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BroadBentBetty is one of the Rock Bands proudly sponsored by Jagermeister. - Jagermeister


BroadBentBetty is our premier closing act for our outdoor shows during Bike week and Biketoberfest.For a reference contact Thresa Done owner/coordinator (386-248-1611) - Daytona Bike Week Event Manager


About BroadBentBetty
Welcome to BroadBentBetty, a premier Rock Cover Band from Central Florida. We perform The Money Shot Show at Festivals, Events, and Rock Clubs regionally in the South East from Florida to Mississippi. We are also available for fly dates anywhere in the US or Europe. BroadBentBetty is very proud to be one of only fifteen bands to be sponsored by Jagermeister in Fl including Shinedown and Non Point.

The BroadBentBetty Show consists of performances of current modern rock cover songs at a level that you would typically only experience by paying to see the original artists at your local arena or coliseum. To have this high level performance available at a reasonable rate allows you to provide a truly unique experience for the music fans attending your event. In addition, The BroadBentBetty Show includes select rock classics specifically chosen for their amazing impact on the rock world decades ago yet remain timeless forever. This diversity allows for a wider range of fans to enjoy the selections which are adjustable to please the majority at any moment during the show.

The BroadBentBetty Show is focused around the extraordinary vocal talents of RCA recording artist Billy Keeton who also contributes acoustic and electric guitar. The show is driven by the relentless energy of Eddie Cruise on drums, percussion and backing vocals. The bottom line is held down by A Flock of Seagulls touring bassist Robbie Sinn who also provides lead vocals throughout the show that rival the original artist. The combined vocals of Billy and Robbie on each song create a rare dynamic that captures fans immediately. The primary guitar textures for the show are provided by Bruce Tindle who faithfully reproduces the guitar solos and tones with the precision accuracy of the original artist. Fans respect and truly appreciate the effortless attention to detail provided at every Money Shot event.

The BroadBentBettyShow is sponsored exclusively by Jagermeister and is projected to the audience by the finest sound system and lights available for any club or mid-sized outdoor environment. The critical key is the substantial investment in quality equipment coupled with the knowledge and years of experience of keeping sound levels and tones at a pleasing level for rock fans while the modern all led light show accents perfectly to provide an awesome visual experience to complete The BroadBentBetty Show.

We welcome your booking inquiries here at ( Please leave us a message including brief details about the needs of your event.

- BroadBentBetty


As a cover band specializing in current modern rock select classic rock and 80s dance rock, BroadBentBetty is strictly a live band only.
Billy Keeton is the former lead singer of Skrape and has 2 CD's out on RCA. Robbie Sinn is the former touring Bassist for A Flock of Seagulls and has many songs recorded with AFOS yet to be released.

The BroadBentBetty Show is sponsored by Jagermiester!



Billy Keeton hails from Greenville Mississippi and has his roots in the delta blues. Billy is the former lead singer for Skrape (RCA) which has toured America, Europe and Japan with Sevendust, Disturbed, Korn, Pantera, and many other National Acts in support of their 2 CD's out on RCA. Billy now has a family and enjoys BroadBentBetty as an outlet for his musical talents.

Robbie Sinn is the former touring Bassist for A Flock of Seagulls for 7 years and also now enjoys BroadBentBetty for his creative outlet including his incredible backing and lead vocal abilities. With Robbie and Billy in the same band, BroadsBentBetty is blessed with 2 extroidinary lead singers.

Eddie Cruise (Drummer, Vocals) and Bruce Tindle (Lead Guitarist, Vocals) have a rich history in the cover band music scene that began by playing in established cover bands in the "A" circuit days!

What sets BroadBentBetty apart is the level of talent in musicianship and true vocal abilities coupled with state of the art sound (10,000 watts and JBL) and a brand new all LED light show. It's called "The BroadBentBettyShow" because it truly has the professional vibe of a concert yet is presented in a very approachable "party with the band" attitude so the girls are always dancing to the music.

Treat your audience to The BroadBentBetty Show sponsored by Jagermiester!!