BandHip HopWorld

Mone's music consit of real hip-hop and real lyrical ability. He has a style that the streets and all hip-hop heads will love. Its all real music


Mone was born in Cincinnati, Ohio on the date of August 10, 1987. Growing up on the west-side of town he became exposed to hip hop early listening to the beginning sound of Jay-z and other great hip-hop artist that have merged to become legends in the industry, Mone began writing in the 6th grade, but didn't begin to take his work seriously until the 10th grade after he participated in a program called "Hip-hop History Week" held at his high school. He says that is where he learned what real Hip-hop was. Through his music, Mone tells story of love, life, and struggle. Three things that he has first hand experience with. Claiming his biggest inspirations to be his mother and his environment, Mone pushes forward to meet the necessary standards for both of them everyday through his music and actions


Educated Street (EP)
Hood, Soul, and Intellect (OEE Mixed CD)