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Boston, Massachusetts, United States

Boston, Massachusetts, United States
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"".. it can't be denied that this album is the rebirth of an era... A must have""

Mongrel - Reclamation (Immolation Records)

Mongrel has honed their craft and mastered a new way to balance old school punk intensity with slamming hard rock hooks and metal aggression.
Release Date:
22 Jan 2013 (All day)
Mongrel has erupted out of the metal scene of Boston, MA, hungry and youthful; ready to unleash a unique dynamic and original sound that refuses to fit into the traditional mould. Equipped to take on the world, this female fronted aggressive punk-rock band sheds light on the belief that “punk” is more than just a fashion statement; it’s a state of mind. Started in 2003 and after going through some evolutionary lineup changes in the first half of 2010, Mongrel has honed their craft and mastered a new way to balance old school punk intensity with slamming hard rock hooks and metal aggression. This hard-core ensemble has toured extensively through the US, repeatedly sharing stages with metal and punk icons such as FEAR, Blitzkid, Trashlight Vision, MISFITS (9x), GWAR, Korn, Dizzy Reed (Gn'R), Piggy D (Rob Zombie). Not only has Mongrel caught the attention of their fans but also the press by having RockMyMonkey album of the year 2010, “punk band of the year” by pulse Magazine in 2011,and being number 6 on the CMJ “MOST ADDED” and hit 43 on the CMJ charts in 2012. This earned the band an impressive collection of endorsements and sponsorship’s. Moving forward Mongrel is back again this time packing a punch with their new album Reclamation.

The album opens up strongly with Bored to Death, the catchy distorted riffs and gritty abrasive vocals provide you the listener with a feeling that this band didn’t come to play, they came to kick ass and take names later. Pseudocide is rapid punk fever, hard hitting beats, tenacious vocals and harsh lyrics. The third track Fuck off and Die is ruthless, if you think you’ve misplaced your anger this track will shove it right back down your throat. The distorted riffs and slamming drums set the tone for a true “fuck you’ ballet. Zombies of War manifests a vision of doom filled fate, a March of death entrance drags you like a mutilated carcass through the sludge induced riffs and lethargic drum beats , while the vocals numb you in that moment of blood and vengeance. Tracks like More I Bleed, C and a Half and Crucifiction are highly energetic , intense and crude , offering the listener the true essence of rock and roll with a strong punk vibe filling your mind with rage and your body with the will to get up and fight. Songs like Tarnished Halo“ and Revisionist slow things down a bit with soothing bass and guitar licks, but only for a moment and then the quiet melody is intercepted with true metal style, ludicrous solos and hard hitting speed beats. Stillborn Savior and Wake Up are brutal and severe reality checks being thrust into the face of humanity. The intense chugging guitarS mixed with booming beats and slamming bass are fierce. If you close your eyes you can invasion a swarm of minions drenched in sweat smashing their skulls against the amps while steel toed misfits stomp and smash into one another like beaSts. Last but definitely not least is No Gods, No Masters nothing beats a tune that has enough ‘fuck yous” to tell off an entire population of bastards. While all the ignorant pansies are whispering in the corners and judging, there is one voice that wails out from above , that of Jessica Sierra (singer) giving a new spin or Twisted Sister angle of 'We’re Not Gonna Take It”.

Reclamation is a robust collection of in your face brutal tracks. It takes the basics of rock n roll and injects it with spine tingling metal and abrasive high energy punk. Mongrel takes the bull by the horns and roars out to a sea of devotees, hungering for the taste of brutality. With influences like Motorhead and Black Flag met by L7 and NIN the possibilities are endless for this band. Either way it can’t be denied that this album is a re birth of an era. If you’re a fan of metal, punk or rock and roll you’ll find everything you need right here. A must have!! - Metal as Fuck

"a strong release that never feels tired or redundant."



By Dark Starr

I dig this album. It’s raw, and it’s got a lot of rough edges. It also rocks. At times it falls into the punk rock or even hardcore category. Second track "Pseudocide" and the later "C and a 1/2" channel that side of Mongrel most noticably. But like all good bands, they don't stick to one influence. At other points it’s closer to the almost metallic hard rock of groups like Motorhead. You could almost hear Lemmy's gruff voice on raw rockers such as "Bored To Death" and "Fuck Off And Die" (which have a lot of punk in the lyrics, as you can tell). Instead of typical gravelly male vocals, Mongrel features the aggressive female vocals of one Jessica Sierra, who puts everything she's got into the music. Still other cuts have an angry nu-metal sound such as "The More I Bleed" and "Wake Up". Even with the more complex and melodic songs, anger is ever present on this release. A personal fave is "Zombies of War", which is very heavy mid-paced stomping metal with some cool traces of melody.

Hard to categorize this as anything but mean and aggressive music. However you slice it, though, this thing is a strong release that never feels tired or redundant. - Wormwood Chronicles

"this album is an eclectic instant classic."

