Monika Wall

Monika Wall

 Winnipeg, Manitoba, CAN
BandJazzAdult Contemporary

From African American gospel choirs to singing opera arias in centuries old cathedrals in Europe, Monika’s musical influences have shaped the music she writes. Her catchy, jazz based originals encompass all these worlds of sound. She believes that life is a journey and abundance is all around for those who look. Monika’s comfortable dialogue gives voice to her hopes as she reflects on inspiration for her songs. Completely at ease with her voice she spans from folk, indie pop to 'Ella' style ja


Monika Wall has never turned away from a challenge. After singing in a competition in Hamburg Germany she felt that time spent in Europe was essential to her career. She returned home, told her husband who agreed, and 6 weeks later they had sold the house and were on a plane with their 2 and 5 year old sons to spend 5 years singing in Europe. Audiences were drawn in by her "spine tingling voice" and were brought to their feet, time after time as she sang music from Porter to Puccini. She loved her experience and when she returned home she felt  somewhere between these two worlds. It was in this "in between" that she was soon to find her true voice.
One night, woken by the insistence of a song in her head that she didn't recognize, she went downstairs to record it. As soon as she had sung it, another song came, and then another. This call to create began her song writing career. Monika's songs have thought provoking lyrics and catchy melodies which span musical styles and redefine them.Taking their cue from the broad scope of music Monika has sung in her life, it is jazz based music from all over the world rather than world music.
Despite the wide range of styles the songs somehow still carry the fingerprint of one musical signature, uniquely her own. Best defined by the rumba based 'Vocalise on a Magic Carpet' it is a world between worlds.


Little Bee

Written By: Monika Loewen Wall

Little Bee Monika Loewen Wall copyright 2009
Little bee, little bee, little bee, little bee
Won’t you play with me x2

I love to eat your honey
It’s just as sweet as can be
So buzz on back to me darlin’
I love you, honey bee
You know you’re the life of the party
For all good things that grow
But we two legged creatures
We need you so, oh, oh
Instrumental solo
It’s grand how you gather your honey
Flyin’ from flower to tree
Without you my food chain is broken
Honey bee, you’re the key
Won’t you play with, me


Written By: Monika Loewen Wall

Do you hear the whisper in the wind
Do you see the sunlight through the trees
Do you know the sweet smell of the grass
All of these mean nothing to me

Do you hear the humming of the bees
Do you feel the crashing of the sea
Do you know the first star in the sky
When night is nigh
It means nothing

Amore mio, perche
Why did I give my heart away
I had no right to wish for you
And still I do, perche

Do you know the soft touch of the sand
Can you feel the warm brush of my hand
When I see the deep blue of your eyes
As you disappear in the night

Amore mio, a picture in my mind
I thought these thoughts would go away
How did I let my heart slip on a wish and a dream
Amore mio, perche

Amore mio, perche
Why did I meet you on that day
Your silly laugh, your broken soul
How did I let it steal my sense away


Written By: Monika Loewen Wall


Young Joshua fought the battle of Jericho
With a horn and a group of stompers
With trumpet held high
And feet pounding low
That was the way he conquered
So how did it come, to pass on that day
That not a sword was lifted
The walls of rock
They just fell away

They never thought you’d do it
They never thought you’d do it
But the walls came tumbling down
There was an old city by the name of Berlin
The folks weren’t so happy
They’d lost half their kin
Though many had tried
To cross that old wall
They died in the river
They died in the street
They died for the longing
(Instrumental interlude)
Of freedom, under their feet
Never thought you’d do it
Never thought you’d do it
But the walls came tumbling down

There was a young man from Chicago
(Instrumental interlude)
His sights were set high
Though beginnings were low
Good men of the past
Had dreamed of this day
They’d drunk from black water
They’d hung from the trees
Now the glass ceiling shattered
The roar of crowds swelled
The old chains were rattled
As walls of bigotry fell
They said he couldn’t do it
He’d never make it through it
But the walls came tumbling down
(Instrumental interlude)
And the walls came tumbling down


Written By: Monika Loewen Wall


Never farther than today
May our hearts always travel as one
May your days all be long
And your life be as a song
Fare thee well, oh my friend and Ade

May the sun on your back
Be the warmth that you lack
When the cold winds of life blow your way
Like a cloak of God’s love
On your shoulder from above
To this blessing hold fast and Ade

From the green of the blade
To the bronze and fiery red
To the brown leaf
The wind blows away
We are one from the womb
To the silence of the tomb
All creation from Hello to Ade

From the rising of the sun
‘Til it sets when day is done
We are one, we are one
Sing Ade
May the love of the past
Be the truth alone that lasts
Oh my friend, Fare thee well and Ade

Then Ade and Ade
Never farther than today
May our hearts always travel as one
May your days all be long
And your life be as a song
Fare thee well, oh my friend and Ade

Stolen Childhood

Written By: Monika Loewen Wall

Where did you put my childhood
Where shall I keep my heart
What other words can I tell you
Do I want to
I do not

Where are the words to tell you
What other things can I say
I had my childhood stolen
One day

How many times I waited for the moment to pass
How many times I wondered
Why a child
Should pay the price
For the longing of power
For the craving of shame
To inflict on a human spirit
And I became the stain

Why are your eyes averted
When will the world begin to see
I should not be an item
Someone please see me

God if you’re there and can hear me
Won’t you send one who loves you
To free me from the shame
The guilt
The pain
The curse
The fool

When will your eyes be opened
When will you see me here
Longing to be a person
Longing to be free


2012 'Parallel Mondo'
Radio Play 'Ade', 'Get your happy on'
CBC Radio 'Guy Thing'