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MoneyHigh is group of talented individuals residing out of central Florida. Four of the group members are artists who specialize in "party rap music" reflecting the everyday lifestyle of a college dropout who doesn't really care. We turn up every single party/club we've performed at with our stage presence and energy. Each artist in the group has a different style, coming from different backgrounds who were brought together through music. Our message through our music is while your young chase y


In 2009 is when Q.Tate decided to push MoneyHigh through-out the area, about 6 months into the movement Q.Tate ran into Day Day who was just as enthusiastic about the movement as he was, so they started rapping together. Then they got their first show at an event called “Audacity”. This is where MoneyHigh got recognize by other local artists as well as started to create their fan base. At that same event is where they ran into GTuck. GTuck didn’t join the group right away; He was approach by a member of the “MoneyHigh Clothing” Destin Nelson-Isom. Destin then got Q.Tate and Day Day to do a song with GTuck entitled “Whatcha Thank”, during the making of the song Chico Fuego, Q.Tate’s lifelong friend did a verse on the song. After dropping the song they got a lot of good feedback. After the group performed together for the first time the rest was history.

Day Day (22 years old) southern artist out of Palmetto, Florida. He has been making music since he was 10 years old. Day Day has released 6 solo mixtapes. He is best known for his freestyle ability. Day Day does not write any of his raps, he freestyles them off top.

Chico Fuego (22 years old) was born in VA and raised Palmetto, Fl. He is most known for his artistic ability and he is an inspiring tattoo artist.

GTuck (20 years old) Canadian born rapper now residing in Florida. He moved to the states when he was six. When he turned eleven he heard his first rap song. After that he became infatuated with this genre of music. Throughout middle school and high school all he did was listened to rap music. During his senior year in high school he decided to start rapping. He started recording music in his bedroom, where he made a couple catchy songs and in 2010 he did his first performance in downtown Sarasota, Florida. This is where he met a few Members of MoneyHigh (Day Day & Q.Tate).

Q.Tate (22 years old) born and raised in Palmetto, Florida. He is the founder of MoneyHigh Music. He has been rapping for the last 5 years, and recording mixtapes for 2 years. He has put together 4 solo mixtapes.


The Way Of Life 2