Mongrel – ‘Reclamation’
A kickass riff opens this album from a band that has been going for ten years. ‘Bored to Death’ is a catchy number that moves along at a great pace. Adam Savage lets rip with a sweet solo and the vocal work from Jessica Sierra is nothing short of awesome, her tone fitting the music perfectly. ‘Pseudocide’ is a short rapid fire track that treads the fine line between hardcore punk and thrash metal. While fun to listen to I am a little disappointed that the bass is so buried in the mix that it is hardly audible. I found myself slightly let down that ‘Fuck off and Die’ was not a cover of the Voivod song of the same name, but that was before the number got going. The audio quality is substantially better on this one than on the previous track, and the vocals are exceptionally aggressive. The drum work from Mike ‘Hoagie’ Hogan is distinct and tight, and the pulsating rhythm of the track makes this one that you will want to head bang to over and over again.
Those drums start off ‘Zombies of War’, and the tone of the music here shifts to a deeper, thrashier sound akin to Slayer. I am for the first time very aware of Micah Maltais on bass, and Sierra’s vocals are clear and powerful. The pace is slower but this song is in a way so much heavier than the much faster tracks that preceded it. The vocal breaks give the listener a momentary respite before the music kicks back in and the backing vocals emphasise Sierra’s lyrics. I often picture how songs will come across when performed live and this struck me as one with tremendous potential. I can see fists pumping and the audience singing along to those breaks. A third of the way through the album I find myself going back and listening to this track again, it’s the best on the album so far.
‘The More I Bleed’ sees another tonal shift, with Sierra taking on a vocal style similar to Josey Scott, with a hint of Zak de la Rocha, and the music adapting a much more modern sound. It’s a pounding and furious number dominated by the pummelling guitar work of Savage. ‘Tarnished Halo’ is an exceptionally outstanding piece of music. The opening, wherein Maltais and Savage combine to create an atmospheric prelude to an adrenaline charged song is incredible, and as the song progresses I find myself reminded of Disturbed during the Ten Thousand Fists stage. That being said Savage’s guitar solo is pretty much beyond compare, it blew me away. Once it finishes the song becomes a galloping race to the finish line, one that has me envisioning circle pits of biblical proportions. I’ll put this one up there with ‘Zombies of War’, it ruled.
‘C and Half’ is an angry track and it is hard to decide whether it is a genuine tirade or an ironic one. The subject matter is clear, and the music has remarkably more volume behind it as opposed to other songs on this album. It sounds a little like the Offspring if they were really, really pissed off. I am over half way through this record and the most noticeable aspect I am hearing is the prominent variety not only in musical style but also lyrical topics. On one hand it’s fun to listen to and makes this an entertaining album in the sense that no two tracks are that similar, and on the other hand it makes me wonder whether this band is still trying to find their sound. What I will say is this; I’m half way through and I still have not heard a song that I’ve hated. ‘Crucifiction’ is next, and the clever pun of a title lets me know right away that this, like ‘Fuck off and Die’, is not a cover of an obscure old school thrash number (Hobbs’ Angel of Death anyone? Never mind). That being said there is a real thrash sound to this one; everyone is working at a frenetic pace. Savage lets loose another solo, this one a two-parter broken up by a short bass break. Nicely done. This song combines the darker tone of ‘Zombies of War’ and the atmospheric scope of ‘Tarnished Halo’ to create a terrific three minutes of head banging ecstasy. Another brilliant track.
“Revisionist” starts us off on the final third of the album and I can’t help but be reminded of Zeppelin’s ‘Ramble On’ during the opening. The clean guitar work and elevated vocals precede a switch to Sabbath-style heaviness. Rounding off the nostalgia is an air of the Beatles on certain vocal refrains. This production on this song and the tone of the instruments gives it a modern feel while the style and structure present an array of classic rock and metal influences. It is a simultaneous delight that continues the established theme of uniqueness and variety amongst the tracks on this album. Naturally this continues with ‘Stillborn Saviour’, a chugging number that has the raw ferocity of the St Anger album together with a rhythm that reminds me very strongly of Ride the Lightning. I really cannot give a detailed review of this one because I was honestly too busy banging my head; it’s a damn good song. ‘Wake Up’ s - Get Your Rock Out

""Mongrel's potent mix of punk and metal certainly packs a vicious bite""

"Mongrel's potent mix of punk and metal certainly packs a vicious bite" - Terrorizer Magazine (UK)

""'Reclamation' is an awesome album chock full of snot nosed, stiff upper lipped punk anthems with some tasty hard rock licks thrown into the mix.""

"'Reclamation' is an awesome album chock full of snot nosed, stiff upper lipped punk anthems with some tasty hard rock licks thrown into the mix." - Ian Weber (90.3 WKRB F.M.) - Ian Weber (90.3 WKRB F.M.)

"This is a band to make sure you check out as simply, you won’t be disappointed!"

We were recently contacted by Mongrel, a female fronted aggressive rock band with punk and metal influences from Boston, MA in the USA. Formed in August of 2003, the band have already shared the stage with the likes of Misfits (7 times no less), GWAR (HELL YES!), Korn, Mindless Self Indulgence and Wednesday 13, showing they’re already on the road to achieving the big time. I figured that it was only right I check out what’s on offer on their The New Breed Of Old School EP, for fear of missing out!

Opening with I Refuse it’s clear that this is going to be a distorted, funky and punky journey through the EP, the track immediately getting off to a distorted guitar intro and pulling you into the mix. Picking up the pace to hammer onwards into the track at full force, I found myself with images of sweaty clubs, pulsating pits of people and crowds surging towards the stage to catch a glimpse of the band hammering out their track, it’s a great start to things. Bass heavy throughout, this is the sort of track which is impossible to stay still to, there’s simply too much power and rhythm to ignore it. Shut Up, Get Dead continues this idea of keeping the bass at the forefront of the track, this time making it the focus for the opening moments of the track before luring us into an intricate lead line to fully accentuate the opening of the track. Don’t be deceived by the slow and melodic opening moments of the track though as soon enough we’re tossed straight back into the pit of fast paced vocals and hammering guitar work, once again being reminded of what we’re listening to here. Contrasting itself within itself, the track moves from fast to slow and back again, keeping you on your toes and not letting on what’s going to come next.

Moving on to The World Loves A Tragedy the band suddenly reveal a different side to them, this time opening up with a metal style, the crunchy guitar leading the way before ushering in those spat vocals once again. Powerful from the off, the metal elements of this track really hammer it home and make it stand out as a display of the bands heavier side, something else which stands them out from the crowd. Despite this metal style, there’s also a massive amount of punk flowing through the track, showing once and for all that punk’s an attitude and way of life rather than something which can simply be produced on demand. West Memphis Hell confirms this further, once again opening with a slamming guitar line and a bass line which, at first, sounds a little out of place before suddenly compounding what it is you’re hearing. To me, this track sounds like a thrash metal track combined with punk, and the result is something which is perfectly crafted for the live scene, the sort of thing which is going to get pits moving, venues crumbling and a reputation being built. Another stand out track, this is one of my personal favourites from the EP for sure.

Following on with Bound To Crash, yet another side of the band is shown off as we’re treated to a more laid back and melodic track, this time crafting something which is full of melody and emotion at first before moving back to the aggression fuelled melee of hammering guitar work and pounding drum lines. The bands ability to craft tracks which ooze with their own style is one of their key hall marks, showing that they understand how to craft tracks as well as how to make people recognise their style. Closing with Houdini Act we’re reminded once and for all that this is a heavy and fast paced EP, and we shouldn’t forget it. Closing the EP with possibly the funkiest of moments of all of the tracks, this one almost seemed to combine the styles of nu-metal with grunge and punk to obtain a sound unlike anything I’ve heard, almost like Southern Rock on heat. A great finish to the EP on their FB page, I found myself left sat thinking wow, this is a band we need to get over to these shores to unleash hell!

I really like that Mongrel have managed to come up with the -

"Dan Nelson (Blackgates, ex-Anthrax) personal quote"

Mongrel is more then punk, more then metal, they tread the line somewhere in between...a rare musical hybrid that brings the listener into their dangerous and heavy world. Then keeps them there, with beautiful, unapologetic force. - Dan Nelson (BlackGates, ex-Anthrax) - personal quote

""...the perfect showcase from this ferocious band.""

