Mongoloidian Glow
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Mongoloidian Glow

Baltimore, Maryland, United States

Baltimore, Maryland, United States
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"Mongoloidian Glow"

Mongoloidian Glow

(Baltimore) Industrial Indie Rock

It doesn't seem possible that two people could be solely responsible for the dense yet harmonic Industrial cacophony that emanates from Mongoloidian Glow, but guitarist/bassist Annibidextrious and tribal tubthumper Katha alone serve up dark sheets of hypnotic gno-wave that's passionately pummeling and oddly melodic.

Dig It: The Swans, Siouxsie & the Banshees, the incredible Thurston Moore/P.J. Harvey two-headed transplant (BB)

- City beat /Cinncinnati

"Riotous poetry &Melody with tribal rock drums"

Mongoloidian Glow, the punk goddess, art rock duo from Baltimore answers the question; "what ever happened to the passionate, in your face, poetry rock-n-roll of artists like Patti Smith?"<br>Forming spontaneously in 1999 at a Los Angeles open mic show the "glow" is Annbidextrious on bass, guitars and vocals and Katha(Kay-tha) on drums and vocals.<br>Currently based in Baltimore and New York, Mongoloidian Glow can be regularly seen at Baltimore clubs like the Ottobar and talking head club as well as favored venues in New York City like Arlenes grocery , the Charleston and beyond.<br>"We plan to release our 2nd full length cd sometime in 2003" says guitarist/bassist Annbidextrious. Drummer Katha adds "We love playing live and really want to perform as much as possible in the next year."<br>On stage the duo has a sound bigger than believable from only two people. Katha never stops smiling and Annbidextrious wails like only poet sirens can, behind a wall of sound that rocks their audience hard.<br>More information is available at - Yarner News

"Savage Elegance at Mums"

Keith Moon resurrected as a woman? It makes perfect sense, especially when, as a fan put it, "She hits the drums as hard as three guys!" But Playing hard, Mongoloidian Glow's prerequisite, isn't simply attacking the instruments-guitarist/bassist/lead vocalist Annbidextrious (Ann Flinn) dances with her pedals, keeping a switchblade rhythm with room size beats. Her strumming conjures lusty spirits to ride the pounding groove of drummer/vocalist Katha (Kathy Parmelee). Ann's vocals are a matter of fact; no doubt she means what she says.<br>Cymbal stands bend like palm trees in Katha's path. At "Mums" in Federal Hill, the kit never sat still-the kick drum was ready to walk over and order adrink, like some punk snakehead escapee. As the glow intensified, new limbs sprang forth like Shiva's; sparks flew with enough air on the move to fly a kite.<br>This was power, fueled by a love of music and audience. When musicians reach the humility to let it all in, the only obstacle to sweaty perfection is the will to give it all to the crowd. And Mongoloidian Glow is nothing but generous. Music like this is a gift. Time for Baltimore to accept it - The Radar


Baltimore-based female guitar/drum dou known for their explosive live performances. A juxtaposition of pure dissonance on guitar and pure musicality on drums (undoubtedly one of the best drummers you have ever seen or heard live!!!) A juxtaposition of raw bitterness on lead vocals and riot grrrl melody on backing vocals. This is like a mini version of Sonic Youth and Blonde Redhead. Dark, industrial, and goth like a fine tuning utopia. Guitar often sounds like the grinding teeth on a cold metal.<br> - Kzsu Zookeeper on line

"Mongoloidian Glow"

Mongoloidian Glow

No freakin' way! The impending subtronic sounds of the future have arrived! These two ladies have encompassed new wave/punk with authority. Truly remarkable the sounds that can be created with only two individuals. Energy! You say want energy? These ladies are the answer. Annibidextrious (Vocals/Guitar and Bass) delivers what can only be described as cacaphonic trip with strings while her counterpart Katha (pronounced Ka-thay) bangs on the drums with the weight of an anvil. Tribal? Industrial? Punk? Real? Mongoloidian Glow has it all! These are two very cool ladies gettin' it on! Hear the vibe, Feel the vibe...

Reviewer: Duss Rodgers
Standout Tracks: Waffle House, Queen of the Night, joleen hemple
Artist Site:

Score: 4 stars!!
- Catsask Music and Entertainment


Still working on that hot first release.



Influences-ourselves, Sonic Youth, PJ Harvey, The Pixies, Sisters of Mercy,Patti Smith, Lene Lovich, Nina Hagen, Janes Addiction

Multi-faceted best describes this band-
Mongoloidian Glow is made up of two women-Annbidextrious, on bass/guitar and Katha(kay-tha) on drums, with both harmonizing on vocals. The sound created by these women is massive as if listening to a five piece band. There are no over-dubs, what you hear is what you get. Katha's musical background is guitar, in which she incorporates in her drumming style; Annbidextrious' background is bass & vocals-she embellishes the sounds of bass and guitar simultaneously.The sonic guitar sounds and alternate tunings have been compared to Sonic Youth, but vocally the band has been compared to Patti Smith, PJ Harvy and Siouxsie Siox. The drums have their own original sound, somewhat tribal and very heavy and strong. The sound created by Mongoloidian Glow will take you to a different time and space,and it will be kept safe in your own mind.

Mongoloidian Glow's newest cd is their best CD yet. An artistic approach, compiled with their newest material really showing their musical growth......Every song is different from the next while still having that unique Mongoloidian Glow sound only created by these two women.....It is hard to believe what you hear is only two people; there are no instrumental overdubs in this CD or any of their CDs for that matter. The vocal harmonies are indescribable.......They do one cover of a Cure song "Lullaby" they call "Spiderman" that must be heard to see how interestingly they fill the instrumental voids with just guitar, drums and vocals. Can be heard at This is still Mongoloidian Glow's standard of switching on and off of bass and guitar from song to song. You must listen for yourself, it only can be described as "Esoteric rock" says Annbidextrious of Mongoloidian Glow.....Join the esoteric club and keep artistic rock alive!!