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The best kept secret in music


"Crypt Magazine Review"


Hard Rockers and Metal Heads, and all you other little ghouls and friends, check this out. The new CD from MoneyShot, entitled ‘Trust’ is just killer. There is nothing I can say at all that is bad about this album. On the contrary, this CD totally rocks from start to finish. All 9 tracks are very well done, and they have a definite "timeless" quality to them. The entire band is very talented and it shows on this album. It is no wonder that Jon Oliva has two of the former members of this band playing with him in Jon Oliva’s Pain (Kevin Rothney, and Jerry Outlaw, who both play on this CD). That is reason enough to check it out. Need another reason? Okay, here you go, this album just totally kicks ass!!!! Well written, great musicianship, nice diversity in song styles, great cover art. These guys did a great job, and as such, I will give this CD 5 out of 5 crypts!!! Who said Heavy metal died in 1992??? Whoever did was totally wrong. Rock On!!! This one is definitely"Headbanger’s Deluxe"!!!!!!

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"TAXI Custom Critique"


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style feels in line with current trends in alternative, modern rock. Lead vox melody in verse flows well, has raw energy.

Overall Comments:

MONEYSHOT, you guys rock! This song is very well done -your lyrics are well written -have a heavy, dark vibe. The verses and chorus connect well, are engaging. The chorus section is very memorable -good energy, easy to sing along with.

guitar part is heavy, raw but has a very melodic feel. Overall song construction is very well written -A, B, A set up is very effective -the song has awesome power, moves well from section to section. The guitar solo section is awesome -adds great element to the song. Also, I think the production is extremely well executed -the recordings are clean, the mix is punchy and conveys a lot of raw power and energy.. This track sounds a lot like other music currently being played on Alt. and Mod Rock formats.

Cool intro -song builds well from section to section. A, B, A construction is effective, song has good movement. Guitar solo section is great -strong performance. Lyrics in verses are well written -great imagery, phrasing. I think these songs (I listened to the rest of your CD) would fit in very well with a variety of Alternative, Modern Rock, film & TV listings here at Taxi. A membership could help you expose your music to the industry and maybe even get it placed and making you some $! Good luck with your music... #121

chorus section is a solid hook -memorable, easy to sing along with. "and when tomorrow comes, I hope we still exist" is a great line.

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Very good title, it is memorable since it appears prominently in chorus section.

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"Broadjam Review"

April 2004

Congratulations MoneyShot on your song “Trust”!

TRUST has entered the Rock Top 10 at Broadjam!

TRUST has entered the Earth Top 10 at Broadjam!

TRUST has entered the Florida Top 10 at Broadjam!

TRUST has entered the North America Top 10 at Broadjam!

TRUST has entered the United States Top 10 at Broadjam!

TRUST has entered the South East Top 10 at Broadjam!

TRUST has entered the Rock – Modern Top 10 at Broadjam!

TRUST has entered the Production – Male Vocals Top 10 at Broadjam!

TRUST has entered the Production - Ballads Top 10 at Broadjam! -

"Weekly Planet Review"

Feb 2005

MoneyShot (Trust)

This Tampa outfit splits the difference between melodic, anthemic post-grunge and a contemporary take on power metal. The performances (some lead guitar is supplied by local six-string legend Jerry Outlaw) and production (courtesy of Morrisound Studios’ Jim Morris, who gets a dense, killer sound here) are both flawless. This is a seriously professional presentation by a group of able musicians. They do it well, “Illusions”, the title track and “Fairweather Friend” show MoneyShot as capable of, if not screaming originality, at least a heavier and more interesting sound. - The Weekly Planet Magazine


Full Length CD-Trust Released in Late 2004


Feeling a bit camera shy


If raw talent & experience are the makings of success then MONEYSHOT is destined for greatness. Dana originally formed the band in 2001 & spent the next couple of years searching for the right singer; enter James Ryan. In mid-'04 they enlisted the talents of Kevin Rothney (bassist-national recording artists Circle II Circle & Jon Oliva's Pain) & Jerry Outlaw (guitarist-Jon Oliva's Pain) to record the 9-song CD entitled "Trust", at the world renowned Morrisound Recording Studios in Tampa, FL. Self-produced, it includes songs such as the title track, "On My Own", "Lonely Man", "Fallen" & "Comin Down", which are just a few of their sure-fire radio hits. This CD (already drawing rave reviews) enabled them to finally find the caliber of musicians they had been searching for to complete the line-up; enter Jim, Manny & Bret.

These musicians, all nationally acclaimed for their own individual talents, bring together a diverse background of music. The amazing combination of their marketable music and energized live shows give MONEYSHOT the ability to stand out as the hottest band to come out of Florida in recent years, already headlining most of their shows & opening for such credible National acts as Jon Oliva's Pain (Founding member & lead singer of Savatage), Monstrosity, Lowbrow, Presence, Born Into Kaos, Cinder & Magna-Fi. Audibly infectious and visually stimulating - MONEYSHOT takes all of your senses to a frenzy, delivering a blistering set of energized music that leaves you wanting more.