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Dirty Cabin is proud to present "Two Faced" featuring Money. A Nashville native, Money recalls the past and looks to the future then takes you to the bar to forget about it all. Co-Producers Ka-Gi and Steelo give you sixteen reasons why their tracks are soon to become a way of life for the masses.


Nashville needs Hip-Hop. Birmingham needs Hip-Hop. The South needs Hip-Hop. The whole world needs real Hip-Hop.

Welcome to the Dirty Cabin, home of Nashville Hip-Hop and the drop kings, Ka-Gi and Steelo. Dirty Cabin is very proud to introduce the world to Dirty Cabin Records/Meltdown Entertainment recording artist, Money. On his freshman DCR project, "Two Faced", the storyteller gives his listeners a taste of his versatile styles as he explores the fight between truth in Hip-Hop and truth in life. Money's versatility is amplified by the incredibly diverse musical offerings of Ka-Gi and Steelo. As "Two Faced" unfolds, so does the drama played out by orchestras, jazz bands, keys, horns, guitar, bass, and laced out original drums compliments of the Dirty Duo. From QB to Cash-V, "Two Faced" unifies Hip Hop dedication and the Southern sensation.

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DCR01-"Two Faced"
Featuring Money
Produced By Ka-Gi and Steelo
Dirty Cabin Records

Set List

When Dirty Cabin Records and Meltdown Entertainment touch down in your spot, people are gonna be talking. Mics get blessed, subs get flexed, and decks get wrecked compliments of Ka-Gi, Steelo, and the D' Cabin MC's featuring Money. The Fam is sure to be in house alongside Ka-Gi and Steelo including Spear, Cadence and the Paperweight Crew, Cheif Rocka, Sinna Lee, Sumthin', Bracey and the Obtuse Crew, and B-Ham's finest including Sebatian and Thed Weller.

Are you ready to hear some exclusive flows over some of the hottest beats on the radio? Well too bad, because this ain't your average mixtape garbage show. This is all-original, all-star hip-hop brought to you straight from the 'Ville courtesty of Ka-Gi and Steelo and Dirty Cabin Records.