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Monet Madrid Madagascar


Monet Madrid Madagascar enjoys playing all kinds of music. They have a grand old time of writing, scrapping, playing, writing, playing, scrapping, completely starting over, and then writing and playing their music again. It should also be noted that, yes, they have an extremely engaging live show.


Impressionist-pop band Monet Madrid Madagascar from Cleveland, Ohio played their first show in January, 2005 and was named "Best New Band" in Cleveland in the October, 2005 Cleveland Magazine.
In July, 2005 Monet Madrid Madagascar independently released the CD “If Manatees Had Trunks” recorded at the Chicago based Gallery of Carpet studios with engineer/co-producer Brian Zieske. The music combines the influences of various members including progressive rock, Latin, jazz, folk, metal, blues and indie rock combined in the band’s genre-bending style…catchy, dramatic, fun, complex and quirky.
Monet Madrid Madagascar singlehandedly took their show on the road to over 50 midwest and east coast cities during the summer of 2005. At home they appeared at the Cleveland Vans Warped Tour and had a headlining slot at Case Western Reserve University for their end of summer outdoor show Studio-a-rama. They have a very active internet presence with over 20,000 myspace friends. Monet Madrid Madagascar also do their own booking, promotions, silk-screening, websites, and even oil changes.

"Swirling together electric indie-rock urgency and acoustic lounge-jazz ambience, Monet Madrid Madagascar is frenetic, eclectic and elegant."
From October, 2005 Cleveland Magazine.

“We’re trying to convey moods and life experiences through music that can’t be confined to nice, three-minute packaging.” (Quote from Matt Warner, MMM bassist)
From, September 7, 2005,
“Northeast Ohio musicians have their day at CWRU’s annual fest”, by Cris Glaser

“…Monet Madrid Madagascar also borrowed from…the Mars Volta. However, the band was musical and inventive in its own right, consistently using every one of its six members…”
From the Cleveland Free Times, September 7, 2005
“Review of Bear Vs Shark” by Chris Rager

“He was the first dude we’ve ever seen play a keyboard with his face. In the back of a converted cargo truck, Sean, synth player for Monet Madrid Madagascar, mashed his instrument into his cheeks. Then he held it behind his head, running his fingers over the keys like an indie-rock Yngwie Malmsteen……An impressionistic pop band with jazz and post-rock leanings, the group intercut bright obtuse melodies with herky-jerky rhythms…”
From the Cleveland Scene, July 27, 2005
“A hot day turns torrid at the Ernie Ball Stage” by Jason Bracelin

“...the group is good enough that the powers that be gave them a shot -- which, in the shady business of rock, is rare and remarkable...Monet Madrid Madagascar takes its cue from the first word in its moniker. Its impressionistic pop is more jazz than rock and more blues than jazz. But the group still rocks…”
From the Cleveland Scene, July 13, 2005
“If Manatees Had Trunks” Review by D.X. Ferris

“It’s upbeat guitar-and-vocal-driven melodies are catchy and fairly easy to tap your
toes to…quirky and fun…”
From the Cleveland Free Times, July 13, 2005
“If Manatees Had Trunks” Review by Shawn Gaines

“Be sure to look them up, they are worth the listen. Grade-A”
From Demo Review at

“It works to great effect…It’s moody and angry and depressed and psycho and forlorn, all at once in vaying proportions in different songs. And then they jump in after awhile of non-psycho-ness with some kind of crazy, biting hard rock. It’s intense.”
Demo Review by Australia’s Kaleidoscopezine


...To the Pocket Watch Rhythm

Written By: Ryan Cunningham and MMM

4.…To The Pocket Watch Rhythm

Look at the pocket clock watch rhythm
Silver facings telling time for you and I
But this time we’ll scream stop against the rhythm, the facing’s chipped
The facing’s chipped, the chain links broken with no loop to wrap around
But they say keep on young man, keep on

To get is to hold, as to ask for the flow, and to keep with the time
To reach on through the ground
The lying has stopped with the good feel is blocked, and our writing it flows again
We make our own choices

But look at the pocket clock watch rhythm
It keeps on moving on, and moving on
I’m trying to shed the lovely feeling, behind your eyes my sweet valentine
So I take you back up the stairs
Oh yes I’m just so driven
The interstate groove is rattling with the bass

To get is to hold, as to keep with the flow, and to keep with the time
To reach on through the ground
The lying has stopped with the good feeling blocked, and our writing it flows again
We make our own choices

We’re coming home oh so soon but tonight
Not to deprive you but we gotta get back away
I realize it all

If Manatees Had Trunks

Written By: Ryan Cunningham and MMM

8.If Manatees Had Trunks

Everything moves with the color of our new yellow morning
We set out with no,
No drapes for our shoulders to cut through the dense air
Fleeing escaping the night we spent
I used to think heaven was behind those clouds where the light came out

Now we’re on to morning, with the way we fall
The light shines bright to our heads, please just drive

How did our skin become some cold
Becoming as we move towards our new yellow morning
Take all of you into me, then there will be no more
I wandered around through some small winter town, waiting to be brought home
Simply and patiently waiting for you to come

And now we’re on to morning, with the way we fall
The light shines bright to our heads, please just drive

It’s death in the middle, the middle of that street
No room for knowledge, no scenery

Please can we try again, with a table to shade the tiles
Because the grains groove misses your forearms spread surface, forgiveness

Take all of me into you and we’ll bathe on your minds’ coast
Until the ocean turns to puddles with your new yellow

The New Waltz

Written By: Ryan Cunningham and MMM

You’re standing tall, so show me where we go from here
Let me hate to come home, creaking stairs surely lets them know
That the bed spread it’s lingering

My mother told me not to go back there but I
I should have listened to her now, what my momma told me
To stick with the blues

Everything won’t get better when your face is numbed
Sinking decent towards another night of restless worry
The sun still shines, and our Whitman companion still speaks through blues stare

Let your dress down, free flowing
Let me come home to you


"If Manatees Had Trunks" released in June, 2005.
Recorded and produced at the Gallery of Carpet Recording, Chicago by Brian Zieske.

Set List

Monet Madrid Madagascar prefers to play all original 30 minute sets
consisting of:
"Death of the American Library"
"Nitzkoff and Steve: Great Adventures"
"The New Waltz"
"If Manatees Had Trunks"
"...To the Pocket Watch Rhythm"