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Energy, Excitement, Professional and overwhelmingly entertaining! Money$hot is one of the premier high energy cover bands in the Midwest! To watch a full length PROMO video of us, please email us or go to


This band is made up of five guys who eat, breath and basically live for music. Twist's stage antics along with ShredDawgs magic fingers and Mikes panty wettin bass sounds, make you want to do nothing but love this band. Dan Q-Tip Ford with his youth and love of music helped remind these guys why they love to play so much. Dan fits right into the essence that is the Money Shot. Jason "OH" Bradley fills in the seat behind the drums to lay down the beats that make this insane group rock so hard! So ladies hang on to your panties and gentlemen enjoy your last few weeks of being the one your girl is fantasizing about cause Money Shot will be rockin your city soon!
This group of seasoned musicians have been performing together for so long that the sounds they produce just flow perfectly through your ears right into your soul. The energy that Twist produces on stage makes it nearly impossible for fans to stay in their seats. Money Shot has away of taking your favorite cover songs and turning them into something just a little more rockin.

Money Shot entertains the crowds with something different.. No, they don’t play Dave Matthews.. No they don’t try to appeal to the crowd by coming across as rock stars! We simply play catchy and up beat music while delivering an unbelievable and compelling visual show that makes people pay attention. If you ask our loyal fans WHY they love Money Shot so much.. Time and time again you will hear it’s because you don’t know what they will do next! No, you won’t catch Money Shot burning a flag or humping farm animals on stage… Money Shot has a crazy, yet legal, tasteful way of pulling the crowd in. Costume changes, stage antics and a lead man who can work the toughest crowds in the world goes a long way!


2005 Money Shot released a 5 track Demo. A few of the original songs gained popularity on 92.7 The Laser in West Central Illinois.

Set List

Money Shot can deliver up to 4 hours of music. Either 4 or 3 sets filled with rock, punk, pop, dance, hip/hop, and other various hits!