Monica Fadul

Monica Fadul


Fresh and personal arrangements with a positive message.

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Written By: Mónica Fadul


All the time I was with you
I never thought about a better way to live
In your eyes I found love,
a reflection of what you felt for me.

You told me to love this life now and forever
We faced the worse days and nights together
And you´re gone

Life goes on drying oceans
I just want you to survive anywhere of myself
I follow the light that you gave me
And I want to belive that you´re waiting
I hope so

I want you to know
I´ve found more reasons to smile
I´ve found more people to shape my life
I´m strong enough to keep changing and growing so much more

Was it that you knew me before I´ve turned into this way
Or maybe your lovely wish lives and drags me somewhere else
You should know

I will thank you forever
for spending life with me,
you connect with myself
All that we did has a meaning
And the love you gave me is still living
And I will do the same
For another one

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