A blend of skilful songwriting, distilled through folk, bluegrass and traditional influences, expertly executed.


Mondesir is the solo project of Josienne Clarke.

Mondesir’s music largely languishes in folk chanson, but occasionally dips a toe into blues shoes. Josienne has released an introductory EP entitled ‘It Would Not Be a Rose’, available on Amazon and Spotify, and is currently working on her full length album set for release in spring 2010.

Josienne’s musical awakening began at a young age, learning parts to sing along with her father as he played folk and ballad classics on his Spanish guitar. Growing up in a world of singing and playing, Josienne was always a musician, and her natural authenticity and easy communication on stage owes much to these early experiences of performance and interaction. Later, she was drawn to other styles of music and studied classical singing. The influence of this can clearly be heard in the clarity of her voice and the attention to detail in her compositions. From the early choral music she learned in various choirs, to the guitar bands she would listen to with friends, via jazz and experiment, and never losing her love of the traditional music she learnt in her native Sussex, Josienne gathered ideas everywhere she listened. The sum of these many parts is Mondesir: expansive works of skill and beauty, executed with dexterity and charisma.

Josienne’s songwriting and performing cohort, Ben Walker, is a relatively recent addition to the Mondesir umbrella. Ben studied classical guitar, then took to playing the electric guitar in a number of bands, before finally ending up in the realms of acoustic music - performing on both steel and nylon string acoustic guitar, and mandolin.


EP - It Would Not Be A Rose (2009)

LP - One Light Is Gone (due Spring 2010)

Set List

Typical set is 25-40mins:

Silver Dagger (trad)
A Black Night
One light is Gone
By The Fire
On The Ropes
Rain & Snow (trad)
Everything is Free (Gillian Welch)
How To Tame A Lion

- note that samples of these can be found on