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Monica Attell,"Band Geek" (Indie Release)

Wow, this is a rarity, pure-pop music with clever lyrics. From the hilarious title, "Band Geek", you get the impression that the music will be some boring, music-prodigy tripe - but, not so on this CD. Sure, she shows off her piano prowess, but she doesn't fall into the trap of most "prodigy" types - it doesn't foreshadow the actual music. Monica Attell delivers perky singing on songs about teenage female angst, but not in a condescending way like Alanis Morrisette. Whether it is a scathing view of "Pop Star", infatuation on "Nineteen" and the hilarious social commentary of "Drunk Girl".
Rating: 3 and 1/2 stars
Review by Scott H. Platt
- Ear Candy Magazine

Review of "In My Head"
Khiki Kavan

Well crafted lyrics, a nice vocal range, and her masterful flute make Monica Attell's Ode in Bb "In My Head" an interesting combination of singer/song writer and pop. Her lyrics are much "deeper" than most pop, and accompanying her somewhat soulful lyrics is an interesting arrangement of piano, flute and pop percussion. Fun and creative.
- Indie Limelight Radio

Underground Arts Review

"Raw female fronted garage rock....Zeta Bane has accomplished the virtually impossible..they sound absolutely like nobody else. The only band I can remotely compare Zeta Bane to would be the raw feeling of Sweden's Sahara Hotnights. Jump on the Zeta Bane Bandwagon quick before everyone else finds out about this extremely unique group of talented musicians."

sunday, january 13, 2008

Monica Attell has quite the pedigree. She holds a masters degree from the Boston Conservatory of music in Flute Performance. She previously fronted the band Zeta Bane, one of the hottest bands in the Greenwich Village scene the first part of this decade. Of course there is also the family connection: performing runs in the family, with big brother Dave Attell setting the standard.

Perhaps not THE standard; Monica Attell has standards of her own to set. From the opening of Band Geek, her solo debut, it is very clear that there is more than one artistically powerful voice in the Attell clan. Band Geek is a musical oddity. The musicianship is incredibly tight, and includes perhaps the best rock flute this side of Ian Anderson. The lyrics are funny and jarring ala Ben Folds, and Ms. Attell’s vocals are powerful and cutting. There is literally no one quite like her in pop music today.

From the opening notes of “Be There For You”, it’s very clear that this is story telling on Ms. Attell’s terms. “Be There For You” describes that friendship we’ve all had with someone we truly can’t stand but for some reason continue to associate with. “In My Head” starts out sounding like something out of the Elton John songbook. “So True” is built on top of a driving piano intro that resolves into this incredible jazz/funk influenced chorus. Other highlights include “Nineteen”, “Drunk Girl”, and “Don’t Really Know”, and my favorite so far, “Rising Sun”.

In truth, there is not a weak song on Band Geek. This CD should be in the hands of the masses, and is a workshop for all who would be Indie Rockers. The music sounds like it was written and performed for the love of the music, without agenda, and without a specific plan to say something. The end result is an honest and authentic work of modern rock/pop.

No one can guarantee fame or riches in the music business, but Monica Attell deserves the stage and your attention. Catch on to her now, before her star takes off!
- Wildy Haskell

by Dennis Halsey

"Zeta Bane is a band that falls somewhere between Punk, Rock, and Blues... This is not to say that they are lost and searching for a genre, they use all genres to create their own distinct and powerful sound. Zeta Bane really did it for me, their sound is tight, rehearsed and professional."
- Best Female

by Brita Brundage

"Squarely between obnoxious (loud covers) and the depressing (moody folk), Zeta Bane gives your bane self a boost...this is a local band with the potential to make it happen."
- Fairfield County Weekly


"Band Geek" released March 2006

Band Geek available at

Hear "So True and Pop Star" on XM 43 Satellite Radio and Unsigned Cafe.

Zeta Bane's cover of David Bowie's tune "Cracked Actor" has recently been chosen to appear on Skipping Disc's Cd, "Spiders from Venus."
This disc was released in November 2003 for

"In My Head" on,,,

Monica is the star of the new documentary "The Pied Piper of La Gonave," about Monica's experience teaching music in Haiti.

Check out the trailer at

Monica Attell appeared on Q104.3 "Out of the Box with Jonathan Clarke" November 4, 2007

Monica has also appeared on these internet radio and TV stations:

Rock Me TV.Com
Ghost XM
Band House Live
Banana Peele Radio
Artist First World Radio
WJFN 99.7 FM
Q104.3 FM major New York market radio



Few artists could make a successful transition from earning a Masters in Flute Performance from the Boston Conservatory to performing with the Visions 2000 Gospel Choir to fronting the power pop punk band ZETA BANE. Monica Attell has done that, and her stature within the independent music scene is on the rise.

Attell was exposed to a wide variety of music from the start; her older brothers had different personalities and tastes in music, so Monica listened to everything from the Muppets to Yes and the Beatles to Barbra Streisand. As a result, she says she’s always found something to “hook her ear onto” with just about any kind of music.

After graduating from the Conservatory, Attell knew she needed to go where the music was, because the chances of earning a chair in a symphony orchestra were “one in a million.” “At the graduate level, everyone is really good,” she says. She started playing jazz gigs, singing backup, and playing flute for a lot of jam bands. Then the opportunity came to front ZETA BANE and, inspired by her love for Jethro Tull and his fusion of classical and rock, she made the jump.

Fueled by Attell’s powerful yet versatile vocals, which can range from ballad to hard-driving power pop punk goddess, ZETA BANE opened for acts such as Berlin; Wakefield; David Johanssen; and Attell’s brother, stand-up comic and Comedy Central personality Dave Attell.

Following her passion for making music, Attell decided to perform her own material, and teamed up with bassist John Propper, a fellow music teacher and product of a Boston music school (Berklee); and drummer Todd Budich also a graduate of Berklee, a former member of Decifunk.

The album “Band Geek” followed, the title a nod to the band friends that she’s known since starting the flute in fourth grade. “My best friends were always in the school band with me,” Attell says. “When you get to high school, you realize that’s your support group. Many of my band friends are still playing, too.”

In August 2005, Attell put her second passion--teaching music--to use, traveling to Haiti for eight days to teach recorder to over 250 children and 75 teachers. Her documentary about the trip, “The Pied Piper of La Gonave,” premiered at the Avon Theater in Stamford, CT and has been shown at Yale, the University of Bridgeport, Sacred Heart University, and SOBs in New York City.

In November 2006, Monica, Todd, and John performed for First Friday Las Vegas, next to the Stratosphere! And, they performed at the Ice House Lounge in Old Vegas after the festival.

Monica recently appeared on the NYC TV program "Gigs," in July 2007. The program was hosted by The Apprentice alum Erika Ventrini. Monica Attell is featured in the September 2007 issue of Urban Mainstream Magazine and in the November 2007 issue of Northeast Performer Magazine. Monica was featured on "Out of the Box with Jonathan Clarke," on Q104.3 FM. Monica has also performed on Rock Me live on the internet.

Monica has expanded her sound by adding guitar player Ryan Parrino and bassist Brian Anderson of the hugely successful trio "Raisinhill," to her group.