Monica Hall

Monica Hall


There is no reason for you not to enjoy yourself, while you listen to this mix of jazz, funk,and blues. Her voice takes you away to a place of pure enjoyment. With every song she sing's you can feel her emotion.


Monica was born in Texas on March 23rd. She currently calls New York her home, because she has lived there for over 10 years. She started singing a lot more when she came to New York, because there were more opportunities. In Highschool she made sure to be in everything that had to do with music. Singing in the Jazz Choir, Select Woman's Choir, and Chorale. She also was in musicals. She pushed herself to be a better singer, working hard on technique and taking pride in what she was accomplishing. She sang at weddings and had solo gig's with other artists. Her first year at college she was singing solo for three of the jazz bands and was also in the jazz choir. She had her first solo show her second semester, of over 18 songs. On top of juggling 19 credits a semester, and still singing for the jazz band's she started her own band called the Monica Hall Quintet. She started to set up gig's at local colleges and coffee houses. The band played till she left for The University of Miami where she is currently studying Vocal Jazz. She is still planning to perform and plans to start her own band in Miami, while going back home over breaks and doing gig's with The Monica Hall Quintet, and other successful musicians she worked with.

Set List

What's Goin' On
Hold On (I'm Comin')
New York State of Mind
Ain't That Peculiar
Use Me
What is Hip

When I Fall In Love
You Go To My Head
You Don't Know Me
Blue Skies
Black Coffee
Someone to Watch Over Me
The Way You Look Tonight