Mongrel - "The New Breed of Old School" EP (2010)
Label : Immolation

Review by Tony Cannella

Mongrel is a Hardcore Punk/Metal hybrid from Boston, Massachusetts. Their debut EP is titled "The New Breed of Old School" and is the perfect showcase from this ferocious band. "The New Breed of Old School" features 6-songs and 20-minutes worth of raw, energetic music that hits you hard, fast and with blunt force from the very beginning of the opening track "West Memphis Hell". "I Refuse" is next and continues the belligerence. The next track "Shut Up, Get Dead" (what a great title) is next and it shows the diversity that Mongrel is capable of. The song alternates between being a bluesy number and pounding thrash. "Bound To Crash" has a slower tempo to it and this song is actually very catchy, and singer Jessica Sierra proves that she can do more than just scream, the melodicism that this track produces caught me off-guard, but it is also one of the high points on "The New Breed of Old School". The next track "Houdini Act" begins with a great metal riff, before the song settles into a straight forward groove that lasts until its completion. The pounding final number "The World Loves A Tragedy" brings the EP to a close with the listener wanting more. "The New Breed of Old School" is a fitting title. Mongrel‘s music pays homage to classic hardcore/punk while still keeping their feet firmly planted in 2011.

Rating – 80/100


1. West Memphis Hell
2. I Refuse
3. Shut Up, Get Dead
4. Bound To Crash
5. Houdini Act
6. The World Loves A Tragedy

Line Up

* Jessica Sierra - Vocals
* Adam Savage - Guitar
* Rev - Bass
* Dave Kazukiwicz - Drums


""Wow" "Definite thumbs up""

Mongrel - The New Breed Of Old School
Darwinism Failed Music

I must start this review off by admitting something. Even while I could see postings by my friends and colleagues at Wicked Spins Radio offering praise for Mongrel, I can't recall ever hearing a song by them. Perhaps I did while listening to the station at some point, but can't be sure. I received this album from the band with no real idea of what to expect at all. I just assumed something "punky" with a rock twist, based on a few things I had read. (I think?)


When I first started this disc, I was kicking myself for not getting to know them sooner. As the song "West Memphis Hell" was playing, I was thinking that this was a song I could even play on my Brutal Fridays radio show. I love it.

In fact, that vibe continues into the second song, "I Refuse" as well. No, it's not thrash; but they were fast paced and crunchy... just like I love it.

Things slow down a bit after that, but still very good and definitely held my attention. I mean, come on... how could a song titled "Shut Up, Get Dead" be bad? If anyone came up with that title and made a bad song out of it, they should quit playing. Mongrel certainly did well with it and it's another favorite for me.

I am now a new fan and can only hope that others will not do as I have done. When you see the name, look into it!

How would I describe the sound for Mongrel? Well, I didn't notice anything "punky". It has areas that are good and crunchy with speed; it also has some areas of an almost bluesy feel. Just based on this disc, I would use the same line Lemmy uses when people ask him to explain Motorhead. "It's just rock & roll, you see?"

Definite thumbs up.

Be sure to check them out at these links and hear for yourself!

"Mighty impressive stuff"

Bad assed sonica from Boston, Massachusetts (ooh I hate trying to spell that word) is what we have here and this is mighty impressive stuff. Gloriously oiled and smooth, filled with enough spunk to impregnate the most dullest of melodic souls and having a subtle rock 'n' roll bite to admire Mongrel have moved up a few gears and at this point have produced their best stuff to date. Ideally timed and with a concrete production this 6 pack of power is guzzled down with glee and I suggest you get out there and do the same especially if you prefer things a little more rocked up.

The maturity of song starts immediately with 'West Memphis Hell' fracturing the sonic-scape with an encrusted blast pursued by a blue light warning. As soon as we take heed we need to run for cover as the rampaging drive that follows is all-consuming. Like an express train driven to an inevitable crash this is unstoppable stuff with the chugging surge sweetly broken by a defiant sing-a-long moment cloaked in sable eeriness. Each and every component of this mechanical monster is pushed to the max and I stand at the rail side totally in awe and wanting more and more. The route this acoustic engine is taking is scenic and with verdant touches that enhance every passengers journey. The end impact is inevitable but why worry about that when this trip looks like it’s destined to be truly memorable. Veering off track a different route is taken with speed slightly increased and urgency maintained to a more than respectable level. With carriages of rock, punk and beyond in tow the whole noise given off by 'I Refuse' is neatly unified, embracing and thoroughly professional. Coming as I do from a DIY dungeon where, in complete honesty my spirit dwells, I find no difficulty at all in appreciating a noise of this standard and wondering why a band like this cannot break away from the restricting track of tuneage and plough through new successful fields. The limiting boundaries set by the masses can cost bands the world and I hope with my enthusiastic scribblings here I can rouse a few onlookers to check this crew out and push them on to greater things. The opening guitar groove of this latter number at once enthrals, the vocals and drums combine to give new degrees of excitement and the chorus is delivered with passion, poison and precise persistence. 2 tracks and both triumphs for the Mongreloid team to bark loud about.

'Shut Up, Get Dead' inches forward before it is indeed full steam ahead with a well stoke fire created on nothing more than forceful energy and wonderfully constructed musical machinery. The slow grind is saturated in threat and the following avalanche of invective is spiced and diced and spilt with glory. A switch down in pace would, one suspects, impede the fury but this isn't the case. This is a virulently toxic piece of noise that aims to say it how it is and put one in ones place without much ado. A peach of a song and something of an immovable object. Clear the rails, clear the rails we are 'Bound To Crash' or so Mongrel have us believe. Alas the route is back on line and a pasture of thriving emotion is traversed. This effort is a massive number way beyond the seemingly unsatisfying status of the band and surely anyone with decent enough lugs should wake up to this and help propel this band to higher echelons of acoustic appreciation. Come on you fuckers - listen in and see what you think! This is darn good stuff and I'll be fucked if I'm sitting back and letting you get away with not listening to these outpourings - you call yourself fans of noise - then get off yer arse and make an effort! From the gentle bass, through heartfelt guitar, carefully positioned drum beats and strong feminine vocals this is a bold number and worthy of your time - think on now!

The penultimate song is more jerked in effect yet retains an inner twisting groove that creates interest. 'Houdini Act' borders on polished rock, tampers in the realms of sub-rap and wanders through doors of semi-punk attitude. The mix is layered, the attention to the production exact and rewarding and the song, as a showcase for a fine band, is choice. The build up in seeming tension towards the end of the track is sublime and Mongrel just impress more and more as this gem of a CD advances. We close with 'The World Loves A Tragedy' which is a hard pushed outburst with hammering persuasion, booming fist-throwing angst and questioning content that shows the band are happy to cruise on the cusp of controversy. Perhaps the most hammer hitting number that leaves the sonic station and derails the whole CD into silent oblivion with fuckin' triumphant power.

