEMO, became a "radio playable" CD...RAW....LEAN....DIRTY...CLEAN...because of the people involved, it became something special.