Monique Mijnals

Monique Mijnals


Monique Mijnals sings songs in her native language Sranan Tongo and English songs. A singer songwriter with her own warm and unique sound. Who does she remind you of??, just listen to her. Debut Album Earth Meets Monique Mijnals in stores 2009!!


At first glance, the beautiful and statuesque, 6 foot 1 inch tall, African-Suriname Goddess named Monique Mijnals (pronounced my-NAHLS) is an awe inspiring portrait. Upon getting the chance to speak with her you’ll find that she is warm, witty and wise and you are immediately drawn to her enveloping charm, her lovely alto speaking voice, her enchanting Dutch/Sranan Tongo accent and her free and infectious laughter.

Monique, a single mother to a beautiful son, was born in the country of Suriname, which is located just outside of Guyana in South American. At the age of five she and her family moved to Holland (The Netherlands) and she has lived there since that time. Monique grew up with lots of music in her life and had, early on displayed a good ear and a beautiful singing voice, but it was when her sister passed way from cancer several years ago that she decided she should actually do something with the gift of music the creator had given her. She started out singing and felt that using an instrument would make her feel more secure in her new endeavor so she tried learning piano and that did not work for her. She then bought a guitar and took some lessons and she, in her words “knew this instrument belongs to my soul”.

Although the lovely Mijnals has lived most of her life in Holland, she has maintained her Surinamese culture and it is greatly reflected in her music. In addition to her first language which is Dutch, she also speaks, quite fluently, English and Sranan Tongo (a Creole language and is the mother tongue of about 500,000 people in Suriname who are descendants of slaves brought from Africa during the colonial period). She includes several songs in her native language of Sranan Tongo, you’ll also hear some South American influences in her music as well. She also writes her own material. Her voice is deep and silky, she reminds one of, perhaps a Joan Armatrading with a gorgeous Dutch/Sranan accent and a heavy acoustic flavor.

Monique is also a great fan of Aretha Franklin, the late Nina Simone and the late Josephine Baker and she cites them as major influences in her musical life. This Suriname Beauty also includes dancing and painting among her many talents. She also spends a great deal of time in the gym keeping that fantastic body in tip-top shape to deal with the rigors of the music industry.

Monique Mijnals, Suriname’s Pride, is definitely a force to be reckoned with and she is currently working on her first cd and it will be full of African-Suriname and Dutch culture with beautifully woven stories of her life.

With her beautiful and contagious smile, Monique (who simply goes by Mo at times) has a simple philosophy and that is to “Enjoy Life” and she does just that and brings much joy into the lives of those who are touched by her music and her presence.



Rocks do Blush

Written By: Monique Mijnals

Let me tell you about a special lady
she's smart smoot and shady
her name means story
and she's realy nice to see

She listen to what I say
so I know that she aint
playin a game
she's hunnest and true to me
thats what I realy feel

Your a rock but you blush sometimes
you get speechles once in a while
your a rock but you blush sometimes
you get speechles once in a while

She likes Johnny Depp
and sisters with a nice act
art books and poetry makes
her the person that she wonna be

Thank you for you compliments
I will hold it with two hands
There is something special about you
Cause you make dreams come true

Your a rock but you blush sometimes
you get speechles once in a while
your a rock but you blush sometimes
you get speechles once in a while

Cassandra Johhny or me who's it gonna be,
Cassandra Johnny or me who's it
gonna be

Rocks do blush sometimes
Say what
Rocks do blush sometimes
Ooh yeah
Rocks do blush sometimes


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