So alas we are done and all a little too soon if the truth be told but better to make one big brief impact then try and overcook the winning recipe and burn ya cakes. Crackin' fuckin' CD this and one I recommend to all and sundry from their chosen pits of din. Mongr - Fungal Punk

"I for one cannot wait to hear the brand new material currently being worked on for release later in the year. (8 out of 10)"

RockPulse review of "The New Breed of Old School" (8 out of 10)

Mongrel - The New Breed of Old School EP
review by Pete RingMaster - added 13/01/2011

2010 saw a year of highlights and disruptions for the Boston punk/rock quartet Mongrel. Though no strangers to memorable moments, having shared stages with the likes of The Misfits, Otep and (Hed) P.E., the upheaval in members would have brought many a band to their knees. Losing a singer and drummer, trawling through weeks of finding replacements that complimented their aggressive sound and work ethic, and all the while constantly gigging, only the cool leadership of guitarist Adam Savage and bassist Chris ‘Rev’ Fitzpatrick (sadly soon to depart too) kept the American rockers moving and looking forward. To many the choice of new vocalist was a big surprise, after 6 years with a male voice the guys went with Jessica Sierra, knowing her from previous band Affliction for ages. Fans of that band know what she can do, but how would she be taken by the fans of Mongrel and how would the sound change?
We have the answer with their latest EP, The New Breed of Old School, 6 previously recorded tracks revisited and re-energised. Often it takes a while when such a big change happens to either get used to or sometimes even like the result, but I can assure all fans this is not only the continuation of a great sound but an improvement. Jessica brings venom, anger, and bite (I could not resist), but most of all she brings a control to the tracks that was in the past maybe sometimes lacking. The foursome, including new drummer Dave Kazukiewicz, are as tight a sound as you are likely to hear from a line-up having been together for years not just a few short months as here.
I Refuse, Bound to Crash and West Memphis Hell now don’t just want to be listened to they demand it. Shut Up, Get Dead is an order, Houdini Act and The World Loves a Tragedy, statements you cannot ignore. All classic Mongrel tracks now with new life, a new breed indeed, the hounds are loose and running wild and I for one cannot wait to hear the brand new material currently being worked on for release later in the year.
Check them out, the songs might not be new anger but the sound certainly is and 2011 should be the year they become everyone’s best friend.
Copyrighted to Ringmaster 13/01/2011

Rating 8 out of 10 - Rock Pulse

""You may have heard these songs before, but until you hear this EP, you've never heard them played to their full potential." 4 out of 5 Skulls"

Reviewed by EdgeoftheWorld on January 8, 2011
"You may have heard these songs before, but until you hear this EP, you've never heard them played to their full potential."

Normally, when a band decides to re-record old material with a new lineup, the results are somewhat less than spectacular. What a relief, then, that Mongrel's "The New Breed Of Old School" actually bucks that trend and improves on the originals. Fans of punk-tinged metal a la Motorhead are going to find plenty to love here.
The first thing people who've heard "Fear, Lies & Propaganda," the album this material was culled from are going to notice are the vocals — initially because, unlike the original, they're delivered by a female, and thereafter because Jessica Sierra just plain kicks ass. She can do the Wendy O. thing on the speedy Motorhead-ish "West Memphis Hell" and "I Refuse," but also adds a dose of feminine swagger and stronger melody to "Bound To Crash."
Sierra's not the only improvement. The rest of the band — particularly guitarist Adam Savage — seems more energized this go-round, with tracks like the hypocrisy-bashing "The World Loves A Tragedy" having quite a bit more heft as a result.
Also, the new versions just plain sound better, with a little more effort on the production side. Does that sand off some of the rough edges that made the original DIY-sounding version good? Yeah, but little touches like a tiny flub in the guitar part in "Bound To Crash" keep things from sounding too clean.
Superior to the original versions in nearly every way, the songs on Mongrel's "The New Breed Of Old School" are given a new life by the band's new lineup. You may have heard these songs before, but until you hear this EP, you've never heard them played to their full potential.
Highs: Jessica Sierra's vocals; a more focused band.
Lows: None to speak of, though some of the DIY charm of the original does get lost in the superior production.
Bottom line: An excellent EP of punk-tinged metal tracks.
Rated 4.0 out of 5 skulls - Metal

"# 1 Release of 2010"

Top Ten Releases Of 2010

So every year websites like Rock My Monkey release their top ten lists. Well, since 99% of the posts here are done by me and on the rare occasion I can get another writer to help out they last but a few weeks before hitting burn out, and that's if I'm lucky, the Rock My Monkey top ten list falls pretty much on my shoulders. I have been thinking about this list for months, but most of the releases I had planned to put on here just happen to be 2009 releases. Slayer for example. That was going to be my number 2, but they released the album in November so they can't be on the list.

What really drove me nuts about this list was I found out how little I paid attention to the new releases this year. Oh, I listened to them. I would listen to them a few times while getting ready to do the interviews. Then I would never listen to them again. The releases this year just didn't blow me out of the water. Too many bands that all sound the same. Bands are depending too much on a formula and not enough on crafting an original piece of art.

So do I claim that these are the most ground breaking releases of 2010? No. They are just the ones that I ended up listening to enough to be able to recommend them. Many might be shocked to find an unsigned band at number 1. Hell, I even put them above my favorite band of all time despite finding Ironbound to be a great return to form for Overkill. When Mongrel went through major line up turmoil early in the year I thought it was all over for them. Turns out the band got better. They got a female singer that comes off like a twisted blend of Janis Joplin, Cherie Currie(The Runaways), Jennifer Finch (L7), Chrissie Hynde (The Pretenders), Grace Slick (Jefferson Airplane), and a young Ann Wilson all rolled up together. Unlike the overproduced "Pro-Tools" sounding vocalists of the day, she has a raw attitude in her delivery that you just do not hear anymore. Would I have liked this album with another singer? Yes, but it wouldn't have beat my favorite band of all time. To listen to the latest music from Mongrel go to

This is my list and I stand by it. Please feel free to post your in the comments.

1. Mongrel The New Breed of Old School
2. Overkill Ironbound
3. Nevermore The Obsidian Conspiracy
4. Motörhead The Wörld is Yours
5. Forbidden Omega Wave
6. Suicidal Tendencies Live at the Olympic Auditorium (DVD)
7. Jon Oliva's Pain Festival
8. White Wizzard Over the Top
9. Kamelot Poetry for the Poisoned
10. Gwar Bloody Pit of Horror?
Article originally appeared on ( - Rock My

"Excellent stuff indeed."

