Monica McIntyre

Monica McIntyre


"From the second Monica McIntyre's bow hits the cello, it starts to sing. She pulls and strums, building powerful chords and melodies in perhaps the most unorthodox manner seen in a cellist yet. She does this while singing lyrics so finely crafted they read like poems."


Recipe:Healing Music That Makes People Hype

Yields: Blues, Funk, Rock, Accapella-Soul, Folk, Reggae, Spirituals

Sounds Like: A Gospel Choir + Moaning Strings + Groove = Feel Good Sonically Emotional Music

Flavor Influences: Jimi Hendrix, John Lee Hooker, Nina Simone, and The Ups and Downs of this curent life

--A healthy chunk of Monica McIntyre's delicately carved lyrics, textured vocals, cello playing and sense of time. The voice of an older, much larger woman has been known to sneak out of this tiny persons body, threatning at any moment to break it open.
--Two good hand-fulls of Marcia McIntyre on vocals so perfectly in sync with Monica's you would swear one person was singing both harmonies at the same time. As if this weren't enough she makes her violin weep, with every sound she elicits, for it's mother.

You've never heard sisters bring it like this duo; they hit you hard and leave a lasting impression.



Written By: Monica McIntyre

I cast out my net like a fishergirl
And when I draw it in
It's weighed down with broken things
Mostly broken people needing my time
The exchange is not reciprocal
They just take what's mine

I'm a fishergirl, fishergirl
I love by my hands
These days are so lean
They make my heart mean
I'm a fishergirl, fishergirl
I just don't like the sea
Cause it's filled with broken people
Exactly like me

My net has a filter I haphazardly use
So people slip in and they cause me abuse
Who can I blame when it's me I've misused
My net has a filter I haphazardly use

Chorus: 2x

Bruised Fruit

Written By: Monica McIntyre

My heart in your hand sits
Like an overripe fruit with
Slight pressure the skin gives way
And fingers slip in silently
Slight becomes tight
And disfigures said fruit
Oh the pressure, the pressure, the Pressure

Bruised fruit, Bruised fruit for sale
Battered and used
Hurt and abused, bruised fruit
Picked over, forgotten
It's sure to go rotten
Bruised fruit, bruised fruit, for sale

Your hand, releases my misshapen
Heart, left alone she ponders
Her new found form
Misshapen and new
Can be beautiful too
Release the pressure, the pressure
The Pressure


My heart alone stands
She's discarded the hand that
Disfigured, pressured and altered
Her plans
Alone, she's grown and she's all on
Her own
There's no more pressure, no Pressure, no pressure



Written By: Monica McIntyre

Lacerations never healed
Too numerous to count
Rise on the surface
Of my present state
Still swollen from those lessons of Childhood apathy quite tender Ready to burst
My lifes in jeopardy
How do we unlearn these lessons
So long we've been taught
To become in a sense
What we are not

I'm struggling with growing pains
That lead to change
Pressure's perfecting the diamonds
Found inside of me
The more I learn the more I'm hurt
Such clarity
I'm learning myself how to become me

Injesting pain for years
Has not vaccinated me
I've found I'm more succeptible to it's disease
Anorexic communication
Prone to fits of love and purge
Are symptoms of my malady
I must resist the urge
I welcome pain unwittingly
I'm naive yes I know
It's a gluttonous parasite
Not easily let go



Written By: Monica McIntyre

I'm reflecting in a lake of my own tears
Making concentric spheres of all my fears
In this arduous cycle of life
We spin, rinse, repeat until right (2x)

Eyes are windows made of glass
Are windows made of glass
You see intent, content (2x)

Precious metals and jewels are
All opulent tools
Giving splintered and tarnished views
Of a soul still searching and trying anew
To do unto others while remaining
I'm projecting happiness into my life
Rejecting those concepts that cause me strife
And I'm learning I must be free
This begins and it ends with me
It begins and it ends with me


Everything is Blue

Written By: Monica McIntyre

Have you ever had a day
Where all you see is blue
I've had quite a few
And though the sky you know
Is white heavy with snow
It's all blue to you, blue to you
It's all blue to you

Everything is blue, everything is blue
Not quite sure what to do
Everything is blue (2x)

When sight takes up residence in your heart
It can get tricky to tell colors apart
You see emotion where emotion
Lies naught
It's all blue to you, blue to you
It's all blue to you


When your mind is not your own
And on the lonely streets at night
You're bound to roam
You beg and plead for it to please come home
But it's all blue to you, blue to you
It's all blue to you


She's Strong

Written By: Monica McIntyre

She's strong, she just doesn't know it yet don't fault her memory
It's something she's prone to forget
The demons crawl out from their Hiding places with death and blood On their hideous faces
She cries while she's fighting and Her power is gorgeously frightening

It's in her weakness that the inner
Strength is shown I've looked over
Her life and said my how she's grown I know her heart and I know her soul
She's a force of nature
Sometimes she'll lose control
Cause demons are rough they
Don't play by the rules
They shake us up and knock us down
Make us feel like fools
But we must stand up and look
Them in the face and say hey
I reclaim my space and you
Must do as I say do you must do as I say do
And it gets easier as time goes by To tell those demons you are just lies
And I will keep on trying although
I may be crying

These tears are my truth that
I present to you (2x)



Blusolaz, LP, Self-Release, October 2003
Bars of Gold, Single, Self-Release, August 2005

Set List

Typical Set List:

Revolving Door, Ease Your Pain, Fishergirl, Everything is Blue, She's Strong, Bruised Fruit, Lacerations, Move Me and Kind of Blue.

My sets vary depending on what the venue/night requires. Usually if I do one set it's 40-45mins. If it's two sets they're each about 45mins with a 15min break.

The covers:
Come As You Are-Nirvana, My "Boy"-The Temptations, Summertime-Gershwyn, My Funny Valentine