Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Mondegreen plays light-hearted pop songs and epic, inspirational rock journeys that combine acoustic and electronic flavors. We are a fun-loving band made up of musicians, DJs, artists and poets who just want our audience to have a good time and dance.


Mondegreen writes what sounds good at the moment and plays it with fervor and passion no matter what style it references. Having many artistic-minded folks in the band, we come up with a wide array of topics, themes and ideas to put into our music.

The core of the band has been together for 7 years.
Our influences are other bands that are like collectives: Broken Social Scene, Brian Jonestown massacre, Of Montreal, Los Campesinos!... bands that have a fresh sound and aren't afraid to swing wildly between sweet pop songs, spacey, sample-heavy trip-outs and epic, inspirational rockers.

Other influences include the Pixies, Pavement, Grandaddy, Cake, the Cure, Weezer, the Smiths, Coldplay, the Gorillaz, Sleater-Kinney, Stars, the Dandy Warhols, and many other modern rock radio gods and goddesses.

Our high energy set includes a light show for each live performance that includes fog machines and inflatable robots (Daleks from the old Dr. Who BBC television series, to be exact).


Speeding Barnacle

Written By: Mondegreen

Ocean cruising, Puerto Vallarta to Juneau. Ocean liner, Okinawa to Maui. My stuck on friend. He lived a life in Dublin. Some day he'll retire and buy a house in Arizona. And dry out. Speeding barnacle is going home.

Rules for Robots

Written By: Mondegreen

None. The sample that plays is from a 1960's weight loss through hypnosis record for housewives.


seek.locate.exterminate. CD release. 2009.

Set List

Break It, Build It
Speeding Barnacle
Rules are for Robots
Problem Solved
Shiny Towers

We usually play about 10 originals. We have shied away from covers because of music companies like EMI cracking down on venues that allow bands to play covers without obtaining licenses for those covers. If we are allowed to play covers, we'll usually do one or two that are intended to energize the crowd. A fan-favorite is "Where is My Mind" by the Pixies sung by our resident hot asian female guitarist. "You're One" by Imperial Teen gets the crowd rockin', "Summer Babe" by Pavement is a good pool party song, "Going Under" by Oranger is one of our personal favorites. Other examples of covers we can play are "Don't Panic" by Coldplay, "Panic" by the Smiths and "Sissyneck" by Beck (since most of us in the band were born in Arizona).