Having had a right bastard of a start to 2010, what with band members upping sticks on the eve of the release of the album 'This Means War', Mongrel lost a little momentum resulting in the release being shelved. Anyway what doesn't kill you and all that, Mongrel now have a stable line-up and are back with a new EP featuring six tracks.

I was expecting some pretty pissed off tunes but instead I get a measured and focused vibe off a band determined to catch up on time wasted. Sure, there are some beastly riffs and one or two tracks to satisfy those looking for a right pissed off band. Opener 'West Memphis Hell' kicks up a right shit storm with a riff not too dissimilar to something Slayer used to write around the time of the first album and 'Chemical Warfare' (being done by a punk band) closely followed by 'I Refuse'. Overall the sound is one of determination and a real focus, perfectly summed up with the track 'Shut Up Get Dead'. New singer Jessica Sierra gives her lungs a damn good work out on this track going from spoken/rap verse to ragin' loon in three minutes as the music twists and turns with aplomb. I wasn't 100% convinced with the choice of a female singer for Mongrel (don't hate me people and before I get accused of being fully behind the 'You need a cock to rock' brigade some of my favourite singers this year have been females and the likes of Ms West, Ms Jett, Ms Terri Bomb and the late great Wendy O Williams can wipe the floor with many of their contemporaries in the singing stakes and that is a fact!) but on the evidence of these tracks it seems obvious and a great match up for Mongrel and Jessica. Songs like 'Bound To Crash' suit her style and showcase the band's strengths and convinces me that this appointment was bang on the money. I wouldn't mind hearing how she handles some of the other material but if this is anything to go by it makes you wonder why she wasn't drafted in earlier. A star in the making? Who knows. The fact Mongrel have survived is good news and time will tell where they go from here, but one thing for sure this EP is a belter and the band sound on form and well up for what is to come.

What are you waiting for? Get over to iTunes or wherever it's available from and get an earfulapproved_image_lrg of this EP and enjoy the metal/punk crossover that is Mongrel - some bloody damn fine songs they have put out for your listening pleasure. "Shut up, get dead because I fucking hate you" - Excellent stuff indeed. - Uber Rock

"you will be hearing a lot more of this great band throughout the world!"

“The New Breed Of Old School”
By: Macavity

Mongrel has done it again and put out a kick ass EP that showcases the amount of talent this band possesses. Not an easy thing to do as they are one of the hardest working live bands with a huge live fan following of their awesome music. But this EP should grab almost any fan of great melodic hard rock with a twist. They do what few bands can do by playing and recording their music with a raw edginess and just the right amount of production to retain that perfect balance that sounds almost live in nature. This sophomore EP shows even more range and a further maturity of their sounds and the tightness of their writing which has always been a standout of the band! Their music talent seems even tighter as well as and if possible even better than their previous album. The addition of the new lead singer adds another layer of perfection to an already stellar band. One thing Mongrel does exceptionally well is they take all instruments and sounds into consideration when placing a tune on an EP and it shows with the sounds and flow of the disc.

“I Refuse” is an example of them taking all the elements and talents of the band and mixing it up to make a melodic yet hard driving edgy and angsty sound that make you want to listen over and again to catch each riff or drum beat. “Shutup Up Get Dead” takes that angst in another direction with a southern blues rock sound that is equally stellar as a track on the EP. The changeups, tempo and melody changes make for a truly outstanding track for listening and showing what the band is truly capable of especially using Jessica’s voice as the lead “instrument” and leading the changes to make the song flow well throughout. “Bound To Crash” is one of the outstanding tunes on the EP for their signature cerebral writing that shines through on the lyrics while encased in a mix of old school and new sounds in instrumentation and clever composition. The guitars on this track are particularly outstanding and worth a listen just for that. “Houdini Act” is just that in that it tricks you into thinking it is just another old school rock tune but as you listen you find you have been given the wrong illusion and impression. It is a kick ass full on rock song with all the elements of a new breed of rock bands that have no peer and do not fit nicely into a genre tag which is what Mongrel has always been. The beginning and ending tracks on the EP are both stand out tracks for their quality of musical prowess. Their clever writing of not only the lyrics but also the hard driving melodic rock of these two songs draw you in to listen at the start and leave you wanting much more from this band after listening to the last track.

Mongrel has proved again they are the real deal with a killer EP that is indeed “The New Breed Of Old School.” They take all the best elements of old skool rock and add their own signature to make it something unique, fresh and most of all a sound that you want to listen to over and again especially if you are not able to catch one of their live shows. Buy this EP, listen and find out why Mongrel is one of my favorite bands to listen to when not doing other reviews and interviews and also why you will be hearing a lot more of this great band throughout the world!

- Muen Magazine

"A great EP that's worthy of it's title"

In botany, the term mongrel sometimes means the offspring of a variety of species which is in contrast to the hybrid (per wikipedia). Mongrel (the band) could be seen as the offspring of a variety of different bands that is in contrast to the hybrid punk. Imagine taking the genes of the Misfits,Offspring,Rage Against The Machine,Black Flag, Dayglo Abortions and Motorhead then mashing it all up. Mongrel would be the result. Formed in 2003 in eastern Massachusetts, Mongrel started off locally before tearing up the national stage. Having played with everyone from Fear to Gwar to Dizzy Reed (ex G-N-R) Mongrel have been keeping the spirit of punk rock alive and breathing. Featuring guitarist Adam Strange, bassist Rev and new members Jessica Sierra (vocals) and Dave Kazukiewicz (drums) The New Breed Of Old School is one beast of an EP. Featuring six re-recorded tracks taken from the group's "Fear, Lies, & Propaganda" cd The New Breed Of Old School serves an introduction for fans of the group to the new line up. Starting off with "West Memphis Hell" Jessica Sierra comes screaming out of the gates like a demonically possessed female Zack de la Rocha. A fast and furious punk rocker "West Memphis Hell" focuses on the controversial case of the West Memphis 3. "I Refuse" follows and reminded me of old school punk like Sham 69, Stiff Little Fingers and The Avengers. Probably the best track on the EP "I Refuse" is an anti-conformity anthem along the lines of "Fading American Dream" by the Street Dogs ( "I Refuse" is much better though). The next cut "Shut Up,Get Dead" honestly didn't do much for me. It's decent enough punk with metal riffs.It's not bad or anything it's just an alright track. "Bound To Crash" though I really got into. Imagine the Distillers meeting the Cranberries in a back alley, getting all messed up and then writing an emotional rocker Sloppy Seconds style. Coolness is all I can say. "Houdini Act" has a Rage Against The Machine feel going for it especially with that razor guitar. Vocalist Jessica really punishes you though here. I couldn't tell if she scared the crap out of me or if I thought she was the coolest lady I've ever heard. Finishing things off is the excellent "The World Loves A Tragedy". It brought to mind early Offspring (back before they became MTV stars). A venom filled rant "The World Loves A Tragedy" could easily find airplay on alternative radio stations (well, you would have to have the beeper button handy but no one ever said punk was polite). I highly doubt that is what Mongrel is aiming for though. This whole EP has that great feel and smell of old school punk. Back when bands like Jerry's Kids were pushing the boundaries of punk into metal I could have seen Mongrel fitting right in. If this EP is an indication of what the band can do I look forward to their full length due out sometime this year. Mongrel reminded me of the words from "Carnival In Rio (Punk Was)" by Die Toten Hosen (another great punk metal band kids so check them out):
"Punk was rotten, punk was vicious,
always being unambitious.
Punk was a piss-up, punk was a punch-up,
picking your nose and chucking your lunch up.
Punk was obnoxious, punk was obscene,
having a pop at our dear Queen.
Punk was a twisted tasteless trip,
punk was a pin through her majesty's lip"

