Money Bags Jones

Money Bags Jones


In the sea of "rock" genre, MBJ sets aside norms to bring a sound that audiences may not expect but eagerly enjoy. Influences spanning from roots jazz, bluegrass, jam, funk/fusion, punk, afro-latin to whatever the band feels necessary to make music that give audiences young and old a great time.


Forming in late 2004, the band got their start as a 3-piece with original guitarist Tony B., Dan on keys and Joe on Drums. They invited bassist Rodney Pol to join. Due to other projects, college, and life, the band had a limited amount of practice time and shows. In the summer of 2005 the band got together again with guitarist Chris Romanak to start with a serious yet fun project. Since then the band has expanded their repertoire, built their own PA system, added Sean the Sax, and taken their show on the road, packing bars, festivals, parties, and all types of events. The band has shared the stage with many up an coming acts in the Chicago/ Bloomington/ Lafeyette regions such as Big Blue (Members of the infamous Chicago group Howard and The White Boys), Pat McClimans Group, Chester Brown, Percival Potts, to name a few...


"Whatever it takes"- 4 Song Demo recorded at Indiana University's MAC Studio.
Includes 2 tracks that receive local radio play in Northwest Indiana stations.

Currently working on another promotion Demo.

Set List

A typical Money Bags Jones show couldn't be put into a specific genre of music. With original songs that change keys, tempos, genres, and dynamics on the drop of a dime, the band sets out to catch their audience off guard at anytime they feel necessary. MBJ attempts to make each show different by constantly changing setlists, writing new songs, spending a great deal of focus into improvisation, and learning a few of their favorite tunes from their own influences. Covers in rotation include but are not limited to:
Pink Floyd- All of Darkside of the Moon and Many "Wall" tunes.

Sam Cooke- A few classic R&B doo-wop tunes.

FRANK ZAPPA- A huge influence and has many marks on our repertoire spanning his entire career.

Allman Brothers- A few tunes from these guys.

The Clash- "Rock the Casbah"

Phish- A few of our favorite's

Misfits/ Danzig- Really catches our crowds off guard but in a great way...

Talking Heads- Another huge influence that we also take a few covers from