Money To Robots

Money To Robots

 Erlanger, Kentucky, USA

A vintage rock sound and an indie folk attitude, Money To Robots is what you want in your headphones as you drive through the forest of street lights and hustle through your day.


After years of playing shows and being a supporting member for other artists, Bill Littleford started Money To Robots to focus on recording.

Bill's background is in many different styles. From rock to jazz to bluegrass and folk, he's performed and studied americana and roots based music. Money To Robots takes those influences and combines them with singer/songwriter and composer sensibilities. This creates a unique sound that is both interesting and earthy at the same time.

Rock music has always been the home for artists that don't quite fit the mold. Originality is a big key to Money To Robots attractiveness. Drawing on the classic albums from The Beatles, Pink Floyd and newer bands like Band of Horses and Dawes, MTR has a familiarity that still sounds fresh and new.


St. Patrick's Day

Written By: Money To Robots

You will cause a smile
And the cost is higher for me
No you're not a novelty

You can make the books
More than just for looks to see
You put a smile on me

I should of kissed you on
St. Patrick's Day
And the stars move on
But could you please just stay

You will cause a smile
You will cause a smile on me
You are whom I need to see


Two EPs "Analog Dropouts" and "Novus Ordo Robots" with the latter just being released. Three singles are also available.