"The New Breed Of Old School" is punk. It might be dressed in metal's clothing but it is punk nonetheless. A great EP that's worthy of it's title. Find out more at: - Heavy Metal Time Machine

"If The Misfits and Metallica collaborated on a Guns N’ Roses tribute album, with members of Motorhead and Nickelback joining in the fray..."

If The Misfits and Metallica collaborated on a Guns N’ Roses tribute album, with members of Motorhead and Nickelback joining in the fray, it might sound similar to Mongrel’s latest EP The New Breed of Old School. The four-piece from Massaschusetts has a new line-up, including vocalist Jessica Sierra, and this EP is a re-release of six tracks from 2008 debut Fear, Lies, & Propaganda. When bands usually re-record material, it comes across as either a filler between albums or an opportunity for record labels to suck more money out of the consumer. Mongrel’s approach is neither of these two, putting the spotlight on Sierra and taking steps towards a legimitate reputation that is not just a bland sum of all their influences.

The original versions of these songs were styled with a punk mentality, with snarling vocals barking about the injustices of society and a grittiness that put the emphasis on the guitars. The New Breed of Old School takes these tracks and injects them with a metal punch, hitting way harder than before. The band gets into thrash territory with the galloping riffs of opener “West Memphis Hell,” though it is the only time that the band flirts with this sound. Much of the EP is driving hard rock that is bolstered by the meaty production that gives the instruments the power that was lacking on previous releases.

The New Breed Of Old School is the first recording with Sierra on vocals, and she does a fabulous job. The band had male vocalists in the past, but the female vocals add a sultry vibe to the slower songs like “Bound to Crash” and a bitter rage to the uptempo “The World Loves A Tragedy.” Her voice fits in like a snug puzzle piece, as the songs come off better with her wide range. The rest of the band isn’t as impressive, sticking to the original source material with only a little deviation.

This EP is far from disposable, and while there aren’t any new songs, fans may want to pick it up just to hear how the band sounds with a female vocalist and a heavier sound. Those hearing the band for the first time will find the EP to be an appetizer of sorts, a taste test to see if the blend of hard rock, metal, and punk suits the pallet. Mongrel is working on a new album now, and while The New Breed Of Old School is a strong indication that the band is going ahead with unlimited momentum, the next release will be a real test of how far they have come since Fear, Lies, & Propaganda. - SMN news

"This is a must listen and must buy for any music fan."

The New Breed of Old School is the second EP release from Mongrel. This album does not disappoint. Their music is a welcome blend of hard rock and punk, tending more towards the punk. This is a six-song release and there is not a bad one to be found. This newest release showcases the new singer, Jessica Sierra, and new drummer Dave Kazukiewicz. Mongrel initially formed in 2003 in the Northeast, which has fast become the cradle of new music for the country. After some line-up changes and one full length CD release, Mongrel has arrived at this latest EP.

It is certainly a nice breath of fresh air to see the female talent finally making their way into the punk/hard/rock music. Jessica does not disappoint. She has a truly distinctive style, melodic, sharp, fast keeping in perfect pace with the music. Hats off to the drummer for including some blast beats on West Memphis Hell. Not easy to do in the punk genre but pulled off nicely. In short this is a tight hard rock/punk band well worth the listen. I truly hope I get to see them live as I can only imagine their live shows are even better than their recordings. I am a punk music fan and have spent many nights listening to Black Flag and Rancid. Mongrel fits in great with these icons of punk and the added parts to their music set them off and give us the listeners something nice, new, and purely raw. One quick example is the brief guitar solo we hear on I Refuse, the punk drive of the song in accentuated nicely with a brief guitar solo one might find in a classic rock tune. The only comment left to make is the bass lines are great and really keep the driving punk beats of the songs where it needs to be.

This is a must listen and must buy for any music fan. I am proud to say that Mongrel is part of my iPod playlist and they will stay that way. Give them a try and I think that you too will find a nice fresh sound that will leave you as impressed as I am. Here’s hoping they make a stop near me so I can get the full Mongrel experience.

- Hard Rock

""This is the truth dear friends""


Hard Rock / Punk

Mongrel is a band that hails from the United States of America and only by the title of the album we can figure out the theme of the lyrics.
Between faster and slower riffs and parts of the tracks, screams and calm voices, Mongrel gives us a full of anger release, ready to take part on a fight for a better world! The lyrics are full of meaning and we can feel that there are the feelings of who wrote it and not a piece of crap, this is the truth dear friends. The shouts and the guitar take part on the faster parts, taking us to a activist punk rock band and the slower voice and bass take us to a very good Hard Rock album.
This mix gives the band and album very credit because it's really well produced and we do not get tired of listen to it. if you still have any doubt, head to their MySpace and listen to "Shut up, you're dead", you'll know what I'm talkin about!

"this is a killer hard core rock record, check it out & experience what real underground rock is about in 2008!"

Fear, Lies & Propaganda

When I got this cd, the first thing I thought when I looked at the bands picture was, ok, this will be another cheesy, corny metal band with nothing to say, probably loads o' talk about the devil or whatever the song writer's think are evil, BUT, to my surprise, Mongrel actually reminds me of Henry Rollin's era Black Flag..they are a mix of metal & hardcore...I was also reminded of a personal favorite of mine, Mr. Casey Chaos & AMEN...what I thought was funny was, when I read the credits & thank you's on the record...BOTH bands were mentioned as influences...go figure! Hands down, the last 2 songs are the best songs on this cd..."No Gods, No Masters" has a great chorus of, "No Gods, No Masters, Fuck You, You Bastards" & it's said soo many times in the song that it's like a chant for life & I LOVE that! "Dyslexic Alchemist" has a great chorus too & it goes, "I had it all & I fucked it all away"...the music is raw, the band isn't over produced & what I LOVE about this cd is the lyrics are so real, to the point & honest...I would consider the lyrics on this cd to be some of the rawest & purest poetry about real life & human emotions that you will EVER hear! My final statement is, this is a killer hard core rock record, check it out & experience what real underground rock is about in 2008!

