Monica Harkin

Monica Harkin


we are a mixture of folk, jazz and blues. the songs have very melodic lines that are suspended by a rich accompaniment of strings and percussion which sometimes bring them to unexpected places.


It may be a cliche but it's difficult to put our music into a category - a few names have come up in reference to us - elements of Mary Margaret O'Hara, Anthony and the Johnsons, Tori Amos, Jeff Buckley - all very esteemed company it must be said! Influences, in no particular order, would include Kurt Weill, Mary Margaret O'Hara, Kate Bush, JS Bach, Gershwin, Nick Cave. Michael , Ciaran and Monica have been playing together for two years now and with the addition six months ago of drums, guitar and viola there has been a whole new dynamic to the songs, which is very exciting especially when the band play live!



Written By: monica harkin

No one vied for your secrets
No one made you forget
No one pushed all the years to the side
No one fuelled your regret

No one held you in chaos
No one sang to your soul
but nobody took you away from the fire
To put you out in the cold

No one stopped from their chatter
to let you push in a word
but no one stopped you from thinking aloud
it's all a game in the end

and you can say you've been had
and we can say we've all had it
and you can say that you're tired
and we can say we're all tired
and you can say what you feel
and we can say anything
but that wouldn't change a thing
about the dreams we want to live in

nobody fed you a story
nobody tried to get to make you believe
make you feel your own glory
there's only you to decieve

then somebody gave you a season
washed your hair in the sun
poured the sweetest of water to give
a taste of just who you are


We currently have three tracks on the myspace and hope to record an album's worth before the end of the year we're at

Set List

A typical set list would be
Hide, Hollow, Urban, Eclipse, Falling Angels, Kissing Sleep, Secret, Land and Blue.

we are currently working on new songs and to date we haven't performed cover versions to date, but there's always room for one or two good covers.