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London, England, United Kingdom | Established. Jan 01, 2014

London, England, United Kingdom
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Rock Punk


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MONEY @ Sans Souci Cocktail Lounge

Ventura, California, United States

Ventura, California, United States

MONEY @ Gold Cadillac

Canoga Park, California, United States

Canoga Park, California, United States

MONEY @ Redwood Bar & Grill

Los Angeles, California, United States

Los Angeles, California, United States



"MONEY are a brilliant new band from London who are championing the return of lo-fi"

MONEY are a brilliant new band from London who are championing the return of lo-fi, indie rock that exhilarates and energises anyone fortunate to experience it.

The brainwave of Glass (lead vocalist and bassist), Devon Pangle (Guitarist and backing vocals), and Chris Durant (Drummer and backing vocals), the trio formed last winter and quickly banged together some songs across London and Southern California.

Their debut single ‘Refugee’ was featured on KXSC college radio’s punk show The Bear’s Den and Dublin-based music blog Fecking Deadly. Since then, they grown and have been interviewed by Dead-Metal and their live performances have earned mentions from KXLU, Buzz Bands LA and LA Weekly.

Refugees in their own right, MONEY are recording their debut EP in London and Los Angeles and preparing to release their second single, ‘Starting Yesterday’.

As a special treat, you can hear the brand new single, ‘Starting Yesterday’ above, along with the raucous visuals that serve to enhance the rambunctious spirit of the song.

Be sure to check out MONEY on their social media sites below!
Twitter: @money_the_band
Instagram: @moneytheband - Anthem Review

"Everyone Wants More MONEY (and the band is good too)"

This interview literally made me laugh out loud at times. The attitude just seeps out of the answers. This is another band that is another “spot in between” from my tag line that is not a metal band. What kind of band are they? Well they answer that and more below in easily the most amusing set of replies I have yet to see. One for the MONEY, two for the MONEY, three for the MONEY, MONEY MONEY MONEY… (Babymetal reference for the win).

Let’s start with introductions. Who’s who?

Chris: My name is Chris Durant and I play drums.

Devon: I’m Devon Pangle and I play guitar.

Glass: I’m Glass and I play bass and sing. These guys sing too, I just sing louder.

What does the name Money mean to you?

Devon: Everybody wants money, I know I do.

What music and/or bands have influenced you the most?

Chris: That’s a hot-button issue. I’m gonna play it safe and say our influences run the gamut.

Devon: Mine are pretty narrow. Guns N’ Roses and Prince.

Glass: You’re always going on about Ariana Grande.

Devon: That’s true…

Chris: There’s room in the gamut for Ariana, and if there’s not, we’ll make room.

If you had to pick one song, what would be your favorite and why?

Glass: I love the riff in “Refugee.” Rock and roll catharsis.

Chris: That’s pretty ballsy, going with one of our own songs.

Devon: Glass is all about the shameless plug. I say “Sweet Caroline” cuz I don’t care who you are, you’re gonna sing “bum bum bum.”

Chris: You have a point, but I have to go with “Laid” by James, which is another really fun song.

Glass: Is it more fun than “Refugee?”

Chris: It’s differently fun. Nothing’s more fun than “Refugee” except maybe “Starting Yesterday,” which is our just-released new single, speaking of shameless plugs.

What advice would you give to aspiring young bands out there?

Chris: I think the most important thing is to never lose that disembodied feeling when you play your songs. Always go for it.

Glass: I think the most important thing is to practice your instrument so your band-mates don’t give you a bollocking.

Devon: Date a celebrity, that’s my advice. And someone should probably have a drug problem.

If you had to classify your music into a genre, what would you call it?

Glass: We like to be free to move through genres. The great bands in history all have their own sound, outside of categorization.

Chris: I agree.

Devon: I disagree. We’re pop rock and I think you guys know it.

What makes Money stand out from all the other bands out there today?

Chris: We can play our instruments.

Devon: And we don’t do covers.

Chris: We don’t even do acoustic versions of our own songs.

What would you like people to know about Money?

Chris: A lot of times you hear bands say stuff like, “We’re just happy to be here,” but we’re not about that. We’re chasing the white rabbit, like Captain Ahab in Moby Dick.

Devon: What Chris is trying to say is we want everything.

Chris: Have you seen Scarface? We’re basically Tony Montana in band-form.

Do you guys write your own lyrics or does somebody outside the band do the writing?

Chris: I think Glass can speak to that.

Glass: I find it a strain to sing other people’s words.

Chris: Bingo.

Of all the places you’ve performed, which is your favorite and why?

Devon: Harry’s Beach Bar in Pismo Beach, California. That was the only place I actually had to play like my life depended on it.

Chris: My favorite so far was the Satellite in Silver Lake. Not one beer bottle was thrown.

Pop rock, pop punk, early Police sound, whatever you want to call them, MONEY is a fun band, with a rockin’ sound, and a great attitude. Check them out further at the links below.

Instagram: - Dead-Metal


Right on dudes! I dig when -1- You can tell bands are playing exactly the music they w ant to be playing. And -2- They are at least rooted in some solid rocknroll. I appreciate the way the riffs are in some spots, just fucking zainy. They mastered the trick of also making them melodic. Cool stuff. It is also important to mention, that when you can tell a rock n roll band is in it for the chix, and more importantly- don't hide it- you have to a whole new respect for them. Here's why: If anyone told you they got into tock n roll for any other reason they are full of shit. MONEY keeps the integrity of some the greats: Radio Birdman, Fleshtones, The Urges. But add a little twist of Mystic Motorcycles "sass" (look up mystic motorcycles- you'll dig some riffs). KEEP IT UP RATS! Welcome on my show anytime. - Paulie Hips, FM Radio host of JiveKiller Radio at KSVY (Bay Area) & writer for Sonoma Sun Newspaper


"Refugee" (single) February 16, 2015

"Starting Yesterday" (single) scheduled for release October 2, 2015



If it can’t be done with a three-piece setup and a couple shitty amps, what’s the point? Money formed last winter, banged together some songs in London and started doing recon this year with a spate of gigs and residencies in Southern California. Nobody’s figured out what to do with them, but what do you do with a fox in the henhouse?

Money's debut single "Refugee" was featured on KXSC college radio's punk show The Bear's Den and Dublin-based music blog Fecking Deadly. They have been interviewed by Dead-Metal and covered by Anthem ReviewPunk News UK and other media, and their live performances have earned mentions from Buzz Bands LA, KXLU and LA Weekly.

Refugees in their own right, Money are recording their debut EP in London and Los Angeles and preparing to release their second single, "Starting Yesterday."

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