Monique Braam

Monique Braam


Contemporary Christian music, rock, pop ballad, Latin


I write contemporary Christian songs, rock,pop balads,Latin. It's my purpose to display God's love through these songs.

As the daughter of a secretary of state of a country in South America I met a lot of influential people, but none have turned my world upside down and influenced me in a more divine way like Jesus Christ.

I fell in love with Jesus when I was sixteen, been singing about Him ever since.

My husband, Leon Braam, and I met in a band and got married shortly after that.
Together we continued to write, sing and perform spreading God’s love to a world in need of it.

Leon’s an engineer, very talented musically and arranges all my songs. It’s our wish to touch people's hearts with the tales of our hearts.
I play the piano and guitar, just love it.
Every new song is a gift from heaven.


Indie, Perform at several places, The Netherlands, USA, TV Christmas specials and other TV appearances in South America

Set List

Worship the Lord 3.47 minutes
Until the end of time 5 minutes
Never let you go 5.45 minutes
Hallelujah Swing 4 minutes
Tales of the heart 4.29 minutes
Friends at Christmas 5 minutes
His lovesong 4 minutes
All for my love for you 5.47 minutes
Whenever you call 5 minutes