Monika Bourgeois

Monika Bourgeois


Award winning singer/songwriter Monika (mo-knee-ka) is sure to add unique character to your event. This petite songbird brings vocal-to-lyric stage delivery that can be summed in one word: Golden.


This petite singer/songwriter will fool you. At 5' 1", 115 lbs, she carries a thousand watt smile and giant brown heart melting eyes. But one good conversation with her and you'll find an old soul who has lived and experienced things far past her years.

Singer/songwriter Monika (mo-knee-ka) Bourgeois is a Northwest native of creole descent. After emerging from an unconventional background that reads like a N.Y. Times Best seller, Monika is forging ahead, focusing on her blossoming career in the Music Industry and taking every step in stride.

Her sophomore offering "From the Mind of a Christian Girl", is a private flip through her personal journal.

Undoubtedly, Monikas' wordsmithing shines light on areas of life that sometimes seems nonexistent in other Faith albums.

Monika wrote "All Things", on Melvin Wlliams "Crazy Like Love" cd (Top 20 Billboard release!), (Malaco/BlackBerry Records), 3 songs including the smash single "Almost Forgot to Worship" for award winning artist Kim Stratton & Jamaican band "Dub Dis", and many more projects in the works.

After winning CeCe Winans 2004 Throne Room writing competition, Monika decided to try her hand in journalism; with pieces appearing in "Ya Heard Magazine".

In addition,
Monika became the first independant artist to sign with Starone Networks to create, perform and produce ringtone content.

She is releasing her sophomore project, "From the Mind of a Christian Girl" through her independant label,
Bougies Music Group/Pretty Pirahna Productions.

Her songwriting & voice has been layered behind the scenes in a five year running jingle for Chevrolet, and has been featured in numerous albums for background, and overlaying vocals.

She seems very comfortable in her own skin now, not at all like the young lady who only two years ago had trouble calling herself an 'Artist'.

"You know, I am learning everyday to be greatful for every gift I've been blessed with. The Bible says "Cast not away your confidence," yet I threw mine down the drain a few years ago because situations led me to believe that something was wrong with being "Monika". The awards and opportunities that had come my way were great blessings: It was a wild ride. People would say, "Oh' you can't do this or that", and I just had the hardest time believing it. I just believed that anything was possible. And at the risk of sounding like a *church girl* it was truly God that brought me back to life."

I really believe in the professionalism that comes with the territory of being a "Songwriting Artist".

I spend a third of my year in Nashville attending different Seminars, Events, GMA sessions, BMI meetings etc.

Thats' the business, and I'm still treating it like work. And thats some God stuff!"

Monika resides in the south suburbs of Chicago with her husband of seven years, Marcus "Terry" Moore and their daughter, 5 year old Majesty.

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Written By: Monika Bourgeois

©2004-Monika Bourgeois/BMI
all vocals-Monika
Recorded at Minstrel Studios Chicago
Instruments-Derwin Davis
Mixed &engineered by Derwin Davis/Minstrel Studios Chicago

It was 3 am when the praises started raising straight from my heart
Wasn’t even fully awake but my spirit had already got a good head start
You’d of thought I just got saved by the way my spirit trembled in your embrace
Before I knew it I was on the floor/palms down/ laying prostrate on my face
And my voice was steady serenading

Can’t breathe without you/ Can’t live without you/Can’t go without you/ Can’t flow without you
Can’t love without you/ Can’t run without you
What can I say I must be addicted
Can’t breathe without you/ can’t reach without you/ can’t preach without you/ can’t teach without you
Can’t dream without you/ can’t sing without you, what can I say I must be addicted yes

I made a promised to serve you Lord
Love you Lord, and Call you Lord
To lay my life down and follow you Lord/ obey you Lord/ and crown you Lord
I got the notion it would take some strength, to watch and pray, to walk by faith, but not this way
I feel like I’m, I feel like I’m simply addicted


Can’t move, can’t go, cant flow, can’t show, can’t walk , can’t talk, can’t see, please believe, can’t breathe, can’t sing, can’t write, can’t rhyme, without you, without you, without you, without you , oooo


Written By: Monika Bourgeois

Monika Bourgeois/BMI
All vocals-Monika
All Instrument except for Guitar and sax by Vincent Wiley/GTG Productions
Guitar-Vinnie Roof
Saxaphone-Marcus Terry
Vocals & Sax recorded @ Minstrel Studios Chicago/Derwin Davis

In the middle of frustration
You give a shield of peace
And its my determination, for you to be the King of me
For you to be the King of me

You have calmed my human nature
And replaced it with your love
When I could not hold my own ground
You sent safety from above
You sent safety from above

I am overwhelmed,
See I was suddenly transformed, I’ll never take it lightly
That through your blood I’ve been reborn
I am overwhelmed
I was suddenly transformed by your love

Its been my evaluation, that your love is all around
And I understand the value of a life once lost now found
Oh yea my life was lost and found

And you‘ve been more than truly patient,
truly understanding
O’ how I love you, and I’m so grateful…..

(Music interlude)

In a Dire situation, you came and rescued me,
And when others thought I would die,
you breathed new life in me, you breathed new life in me

I am overwhelmed, see I was suddenly transformed,
& I’ll never take it lightly, that through your blood I’ve been reborn….

Cup of Tea

Written By: Monika Bourgeois/BMI

”Cup of Tea”
(copyright 2006 Monika Bourgeois/BMI)

Whered’ you get your Patience?
Cuz’ I lost mine the other day
At the store I heard them say
that they don’t have
my size no more,
& “No Return” signs on the door

Whered’ you find that Virtue?
I used to have the prettiest lot,
Now where I left it, I forgot
I must remember to stock up
Along the way
and save some for a Rainy Day

whered’ you get that Fire?
Been a while
since I fanned my flame
It’s a good thing that you came’
I might a just of fizzled Out,
Would’ve been some kind of Drought

Whered’ you find those Standards?
Now see, mine use to be that high,
There lower now,
I don’t know why,
The race is on to build the view
Back from sky (oh)

I guess I should say Thank You
Your shining Light
it shines so bright,
That it has inspired me,
to be an even better me

Thanks for the opportunity
to see everything I can be
& Thank you for this Cup of Tea

If I could only find my Keys………..


Let God Be (1999)

Woman of God (single)( 2003)

From the Mind of a Christian Girl (radio ep 2006)

From the Mind of a Christian Girl (full LP 2007)

Set List

Promo set (10 minute up to 2 songs)
Typical set (15-30 minutes up 4 songs)
Extended set (1 hr / up to 7 songs)

Addicted (Can't can't go without you)
Sweetest Evidence
Cup of Tea
Woman of God (when requested)
Birth Write
Must Be ( Love)
(list subject to change)