Monika H. Band

Monika H. Band


Monika H. creates mysterious melodies over the grind of psychodelic rock with fringes of jazz and enough spontaneous ruminations to still wonder where her music could have come from. Her first solo album, "Bright," was rated one of the Top 10 Albums of 2006 by the Boston Phoenix.


NYC based Singer and writer, Monika Heidemann creates mysterious melodies over the grind of bizzaro rock and the fringes of jazz, not to mention enough spontaneous ruminations to still question where her music could have come from.

In June 2006, Monika H. independently released her first solo album, "Bright," which has received outstanding reviews and rated one of the Top 10 Albums of 2006 by the Boston Phoenix. The CD features her original songs and two by the late Steve Lacy.

The band now consists of Simon Lott, (the drummer from Charlie Hunter's trio), Rob Jost, (bass player with Tony Sher and Imogen Heap), Gray Mc Murray,(guiter with The Exit) and Erik Deutch, (keys with Charlie Hunter, Erin McKeown).

2007 was an extremely busy year. The Monika H. Band completed two European tours in Spain, Portugal, Lithuanina and Latvia and was the recipient of a travel grant from "Meet the Composer" to perform her music abroad. She recorded her second album (awaiting release!) at Studio G in Brooklyn, recorded/mixed/co-produced by Joel Hamilton (Tom Waits, Book of Knots, Giraffes, Dub Trio, Sleepytime Gorilla Museum). She also filmed and co-produced her first music video, "Your Doom".

Heidemann is the leader of this self-titled NYC based project, the Monika H. Band - now in its third year. Her music and lyrics are a platform for her band to tell the ever-changing musical story of her songs. The music gives a sensation of being perched on a high cliff at a perfect angle of repose, where the fall is visible but not inevitable, sitting just outside of dissonance, barely safe from chaos.

Monika and her band have played NYC stages such as BAM, Luna Lounge, Zebulon, Cornelia Street, Barbes, Tonic, Makor, Sweet Rhythm and, Roulette Intermedium (to name a few) , She has toured the UK, Europe and the US with her various projects. She resides in NYC where she collaborates with many wonderful musicians in projects such as Sam Sadigursky’s “The Words Project” (2007-New Amsterdam)


"Bright" 2006
-songs on college radio
"Disguised as Umbrellas, We slept" 2008

Set List

45min.-1hr. depending on what is asked.
we can do 2 sets.
All originals.

Disguised as Umbrellas, we slept
Limping around Town
Incoming Queen
Outgoing King
Food Stamping
Fun to be had, if you let it
Keep on
The Race
The Fall
Your Doom
Night Spray