Rating: 6 stars!

(6 Stars - Sell your car, dog, baby, etc., this is a MUST have! ) - Rock N' Roll Experience

"This band will bring a smile to your face and have your first pumping from beginning to end. They don’t make records like this anymore."

Mongrel - Fear, Lies And Propaganda

New Hampshire’s Mongrel are a modern day punk band, by punk I don‘t mean Green Day or garbage like Good Charlotte. Mongrel have an edgier sound, they are more dangerous. With the genetic traits of bands like Black Flag the hooks of The Ramones and The Misfits with a James Hetfieldesque sounding singer. Fear, Lies And Propaganda is gritty and underground like old school punk once was. This band will bring a smile to your face and have your first pumping from beginning to end. They don’t make records like this anymore. While this album isn’t the most innovative, punk usually wasn’t, it’s a respectable effort by a band that is waving the flag for old school punk in 2008. Expect good things in the future from Mongrel they have a lot of potential. - Pivoltal Rage webzine

"Quote from Piggy D of Rob Zombie's band"

"If anybody knows about musical car crashes it's me! Mongrel embodies all that is great about punk rock. Their music sweats pure angst, driven by an audible destruction that is in rare form these days. And then there's the live show....wear a helmet!" - Piggy D., bassist, Rob Zombie - personal quote

"Acey Slade Personal Quote"

“Mongrel take the DIY ethic of Black Flag, the anthems of the Misfits and throw a low slung Les Paul on it like Gn’R!” - Acey Slade, Wednesday13 guitarist, ex-Dope/Murderdolls/Trashlight Vision - personal quote

"“Fear, Lies, & Propaganda” had me banging my head and pumping my fist within seconds after hearing the first note!"

Mongrel - Fear, Lies, & Propaganda
Screaming Ferret Wreckords - 2008

Punk, punk, punkity, punk! Normally I’m not a big fan of this form of the counterculture, but “Fear, Lies, & Propaganda” had me banging my head and pumping my fist within seconds after hearing the first note! I can’t exactly explain what it is that’s different about Mongrel and their brand of punk/rock that’s so excitable. There are atypical punk themes, the music itself is approachable, and the vocalist is versatile. Those are all good things, but that still doesn’t explain the allure! Grrr... Maybe it’s the innovative licks and solos the guitarist dispenses ad nausium? Or maybe it could be the broad range of lyrical content that is covered throughout the length of “Fear, Lies, & Propaganda”? Everything from a young woman watching her destroy her own life (‘Bound to Crash’) to freeing the West Memphis Three (‘West Memphis Hell’) to the druggies remorse (‘Dyslexic Alchemist’)? I guess ya’ll will just have to pick up “Fear, Lies, & Propaganda” for yourselves and find out just what is so damned awesome about it? - :) CS

www. screamingferret. com
www. mongrelband. com
www. myspace. com/mongrel - E-Metal Space webzine

"It's about time someone did something unique. This is a must-hear band and I highly recommend them."

Fear, Lies, & Propaganda
By Rebecca Hohm
(SugarBuzz St. Louis)
SugarBuzz Magazine

If you tossed both the late 70's punk era and the early 90's Seattle scene into a blender and pressed LIQUEFY, you'd be drinking a Mongrel malted.

Mongrel hails from the Boston Massachusettes area and are rumored to be the hardest working band on the circuit. Formed in 2003 and comprised of 5 members (headed up by deliciously edible vocalist Drew Barker), their music has a unique sound that is strangely familiar. It is a bad-ass combination of both the punk and metal sounds of days gone by. Hard, groovin', catchy style music surrounds well-written, anthem-style lyrics that definitely make them stand apart from the stereotypical punk genre.

In the fall of 2007 they signed to Screaming Ferret Wreckords, and just re-released their first album, "Fear, Lies, & Propaganda" in early April. Mongrel's full length album was recorded at Moontower Studio in Cambridge, MA and mastered by Grammy award winner, Jay Frigoletto at Pro Mastering in Brookline, NH.

Drew Barker has an amazing voice and reminds me of a punked out version of Jim Morrison with some Glenn Danzig sprinkled in. He's raw and gutsy and has complete control over his voice, even in the most trying of vocal situations.

Dualing guitarists Adam Savage and Andrew X are not anything out of the extreme extraordinary, as far as guitarists go, but they blend perfectly with the rest of the band and keep it constant, loud, heavy, and crankin'. Bass player Rev is most definitely connected by the balls to drummer Ed Loguercio and they make for a truly solid rhythm section. As a whole, not one player outshines the other but that's what I think makes a great band.

The song, "Dyslexic Alchemist (F.I.A.A.)" was one I could not help but to listen to over and over. The dark undertone with the chorus chanting, "Had it all and I fucked it all away" kept reverberating through my skull like a mantra gone awry. From start to finish this is a song that belongs in every CD player world-wide. It was also featured on a complilation CD released in February 2008 by Metal Edge Magazine.

"Bound to Crash" is another highlight on the album. Drew's opening vocals are hauntingly beautiful and his emotion is quite visible to the naked ear. The music is written in a minor tone with splashes of major tones all around it. Definitely another one to listen to as it keeps your attention and doesn't let go.

All of the other songs are just as well constructed and you can't help but to wiggle around listening to them. It's about time someone did something unique. This is a must-hear band and I highly recommend them.

Mongrel will be touring extensively in 2008 and has opened for such bands as the Misfits, GWAR, Dizzy Reed, The Exploited, Prong, Otep, Wednesday 13, Michale Graves, Blitzkid, The Independents, Trashlight Vision, Piggy D's Evacuation Plan, Mushroomhead, Hed(pe), and All That Remains. Look for them coming to a city near you soon. I suggest you all get your asses to one or all of their live shows. You won't be disappointed.


SugarBuzz Magazine -

"Mongrel is in a class of their own"

Mongrel ‘Fear, Lies & Propaganda’

(Screaming Ferret Wreckords/Immolation Records) By John Haseltine

Okay, these guys rock!

Mongrel are a punk/metal band with an influence list too long to mention. Some do include the likes of The Misfits and Black Flag to Guns & Roses to old-school Metallica. Their sound is a hard rockin’ mix of punk and metal with bits and pieces of the late ‘90’s Seattle sound. Just the right amounts of each that will leave you flabbergasted.

