Monica Epperson

Monica Epperson


Writing from experiential wisdom has landed this young writer a children's book on divorce, a transparent song of a struggling relationship on music row and a career of verbalizing life.


My story can be summed up in one word, "diversity." In thirty-three years I have experienced being on tour with a keyboardist dad, yet attending the same school K-12. I have been surrounded by positive and negative experiences that continually point to the meaning of life. The writer emerged as a child and developed into an adult, but the content has always been the same.
Doing my part, and sharing my heart!



Written By: Monica Epperson

Darkness falls again tonight
Waves come crashing down
Feel her sadness, her heart pounds

She longs to see the sunlight
Calmness she prays to see
All she ever wanted was to believe

Talking underwater
Drowning to get it out
Whispers..muted shouts
Her soul screams for right
Rising above the white-caps
On the other side
She feels...underwater

Holding on to seas hard rock
Beating her black and blue
Be ready to listen, she's through

She's waits and rides the storm
Stillness smooth as glass
Damages...floating miles of trash


She'll let go
but never forget the deep
tears will still put her to sleep


Straining sand through her hand
Soothing the wounds of her heart

She cries as she writes her song
Now just memories, gone