Mongoloidian Glow

Mongoloidian Glow

 Baltimore, Maryland, USA
RockArt Rock

Intriguingly multifaceted - full of energy, passionate, sounds like a five piece,we wet your whistle, varying music with unpredictable sounds we leave you begging for more............Do you see now?!!


Influences-ourselves, Sonic Youth, PJ Harvey, The Pixies, Sisters of Mercy,Patti Smith, Lene Lovich, Nina Hagen, Janes Addiction

Multi-faceted best describes this band-
Mongoloidian Glow is made up of two women-Annbidextrious, on bass/guitar and Katha(kay-tha) on drums, with both harmonizing on vocals. The sound created by these women is massive as if listening to a five piece band. There are no over-dubs, what you hear is what you get. Katha's musical background is guitar, in which she incorporates in her drumming style; Annbidextrious' background is bass & vocals-she embellishes the sounds of bass and guitar simultaneously.The sonic guitar sounds and alternate tunings have been compared to Sonic Youth, but vocally the band has been compared to Patti Smith, PJ Harvy and Siouxsie Siox. The drums have their own original sound, somewhat tribal and very heavy and strong. The sound created by Mongoloidian Glow will take you to a different time and space,and it will be kept safe in your own mind.

Mongoloidian Glow's newest cd is their best CD yet. An artistic approach, compiled with their newest material really showing their musical growth......Every song is different from the next while still having that unique Mongoloidian Glow sound only created by these two women.....It is hard to believe what you hear is only two people; there are no instrumental overdubs in this CD or any of their CDs for that matter. The vocal harmonies are indescribable.......They do one cover of a Cure song "Lullaby" they call "Spiderman" that must be heard to see how interestingly they fill the instrumental voids with just guitar, drums and vocals. Can be heard at This is still Mongoloidian Glow's standard of switching on and off of bass and guitar from song to song. You must listen for yourself, it only can be described as "Esoteric rock" says Annbidextrious of Mongoloidian Glow.....Join the esoteric club and keep artistic rock alive!!


taped afghanistan

Written By: mongoloidian glow-Anbidextrious

It's like a flood gate from my mind

when you're all alone and thinking

memories, fantasies collide

into the world's galore, existentially mine

and the sound of lingering thoughts

it moves fast as light, through all space and time

and with each exhale that I provide

is endured by life and embraced by time

Keep on moving around

universal lights, brains to bound

and they keep on moving with stride

to a place we can't hold or find

and so we build are walls to climb

that keeps us in a special state of mind

and with outgoing realms of time

we create the place we call mine.........

and the walls come tumbling down, you know the walls keep

tumbling to my head, and the walls come tumbling down