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Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada | INDIE | AFM

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada | INDIE | AFM
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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Split 7" Review 2008"

Stoked Not Choked!
East Van and Calgary collide on this white-hot slab of STI-free lasciviousness. Seven inches is scarcely enough to contain the corruption that comes careening out of side “B” (for Bogart!). Meisha Louie has at her disposal a dominant fuck of a voice that cuts to the chase and demands immediate obedience. I almost shit myself when I first heard “Cold Shoulder”. For a moment, I was convinced that Bogart! had taken out a contract on my sorry ass and was cashing it in…inch by painstaking inch. With any luck, my sphincter will heal in time for the next Bogart! gig here in Vancouver and I won’t have to drag this fucking donut cushion along for the ride.

Flip the bitch over, and you’ve got the mother loving ‘Goose giving it to you just as hardcore - will the pummelling never end?? If you’ve ever had the good fortune of seeing these boys live, you’ll know that your hindquarters almost always winds up in a sling. These kids know how to bring the rock-hell; they’ll even bring their own lighting! “New Man” gives you a damn good reason to go hit up your drunken uncle for a loan of his musty old Thin Lizzy collection. What goes around comes around, right?

This album is aesthetically pressed on white vinyl and sounds huge! *The Nerve Magazine assumes no responsibility for eviction notices accrued over whimsical Wednesday nights blasting this recording in Renfrew Heights.
- Edward Dinsley - The Nerve Magazine

"Quintessential East Van Band"

The Quintessential East Van Band

By Ron Coldham, 17 Dec 2009,

What does the quintessential East Van band look like?

This is a question I have often pondered during my years of dwelling east of Ontario Street. While so many musicians, both transient and home-grown, lay their claim to that part of our city known for Vancouver Specials, unevenly paved alleyways, great coffee, bad sushi, and the odd stray bullet, there appears to be little cohesion in their genres, looks, or even attitudes.

It's all over the map.

There are slews of imports from cities like Winnipeg and Sudbury. Having come from a hard and dirty place, they immediately lay a comfortable claim to East Van as they jam out their rye-and-weed-fuelled, Neil Young-inspired offerings. There are the hip hop kids, flashing misguided East Coast gang signs as they spit rhymes about flunking out of Van Tech and hustling 99 cent pizza money at the Joyce Skytrain station. There are the Commercial Drive hippies, with their patchouli-soaked fan base, their borrowed instruments, and their complete obliviousness to the fact that dreadlocks look ridiculous on a thirty-five year old white guy with a receding hairline. There are the well-adjusted blues players, the black-shirt-white-sleeves metal dudes, the green tea-sipping singer/songwriters, and throngs and throngs of 'sweaters and library cards' indie rockers. And the list goes on.

But all this diversity doesn't mean that the stereotypical East Van band can't be epitomized somehow. So, being a born-and-bred Vancouverite, I will take it upon myself to start the debate here in the pages of The Tyee by identifying what I believe to be the ultimate example of an East Van band -- Mongoose.

Taking the moniker from his beloved BMX bicycle, lifelong East Vancouver resident and Mongoose guitarist Shockk formed the band back in 2002 together with vocalist RC and bassist Johnny Wildkat. But it's not just the name -- ie. the best BMX a poor kid could afford -- that screams "East Van" to me. There's also that East Van work ethic (not everyone is on E.I.). After delivering its chart topping debut, 2003's White Plastic Deer, Mongoose went on to tour the continent extensively, playing close to 300 gigs, and earning the title of "the best live band in Vancouver" in The Nerve magazine.
Listen to this:

Mongoose -- "Accident Waiting to Happen"

And then there's that distinct Mongoose style. The dark suits and big boots; 32 per cent Johnnie Cash, 65 per cent biker wedding, and three per cent Mickey Rourke. The perfect look for rocking out a malt-liquor-infused audience, or carrying out a contract killing.

Finally, and most importantly, there is that Mongoose sound. It's diverse but succinct, embracing the style of Urge Overkill or My Bloody Valentine, the hooks of AC/DC and the Stooges, and the energy of Arctic Monkeys and Drive Like Jehu. Mongoose's latest release, the brilliant Are You On My Side, is yet further testament to its ability to capture a sound that speaks to the East Van rocker in all of us; from the Strathcona character house scenesters and Hastings Sunrise troublemakers, to the Riley Park potheads and Sunset skate punks. Mongoose is your East Van voice. Cup your hand to ear and dance, you bastards.
- The Tyee, Dec 2009


White Plastic Deer (CD) (Copperspine Records - 2004)
Museum of Modern Heart (EP) (indie, 2005)
Evilart (EP) (indie, 2006)
Stoked Not Chocked (7" split on Meter Records, 2007)
Are You On My Side (2009, Meter Records)
Rock The Boat (2010)

The cd's online:



"These guys know how to bring the rock!"
- Edward Dinsley, The Nerve Magazine

J. Englishman, Chart Attack / Toronto

"RC reminds me of a young Henry Rollins!"
Satchel, guitarist, STEEL PANTHER (L.A.)

MONGOOSE (a truly "world" rock n roll band)
From Toronto to Tokyo, in any language the chant is still Mongoose! Mongoose is a rock band comprised of East Vancouver's RC (vocals), Shockk (guitar), Johnny Wildkat (bass), and a host of supporting drummers. This uniquely world band runs the gamut of cultures with South Asian, Filipino, Costa Rican and Irish/Finnish roots. From these varied backgrounds comes the biting rock n roll fans call "The Goose". Their musical approach combines the visceral sounds of bands like the Stooges, early AC/DC and Fastway with progressive musical insight a la Rush or Bad Brains. Popular contemporary sonic peers include My Bloody Valentine and Arctic Monkeys.

Mongoose has been battling the cobras of rock across the country and internationally since 2003. The release of 2004's White Plastic Deer officially set them loose with their Rock n Roll Message. Since then, Mongoose have honed their rock skills with a gluttony of live shows. Sharing the stage with the likes of Clutch, D.O.A., Steel Panther, Protest the Hero, just to name a few. The band has licensed tracks to Nickelodeon USA and a handful of independent film, TV and video productions.

Their sophomore full-length, "Are You On My Side", was released outside Canada just in time for their 2010 Japanese tour. The record was mixed and engineered by Blair Calibaba (Propagandhi, Sum 41, Gob, Strapping Young Lad, Belvedere, No Means No).

Their most recent recording, "Rock The Boat" is a 5 song EP produced by Eric Mosher (AC/DC). Recorded at the infamous Warehouse Studios in Vancouver BC.