‘Fear, Lies & Propaganda’ was originally released by Immolation Records in late ‘06 and re-released by Screaming Ferret Records earlier this year.

Having opened for bands like Prong, The Misfits, Otep, The Exploited, GWAR and MushroomHead to name a few, Mongrel are fast on their way to success. With relentless touring and dozens upon dozens of radio stations playing their music, Mongrel are ready to take on the world with their pulverizing brand of music.

Each and every track is very infectious in it’s own way while never sounding just like the last one. All the way refreshing yet familiar at the same time. A very well rounded album that is sure to please many music fans of several genre preferences.

Mongrel is in a class of their own and coming to a theater near you. Keep an eye out and check out their music today.


"Mongrel proves that mixed breeds sometimes are a listener's best friend."

Fear, Lies and Propaganda

Company: Screaming Ferret Wrecords
Release: 2008
Reviewer: Strutter
Genre: Hard Rock Rating
4 (out of 5)

Mixed breeds sometimes are a listener's best friend

Punk, rock, grunge and metal...all come into play from the mix breed dog known as Mongrel. Hailing from Massachusetts, the quintet has managed to cross over four different genres without muddying the aural waters. Their latest release, "Fear Lies, and Propaganda" is a high throttle collection from a group that has been christened the hardest working band in Boston. Mongrel began in 2003 when guitarist Adam Savage, formerly of the band Shockwave joined forces with Matt "Death" Rowe, formerly of the band 48 Rooms. The bands' original line up released a self-titled 4 song ep in the Fall of 2003 including 3 original songs and a cover of Body Count's "Cop Killer." Two more eps followed, and after a couple of the inevitable line up changes, Mongrel has finally been able to tug at the leash of their own unique sound. Current members, Adam Savage: guitars, Drew Barker: vocals, Rev: bass, Ed Loguercio: drums have compiled 13 energizing tunes that despite different styles and arrangements come off as a deliberate weave vs. a random pattern. Currently touring and already at work on next year's release, Mongrel proves that mixed breeds sometimes are a listener's best friend.


"For all of you out there who thinks good punk is a thing from the past check out Mongrel"

Mongrel: Fear, Lies, and Propaganda

With all the crap, Pop-punk drowning the airwaves of late it is refreshing to hear a band carrying on in the tradition of bands like the Misfits, Rancid and Bad Religion. Bombing us with 14 fast and punchy songs Mongrel takes the bad taste from such bands as Green day, Blink 182 and the other poser punk bands and gives them all a broken nose. So, for all of you out there who thinks good punk is a thing from the past check out Mongrel.

Added: March 16th 2008
Reviewer: Dr. Brainscab
Score: 5 out of 5 stars -


Still working on that hot first release.



With a singer who draws comparisons such as “a modern day Janis meets Otep” and a unique blend of aggressive rock influences MONGREL has been on a roll since their change to a female singer 3 years ago. Called “the hardest working band in Boston” (Metal Edge), MONGREL has released 2 EPs and a full length album since 2010 and is gearing up to release their next EP “Evolution” in early

2014. “Evolution” was recorded by Jim Foster (POD, Nullset), mixed by Dave Fortman (Slipknot, Otep, Mudvayne,
Evanescence, Soil) and mastered by Howie Weinberg (Metallica, Pantera, Nirvana, The Cult). The lead off track and first single from the EP entitled “Snakes” is set to be released in October 2013 at the 10th annual Rock & Shock Festival in Worcester, MA where Mongrel will share the stage with Danzig, Doyle, Otep, Butcher Babies, and many more.

Mongrel has toured extensively in the US, repeatedly sharing
stages with rock, metal, and punk luminaries as diverse as
Godsmack, Halestorm, Korn, Gwar, The Misfits, FEAR, Sepultura, Otep, Fu Manchu, Mindless Self Indulgence, Dizzy Reed (Guns N' Roses), Vision of Disorder, Prong, God Forbid, Trashlight Vision, Piggy D’s Evacuation Plan (Rob Zombie bassist), Warrior Soul, Hed(pe), All That Remains, Mushroomhead, American Head Charge, Shadows Fall, etc.

Along the way, Mongrel has earned an impressive collection of endorsements and sponsorships including Marshall Amps, Peavey, Monster Cable, Seymour Duncan, Dean Markley, Artist Series Guitars, Agile Guitars, In Tune Guitar Picks, TRX Cymbals, Cabin Fever Whiskey, and Cocaine energy drinks. Mongrel had the RockMyMonkey album of the year in 2010, was named “punk band of the year” by Pulse Magazine in 2011, was number 6 on the CMJ ‘Most Added” and hit 43 on the CMJ charts in 2012. The video for
“C & 1/2” from their album “Reclamation” was given an exclusive premiere on in June 2013.


"Mongrel is more then punk, more then metal, they tread the line somewhere in between...a rare musical hybrid that brings the listener into their dangerous and heavy world. Then keeps them there, with beautiful, unapologetic force." - Dan Nelson (BlackGates, ex-Anthrax)

"If anybody knows about musical car crashes it's me! Mongrel embodies all that is great about punk rock. Their music sweats pure angst, driven by an audible destruction that is in rare form these days. And then there's the live show....wear a helmet!" - Piggy D., bassist, Rob Zombie

“Mongrel is hands down the hardest working punk rock machine in New England. With their aggressive work ethics, high-energy live shows and pure dedication to the mission, Mongrel's latest release "Fear, Lies, and Propaganda" will surely bring them to new levels of much deserved success. Even nuclear war could not stop these guys....check them out!” - Joe O’Brien, Owner, Rat Pak Records

"Mongrel go for the throat quicker than the bastardized canine from which they sequester their Hancock. The sobriquet under which they banner their aural beatings could not be more fitting. Plus, I hear they eat babies." - Argyle Goolsby, Blitzkid

“Mongrel take the DIY ethic of Black Flag, the anthems of the Misfits and throw a low slung Les Paul on it like Gn’R!” - Acey Slade, ex-Dope/Murderdolls/ Trashlight Vision/Wedenesday13/Amen

"Mongrel will bite you, then kick your ass musically in a way that you are going to love." - Shred, WBCN, local music director

MONGREL is sponsored/endorsed by:

Marshall Amps
Brawndo - The Thirst Mutilator
Cocaine Energy Drinks
In Tune Guitar Picks
Monster Cable
Artist Series Guitars
Agile Guitars
Dean Markley Strings
Seymour Duncan Pickups
Cabin Fever Whiskey
TXR Cymbals
Flesh By Design Tattoos and Piercing

Record Label: Immolation Records/ THC:Music

For Press contact: Adrenaline PR Maria Ferrero or 732-462-4262

Booking and Direct Band contact -